Trip down Memory lane

Today marks the day when my old college team is going back to school for preseason. Today is also the day I realized that my last preseason WAS 2 YEARS AGO.


I cannot believe how that time flew! I also realized today how much I miss playing on a team. Those were seriously some of the best years of my life!

Yesterday I  started to help my mom coach her HS field hockey team this season…this doesn’t help my sadness of not playing field hockey anymore. Although, don’t get me wrong- I love coaching those girls and teaching them all I learned! It just made me take a trip down memory lane!

Great things happened when I was on that team.

  • I met the greatest friends and roommates ever!
  • I also met this hottie. 🙂 after an injury that wouldn’t stop…

And now he’s my own personal Athletic Trainer…haha jk (no, I’m not really at all!) It’s funny how life works out..isn’t it?  🙂 (He also deserves a BIG congrats on getting a brand new GROWN-UP JOB! Congrats DREW!)

Fitness wise, I’ve learned somethings (a major one being I do not recover like my 18-19 year old body once did. I’m serious.) Not being on a team anymore has made me understand how hard it is to keep yourself motivated for workouts all the time. there is NO ONE telling you what you need to do to stay in shape! It’s all on you. This was definitely a hard transition to make after years of being on a team. In the past 2 years, I can’t say I’ve mastered this, but definitely am able to motivate myself better now. Know what also helps? Signing your butt up for some races! If you don’t want to keel over during that race- it definitely helps! 🙂

Cliché as it is, I’ve also learned a lot of life lessons playing on my college team for 4 years, mostly because I can’t say that things went my way the whole time I was on that team.

  • The time commitment is tough! Balancing school, practice, social life, and everything else was hard but once you got into it – you knew how and had an amazing support system! To this day- I feel like I can balance a lot of things because I’m so used to it.
  • Things don’t always go your way, and sometimes things actually turn and run in the opposite direction from you. i.e., My coach and I didn’t see eye-to-eye. I didn’t play as much as I would have liked…and I didn’t feel it was right. However, nothing much of that changed throughout my years on the team- BUT I did NOT quit. Quitting would have been the worst thing I could have ever done. At this point I know that I would severely regret that decision now.
  • With that said- being positive is the only way to get through it. Don’t give up. Support everyone you can and move on. There is no need to dwell on these things. I did learn that they hard way (at times) I might add.

What I’m trying to say is (I think I’m making a point here??) Stick with things if you’re heart is in it.  Things will workout whether you think they will or not…Whatever hurdle in your life will pass and in the end- you are going to be glad you stuck with whatever was hard or holding you back. To be extremely cliche- what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Really. Ah, Thank you Kelly Clarkson.

  • What is something you are glad you stuck it out with in the end? 
  • Do you find it hard to keep yourself motivated while working out on your own?

Friday Things

Hi everyone 🙂 I feel like the weeks kinda drag sometimes, but then I turn around and I’m writing another it’s Friday again post! And it’s June! That means it’s officially summer duh! (Check out the reasons I love summer) Yesterday, I meant to post but I was having some internet difficulties and ended up just giving up and figuring I’d get to it today…whatever works. But anyways here are my Friday things for the week!

1. Mad Men

I’m definitely late on this Bandwagon, but now I’m a total addict. My mom bought the seasons for my dad for Christmas because they were really cheap at Target. I finished the first season yesterday and am already 4 episodes into the 2nd one..gahhh they are so addicting! the story line is so intriguing I can’t stop watching. It also totally makes me thankful to grow up in this era and not in the 1960’s when women were told what to do and who to be all the time. Who else watches?? Does anyone else feel bad for Betty Draper ALL THE TIME or at least in the first 2 seasons?? But she’s also a little of a loose cannon! This show also kind of makes your hate men, btw. But i guess it was just the times. And I can’t help but love and hate Don Draper at the same time! Does anyone else feel this way?? Tell me you some of guys watch too! 

2. Running

Yesterday I had a good 4 mile run! Good and run for me don’t normally belong in the same sentence! It didn’t start of that great, but my average pace ended up being one of my best after I was feeling like I was doggin’ it the whole time..woo hoo..except after- my foot hurt. Why, oh, why can’t my foot just feel good?? One of many reasons I belong on a bike! But, I will probably keep running until my foot falls off.

3. These Champion Shorts

Champion C9 Running shorts are on sale this week for like $11! I got a pair for the first time and ran in them last night! They’re pretty awesome and they don’t ride up! I would definitely compare them to the Nike Tempo shorts and they half the price, I got black but they had a ton of fun colors.

4. Golf

I’ve definitely got the golfing bug lately! My dad and I have gone out 3 times since Sunday! such a great hobby to have..and we try to walk most times for the extra exercise 🙂 I’ve also been playing well, so now of course I’m getting addicted to that. i wish there was more time in the day! That’s a picture of last night of a golf shot I hit..and guess who was closer to the hole!!?? I’ll give you a hint: she write’s this babbles blog. 

5. June Photo a day

I’m going to try my best to do this June Photo-a-day! It looks like fun and I’ve always wanted to try it. So that being said:

1. Morning

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Today’s workout: After the 4 miles yesterday and considering I can’t run too often else I get a crippled foot- I will probably stick to a bike ride and a strength circuit.

This weekend Drew and I actually get to see each other!! yay, not for too long but long enough! 🙂 We are planning on going to a Pro Bike Race in Philly on Sunday so hopefully that works out because I think it would be something awesome to see!

I hope everyone has a good weekend! 

  • What are you up to this weekend? Do you have any random things from the week you want to share? Who watches Mad Men!? If you don’t-you should! 

Friday Randoms


Haha,just kidding mine won’t even be as cool as that cat! I’ll be working! Oh well!

haha, my life currently. Unfortuantely, Drew and I will be celebrating a pretty belated birthday celebration due to conflicting work schedules. boo.

