My Favorite Go To Workout DVD’s!

I hope you all had a good weekend! If you haven’t gotten a chance, head over to Maren’s Morsels and read my guest post for her yesterday!

As I said yesterday, I pretty much worked all weekend at the golf course and at the gym…the joy of having two part time jobs! 😉 My workouts this weekend did include:

  • Friday: 10 mile bike ride and strength circuit from Tone It Up
  •  Saturday: 2.5 mile run before work and an evening bike ride with the Arms, and Abs circuit from my Beach Babe DVD last night.
  • Sunday: 14 mile fast paced bike ride and decided it would be “fun” to run a mile after to see how fast I could do it… legs felt like jello!
My legs are still feeling it now!

Over the weekend I was thinking about how awesome workout DVD’s can be in order to get a good sweat in.  I thought it would be a good idea to talk about my favorite ones that I rotate through to get my daily sweat on! I know some people hate them or don’t’ stick with them, but I think fitness DVD’s are an EXCELLENT resource to use at home! They are so great when you’re short on time or for anyone to get their needed exercise for the day. Some people don’t like the gym…some people can’t afford the gym! I know his firsthand that gyms can be VERY expensive! I am lucky to work at a gym for a free membership, otherwise if I was paying on my own, (at this point in my life), I might have to nix the gym all together. However, I wouldn’t be THAT upset about this, except for missing Body Pump Class, because I know that I can get a great workout while staying around my house!

I really don’t live that close to the gym that I work at to want to drive into the gym on my days off (hello, gas prices!) from there, so popping in a DVD and getting my good old cardio outside is my perfect day. Here are my top ones that I enjoy regularly:

1. Beach Babe DVD by Tone It Up

This DVD Rocks! Seriously- There are 6 workouts and a stretch session. They’re all different so you can piece them together to do what kind of workout you want to for the day!

There is:

  • Surfer Girl Workout (about 20 minutes, some plyometric and strength moves)
  • HIIT the Beach (Hight Intensity Interval Traning, 20 mins- My favorite!)
  • Body Sculpt  (Strength Circuit- the longest workout around 40 minutes)
  • Bikini Abs
  • Summer Arms
  • Bikini Booty
  • Long & Lean Routine
I do the HIIT workout often when I’m not feeling up for a run or bike (or the weather stinks) and then usually add one of two the body part focused workouts, and then do the Long & Lean routine which is a short Yoga-ish way to stretch out

The downside is that this DVD cost me about $35 dollar with shipping, however, with the amount of workouts and what you get out of it- I believe it was worth it!

2. Jillian Michaels- 30 Day Shred


This is one of the first DVD’s I really really liked using at home! It has 3 different level workouts and they are all created like circuits using Jillian’s 3-2-1 method: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of abs. These ones are fast paced which I love because it goes by so quick and I am really sweating by the end; and it’s only about 25 minutes! Plus it’s about $10 at Target! STEAL!

3. Jillian Michaels- Ripped in 30

This DVD is one I just bought this spring and also really enjoy because it has 4 different workouts! and this DVD was also only $10 at Target! That’s some excellent value right there! This DVD is also in the 3-2-1 method. Definitely a killer workout! She never uses the same thing twice in any of the circuits which keeps in interesting.

4. Jillian Michaels- Yoga Meltdown

I think you’re starting to see a pattern here, no? Yes,  I love Jillian’s workouts! They’re awesome and they’re always different- AND they’re cheap AND effective! I am not a “yogi” per say so I enjoy this because Jillian isn’t really either and so this tape is more of a power yoga kinda of tape, so their is still some strength moves, but with some stretching too! Also it’s 2 half hour level classes and this is about all the time I can handle of yoga in one day 🙂

Okay- so I hope from all these you realize that you can work out, at home, CHEAP! What do you need for any of these workouts?

  • Hand weights-3lb-5lb weights are fine for most cause they’re more high reps (especially Beach Babe- trust me), but sometimes I use 8’s and 10’s for more stable moves like dead lifts.
  • Yoga Mat – I find cheap ones at TJ Maxx and Marshalls
  • Room to move around!
So a couple DVD’s and few hand weights…maybe $30-40 dollars total depending on how many DVD’s- much cheaper than a gym membership! I hope this post today gave you a few ideas and maybe will motivate you to try something new. Remember:
Change is good for the body! You’re muscles like when you mix things up! 
So anways- do you like or hate Workout DVD’s? Have they helped you mix up your routine? Tell me about it! You know I love them!

Uncomfortable= change

Yesterday, my regular Body Pump class started to change to new songs and routines. For those of you who don’t know, Pump uses a song to set a routine to for a certain exercise (squats, lunges, bicep, triceps…etc). For 2-3 months it pretty much stays the same routine and then the instructors start to phase in the new stuff when they get it.

Considering my gym just brought Pump in March, I’ve never done this transition to the new program before. Let me tell you- IT. WAS. HARD. Now I always try to challenge myself in class because I know I’m not getting anything out of it if I don’t but this change had me come to the revelation (duh…I’ve know this before, but sometimes you get reminded!) that change is uncomfortable- VERY uncomfortable…but this is how you see results!


Sometimes when I’m doing the same old thing with the same old weight I stop and think- why am I doing that…this is doing nothing for me…I need to challenge myself. Yes, I do believe that you need to work at some of the same programs for some time to really train your muscles- but you cannot do the same thing all the time and expect things to get better.

This is something that I realize and then have to hit myself in the forehead a couple times like- HELLOOOOOOO. DOI!


So I figured- if I need reminding sometimes- than maybe one of you need reminding too. And I’m not just talking fitness wise (although that’s what made me think of it) in many aspects of your life- you have to get a bit uncomfortable in order to see change and move forward. Sometimes reaching a goal is only possible by being uncomfortable and committing to making a change in our daily lives and routines. Without change- we will not get results.

