Shutting my brain off!

Hi everyone… 🙂 Wednesday woo!

So, I’ve been getting up for my workouts this week no problem! Which I’m very excited about. However, the one thing I am having issues with this week is being absolutely exhausted and ready for bed at 9pm and not being able to turn my brain OFF.

This is making me exhausted! I feel like once I lay down I think about a million things and fidget and it takes me so much longer to fall asleep. I mean, once I’m asleep I’m golden, but relaxing before bed has be TOUGH! I am constantly thinking of the 4 million things I have to do tomorrow. I’m sure many, many of you feel the exact same way. My brain hurts. Seriously.

So because of this I’m sure you’ve noticed I just will not be blogging as much and I’m sure you’re all okay with that haha. I just hate forcing blog posts when I”m tired and cranky and honestly have nothing to talk about. I’d rather write some posts that actually have content (okay..I pretty much always ramble) than some just to write them. Sometimes my only time for myself is at the end of the day, besides at the gym.


Speaking of gym..lifting has been awesome. If I feel confident enough I will update you on my progress 😉 The only thing is I don’t have a lot of time to do cardio so I’ve been missing out the past few days! I hate when I don’t get some form of it in. When I do have time I’ve been doing the stair mill on intervals to get the most bang for my buck!


ANYWAYS, back to the main point. I am hoping that my routine settles in soon and I can somehow manage to relax my brain at night time. Meditation perhaps? Yoga?? I would love to find another yoga DVD that is more ‘zen’ like since my Jillian DVD is more of a workout. Although it has to be short so I can hold my concentration ha!

  • Do you have trouble shutting your brain off at night?

Preparing for the week

I don’t know about you- but I am so, so, so thankful for this extra day this weekend. I totally needed every ounce of this day to get ready for this upcoming week. Last week was just crazy learning my new routine and schedule and all of it without working at the gym because of shut down week for maintenance. Adding that into my week again means planning ahead has now become my best friend.

Have I mentioned before that I’m a go with the flow, laid back, as opposite of Type-A personality, person as you can get? Planning can sometimes be hard for me- but with how my schedule is I have to do it or I’ll probably lose my mind.

First for this month I made a schedule of all my work schedules (that I know of) and practice and game times for Field Hockey. It was seriously time consuming putting together 3 schedules BUT I can now put it all together and actually make sense of it. Sweet.

Organization people! Blue = school job, yellow = Field hockey Red = gym job

So, that was one step in making my weeks easier to follow along with…I’ll also have to make sure I schedule in my times for working out. I’ve decided that since at times I’ll be working at my gym at night I will just stay and do my workouts then. No sense in going in twice when gas prices are the way they are… (ugh).

One last huge thing to me that definitely has to be planned out is for FOOD! My most favorite thing…

Sunday has become a major food prep day. I got to the grocery store today and got a ton of fruit to bring…grapes have been super convenient!


I cooked chicken breasts for salads

And got lettuce, carrots and green peppers cut up… and then I bought a lot of peanut butter of course 🙂 oh and hardboiled eggs are a plus!


I’ve been eating a lot at my lunch time because most of the time it has to hold me over until after practice is over. I’m not that upset about eating a ton 🙂

These are thing things that help me get ready for the week…mostly so that I don’t feel like ripping my hair out because I didn’t get my lunch already packed and also so I try and stay on the healthy train and don’t make bad choices because they’re so much more convenient (cause they so are!). I mean, of course, I usually throw in a dark chocolate square because it’s necessary 🙂

  • Do you plan ahead for your weeks or is go with the flow through the week?
  • Do you meal prep on the weekends?

Last Things Thursday

Another installment of Last Things Thursday!

Last Workout done:

2.25 mile run (sorta miserably, I might add), a little Yoga from Jillian Michael’s video (didn’t do the whole thing cause I suck at staying focused. Namaste bitches.) , and a little 15 minute thing from Nike Training Club.

Last Snack:

Cookie dough FroYo mmhmm!

Last Song on the iPod:

Demi Lovato- give your heart a break. (Don’t judge me.)