But are some random things this Friday…

1. One of my favorite movies is Despicable Me! Love, love, loveeeeee it! My roommates in college and I watched it so many times…alone with UP! But really i saw these things on Pinterest and thought of Despicable me and those cute Minions!

So, who will be knitting me this?

And making me these:

How AMAZING- don’t all volunteer at once 🙂

2. That bag of Clancy’s popped chips that I was so excited about? Yah, someone in my family ate the rest of them. This is not going over well with me.

3. This pic of Key West, Florida..where I could totally be right now.. *Sigh.

4. This Dr. Seuss quote..his are my favorite!

So true, make each day your own 🙂

5. This Jenna Marbles video! hahahaha enjoy!

So tell me, If you could be anywhere right now vacation wise, where you would you pick? What is your favorite movie? 

Happy weekend everybody! May you all have a wonderful LONG one!

Uncomfortable= change

Yesterday, my regular Body Pump class started to change to new songs and routines. For those of you who don’t know, Pump uses a song to set a routine to for a certain exercise (squats, lunges, bicep, triceps…etc). For 2-3 months it pretty much stays the same routine and then the instructors start to phase in the new stuff when they get it.

Considering my gym just brought Pump in March, I’ve never done this transition to the new program before. Let me tell you- IT. WAS. HARD. Now I always try to challenge myself in class because I know I’m not getting anything out of it if I don’t but this change had me come to the revelation (duh…I’ve know this before, but sometimes you get reminded!) that change is uncomfortable- VERY uncomfortable…but this is how you see results!


Sometimes when I’m doing the same old thing with the same old weight I stop and think- why am I doing that…this is doing nothing for me…I need to challenge myself. Yes, I do believe that you need to work at some of the same programs for some time to really train your muscles- but you cannot do the same thing all the time and expect things to get better.

This is something that I realize and then have to hit myself in the forehead a couple times like- HELLOOOOOOO. DOI!


So I figured- if I need reminding sometimes- than maybe one of you need reminding too. And I’m not just talking fitness wise (although that’s what made me think of it) in many aspects of your life- you have to get a bit uncomfortable in order to see change and move forward. Sometimes reaching a goal is only possible by being uncomfortable and committing to making a change in our daily lives and routines. Without change- we will not get results.

This quote is so true!

Maybe there is something you need to change or incorporate in your life right now. Have you ever been in some situations (I’m sure you have!!) that you had to be uncomfortable in order to change, but LOVED the results? Tell me about it! I’d love to hear 🙂 Currently- I’m working on changing up my fitness routine (running mainly) in order to see some change in my speed!

The Versatile Blogger Award

Soooo this morning I was reading, a post by Caitlin from Ola Fitness andddd she nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award!!

YAY!!! I was very excited when I ready my Blog title on her list, considering hers is one I read a lot! Don’t know what this award is?

Don’t worry I didn’t really know either, here’s the run down:

1) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post

2) Share 7 things about yourself

3) Pass the award on to 15 more bloggers

4) Contact the bloggers you have chosen to let them know that they have been selected

My 7 Things:(We are about to get close, I can feel it.)

1. I technically have two older brothers, one biological and one adopted. When I was in middle school and my older brother Ryan was in high school, he had a friend who lived with his great grandmother. His grandmother passed away and he didn’t have many options on where to live, so he moved in with us!


2. Playing field hockey in college was probably the best thing I ever did and I miss it everyday. Was I the best? Nope. Did the time commitment, LONG road trips when you have 2 tests the next day suck? Yup. But my team was my family and my best friends. I lived with 5 of them!  I wouldn’t change a minute of it. Field hockey isn’t that popular of sport to play once you are out of college, in my area at least, so there aren’t many opportunities. I would love if I could still play on a club team that wasn’t over an hour away from me. 3. You’ve heard of cat ladies I’m sure, but if I could, I would be a dog lady. 4. I have grown up my entire life a Pittsburgh Sports fan. My dad is from south of Pittsburgh, an old coal mining town, and my grandparents still live there. Steelers, Penguins, Pirates- love them all. To this day one of my favorite places in the world is PNC Park where the Pirates play baseball. It’s beautiful and is right along the river. One room in my parents house is a Pittsburgh sports theme and golf of course.

5. I am not a good runner- something I’m working on. Not to brag at all, but give me a stick, racket, ball, golf club..basically any sport implement and I’ll be able to give you a good run for your money. That just happens to be what I’m naturally gifted at. I played field hockey, basketball, and soccer in high school. Tell me to run 5 miles…say whatttt!? Now that is hard for me. Getting into the world of multisport has been the challenge I have needed, and hopefully something I can continue for a long time.

Notice there aren’t pictures of me running here. They’re too painful to look at.

6. 3 C’s: Chocolate, Coffee, and Coconut. I’m obsessed with all 3. Put them all together..and I would be in heaven.

7. I met my boyfriend who is an athletic trainer because I sprained my foot pretty badly- fate that I got injured?? I think so 🙂

And Now I will pass this award on to other blogs I love to read. They all have great content and material and I enjoy them all daily!

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Alright, so that is that, but I’m sure you ALL remember what today is! Oh you don’t…? Well let me remind you! It’s the start of THE PLAN! Today is day one of: “gettingfastrsoidon’tlooklikeafoolrunningwithsidestitchesandcrampsouttheyingyang” Got that!? Okay. Good. So today is just 3 miles, nothing crazy. I wanted to start out in low mileage and then I’ll move up as time goes on. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes… Tomorrow, I will have a guest post about the importance of balance in your life. Be sure to stay tuned! 😉

So, your turn! Tell me a random fact 🙂