This quote is so true!

Maybe there is something you need to change or incorporate in your life right now. Have you ever been in some situations (I’m sure you have!!) that you had to be uncomfortable in order to change, but LOVED the results? Tell me about it! I’d love to hear 🙂 Currently- I’m working on changing up my fitness routine (running mainly) in order to see some change in my speed!

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

So this week has not really gone as planned.


Really didn’t happen. Besides the strength training- that was on that was easy to throw in there, because I normally work and then take it. And I only did Yoga once…Jillian would be disappointed.

This week I worked both my jobs morning and then night. Getting there in the morning at 7am doesn’t really allow me time to get up and get a run in before because:

  • It’s Dark
  • It’s Cold
  • I do not love running enough to embrace either of those.

Then of course, when I had my short amount of time between jobs…

  • It Rained
  • The Wind was approx. 20 mph
  • It was cold.

No thank you.


I ended up working 3 times that I wasn’t even supposed to work so that kind of threw a wrench in my plans this week. Which is honestly fine I mean, I’m not opposed to making some extra cash! The other problem is that my jobs are fairly..well..80% of the time boring. So that means I need to find things to stay busy. And it makes me really tired. haha,  how pathetic does that sound??

However though, working at a gym..when I was done my last shift I would jump on the revolving stairclimber that kicks my butt! Literally. Ever been on one? Takes about one minute to start dripping with sweat.

My kind of poor attempt at a picture on this torture machine

I did an interval session on 20 minutes on that thing. I honestly felt like i had run 5 mile run..with hills, so that counts right!? Has anyone ever used this machine  before?

As soon as I got home from there I was ready to just go to sleep for the next early rise. I for whatever reason, just felt extra exhausted this week. That being said:

Right after this I”m lacing up and going out for a 3 mile run, because after I have a 2 hour drive to watch this guy get hooded for his Master’s Degree!

“I’m So proud”

But here’s to next week! and hopefully I’ll be able to figure out how to get it all in! The weather is apparently supposed to be perfect, so this is going to help so much. And I’m sorry for how whiney I just realized I sounded throughout this whole post…

Ever had a week like mine? What did you do? Anyone have some good plans for this weekend? I’m also going to a friends going away party! 

For all of you Big Bang Theory viewers, this is for you:

Happy Friday!

Finding My Inner Yogi

As you have read before I’ve been working on coming up with a plan. Last time I showed you the one I came up with for this first week just to start off. This plan didn’t just include running but I always do strength throughout the week, so this time around I’ve decided to try to incorporate Yoga, to help me stretch and hopefully remain injury free!

I’ve done Yoga before in group classes at my college rec center and they weren’t always the greatest. I did the mistake of doing one that was an hour long and my attention span was just gone after 20 minutes…needless to say that kind of brought me away from the yoga route.. so here I am again…

trying to find my inner yogi.

This weekend I went out and bought Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown


I really liked the workout so far. For my yoga level, this was an excellent workout. I definitely broke a sweat and my heart rate was elevated a bit, but nothing too crazy. I did this after a short run and all the downward dogs were a great way to stretch out. Also, a lot of poses that stretched out my hip flexors which was also needed after running. I am blanking on pose names because I can never remember.

Now most of you picture yoga all sensual, peaceful and smooth, like so:


Let’s just say I’m not so smooth…buttt, I’m getting better. I don’t know the poses yet so flowing into them doesn’t really happen lol..pretty sure sometimes I’m all twisted up and just start over.

I did some brand new poses (to me… Im a newb) which I really liked, like the dolphin pose.


So anyways, I definitely liked the video from Jilian Michaels, and I hope to continue my yoga. If you’re looking for a good tape- go buy it!

And now I will leave you with a yoga funny that I found on Pinterest that had me cracking up! 🙂


Updated Plan

As you may know…I”ve been looking for a plan. After doing a little research on the topic of adding some speed work into my routine.. I was still…boggled a bit…

There was just sooooo much information, it was really hard to narrow it down to what I wanted. BUT THEN I got a really great comment from Claire about what she does and this helped immensely! What she told me:

This helped mucho! I then set out to make a little plan- I think that writing everything down and actually seeing it on paper (or screen) is going to help me accomplish these goals and get me speedy(er)!

My Plan:

Based on what Claire said, this is the plan that I’ve comp up with. I’ve decided to go out and get a Yoga video that I can throw in after some sessions, because I know with a knew running plan I’m going to need to stretttchhhh! Hopefully I can avoid some nasty ITB pain that I sometimes have flare up when running more than usual. It’s definitely something that I need to make part of my routine. Any suggestions for a good video? I’ve heard Jillian’s are great.

I seriously hope I look HALF as good as this little guy


I’ve also kept the running distance pretty low and just want to let my body get acclimated to the change in my workout routine. I’ll also worry about pace at a later date-currently, I just want to accomplish this in the week ahead! Strength training is also something key that I’ve made sure to put there. I’ve mostly kept it to MWF because I know I can get to Body Pump class those days next week…else I”ll be doing my Beach Babe DVD.

I really hope this plan helps me drop time and feel comfortable running at a faster pace. So we will see what happens next week. I’ve already accepted that I may have to tweak how I do this and some days may be switched around, but as long as it gets done!

Oh yah, anddd my Sweat Pink Ambassador Page has been updated at Fit Approach! Go check it out and my fellow ambassadors!

So riddle me this my friends,

Do you find it helpful to write down your goals? 

Anyways, Happy Friday! I hope you have an enjoyable weekend. Any big plans!? I’m working at a 5K on Saturday for the YMCA I work at!