Last picture on phone:

A picture of ME going out for a run in my NEW shoes…the ones that I won from Lora’s Blog! They are AWESOME! Saucony Triumph 9- I really like this neutral shoe. They’re a little lighter than ones I’ve been running in and I can tell a difference. They are an 8mm drop, less than I’m used to, so I’m hoping they don’t bother my feet, but so good!

Pretty snazzy, eh?

Last BIG purchase:

This is a present to myself…a Lululemon cycling outfit…well it was on sale…haha and Sale by lulu’s standards isn’t exactly the same BUT it is the most amazing cycling clothing I’ve ever had on in my life! Cycling clothing is pretty expensive to begin with and I wanted a good quality outfit now that I spend a longer time out on the bike. Before I’ve pretty much bought the cheapest shorts I can buy and then wear a tank top or shirt. Now I’m LEGIT! And look how dang cute these purple shorts are.

Last Book I read:

Matched by Ally Condie! A good read..pretty quick, but found it was pretty enjoyable. It’s got a kind of futuristic United States kinda thing like The Hunger Games. Good beach read.

Last Meal:

I made chicken with this brown rice and quinoa mix…first time having it and the stuff was delicious. If you can find it near you i suggest it. quite delicious.

  • What are some of your last things this Thursday?

Pudding Protein Smoothie w/ a side of Survey!

Hi everyone! Yesterday got a little crazy busy and mostly I was exhausted. I actually had half a day off (haha woo, a half!) and that time was spent running errands…don’t you love those days? I found out just how much working all weekend and staying up late watching the olympics is doing to me…  I don’t understand why they put the good stuff on SO 10 and 11 o’clock?? what’s up with that NBC??

Anyways- The other day I posted on making a protein smoothie with some pudding so I figured I would tell you the recipe..even tho it was super easy!

  • 5 oz milk of choice (I used coconut!)
  • 1 cup of Dark Chocolate Sugar Free Pudding
  • I scoop Vanilla Protein Powder of Choice (I used the GNC Soy 95)
  • 3-4 Ice Cubes

Simple as that! The pudding makes the texture and thickness of this shake is amazing! I swear it was like having a milkshake! 🙂 and i loveeeee them, so a guilt free version! Also I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure it would be awesome with any other flavors of pudding. Butterscotch would hit the spot sometimes FO SHO.

I have been having these little babies after my workouts- which surprisingly enough have been in the gym lately! I know what- me in an actually gym- weird. But I have been staying after my work which is conveniently at the gym to do some workouts because I’ve been busy enough all day long I haven’t had any other time! I haven’t been on my bike since Sunday. Miss my babe!


I also did a STELLAR Tabata workout on Monday full of Front Raises, Speed Skater (my glutes still hurt), Front kicks, jack knives…etc. So. SORE.

Anyways, continuing on with my last survey from the Liebster award I’ll finish up my last survey from Amalia! 

1. What is your favourite thing about a community you’re a part of (virtual or real life community) Within the Blogging, Sweat Pink, and FitFluential Community I’m pretty excited about how much everyone supports each other and learning all these new things! It’s really fun! 🙂

2. When did you start your hobby (whatever your blog is about) and why? What made you start? I’ve been “moving” since forever, but particularly cycling and fitness classes started within the last year. 

3. What is your absolute favourite thing to do? Um…eat? maybe ride my bike- but mostly eat. I love good food. 
4. Describe your ideal day! Ahhh- sleep in, get up and ride my bike, then park my butt on the beach with a good book 🙂 add in some good wine and food and I’m set…oh wait that sounds like my vacation I just had..yes my idea day right there!
5. What is your dream job? Dream job- hmm.. probably a college field hockey coaching position! I know that sounds lame but I think it would be fun. 
6. Tell me about a time you didn’t think you could finish something – how did you push through? Ahhh well there was this one time where I did a duathlon on extremely cold and windy was the toughest course (not that I’ve been on many) ever..very hilly and the wind came in so many directions you couldn’t tell…I seriously wanted to quit as a I cam down one of the hills and looking up the next…but I didn’t. I was however so relieved to be done. 
7. Do you like caffeinated beverages? What’s your favorite? I loveee coffee..and I’m not going to lie I do drink a little diet soda- but trying to cut back a lot!
8. Proudest achievement to date? Hmm..graduating? But also playing hockey in college all 4 years maybe. Big time commitment with school.
9. Would you rather read a book, write, watch television or go outside? read a book, outside 🙂
10. Favourite candy? STARBURST. Like a deep love. the normal kinda AND the jelly beans!
11. One thing you can’t do for the life of you (for me its do my own hair in anything but a ponytail) but wish you could? Play the Piano!!

So now I need to tag some of my favorite ladies for the award: (If tagged- no pressure! I understand these get passed around a lot!)

My questions for you!

1. What’s your favorite animal and why?

2. What are the colors of your bedroom walls (currently or growing up)?

3. What’s your favorite sports team?

4. Where is your dream vacation spot?

5. Describe your perfect weekend.

6. Do you love trashy reality TV? (I DO, I DO!)

7. One thing you wish you were good at?

8. What is your favorite kind of cookie?

9. What is the best goal you have achieved to date?

10. What’s your favorite clothing to wear- (workout or normal)?

11. Generally what time do you go to bed and wake up during the week?

  • What are your answers to any of these questions?

Survey Monday & a winner!

Hi everyone..Happy Monday..? Well,  I know I’m a bit sleepy this morning from the Olympics taking over my sleep.

Pretty sure my body was yelling at me for staying up so late last night…ugh SORRY poor body! To kick off the week and continue on with my Liebster I’m going to answer questions from Colleen! 

My questions from Colleen:

  1. What’s your favorite food? If i had to choose one I guess it would be cheese…but maybe coconut anything. 🙂 Tough choices!
  2. Do you exercise in classes or on your own? A lot of times it’s on my own..i go to classes when I can but it’s not that often. Drew and I enjoy going on bike rides together when we see each other and my Dad rides his bike with me sometimes too!
  3. What was one huge moment in your fitness/ weight loss journey? My biggest moments were playing college field hockey in college. It was my ultimate goal for pretty much my whole life because I grew up and playing and loved it. Those are some of my favorite memories!
  4. What’s your favorite tv show? Ooo..tough choices! I have a deep love for Friends and own a lot of their seasons. I seriously don’t think there is any better show than that. I still laugh at episodes i’ve seen a billion times! I also love Big Bang Theory.
  5. How much money can you justify spending on one pair of shoes? oh man..Running sneakers I can drop some money on no problem but I have foot issues that can only wear the best shoes…just how it is. I’ve bought cheap shoes and then had pain- so it’s a waste to go cheap on those. My asics I love are $130 shoes. I go pretty cheap on other pairs of shoes because I don’t have many considering I live in sneakers and my jobs require them! I buy pretty cheap flats and flip flops from Target usually. 
  6. Would you rather go to the theater or a sporting event? Sporting event. I like musicals but sports are my true love. I want to get to a NHL game soon!
  7. Morning or night? I don’t mind either! I wouldn’t say I’m a “jump out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed morning person” but I don’t hate them either. I have to be at work at 7am and when I was teaching also had to be at school by then. That will wake you up. I don’t mind being a night owl sometimes either 🙂
  8. Favorite drink? Coffee!! or lemonade which i try not to drink so much and do lemon water instead.
  9. Do you love your job? No and no. Not at all… but it’s all I have right now…tough economy out there right now and students loans are not kind. 😦
  10. What’s your favorite piece of clothing? I love cuffed jean shorts right now..kind obsessed 🙂
  11. What’s the biggest emotional or physical hurdle you’ve jumped? I had a really tough situation my last semester of college with my student teach placement, getting through that was really tough emotionally because I was worn out and kinda beat down at the time.

There’s so more facts that I hope you never really wondered but now you know!

  • Any of you agree with my answers above? What are some of your answers?

And last but NOT least is my winner of the Soy Protein package!! The winner is…..

#15 Anne-Marie C. from Strength Odyssey! YAY! Please email me at Katiemoves1 at

Enjoy your Monday everyone! See you tomorrow 🙂