Hurricane day!

Well everyone I hope you all had a good weekend. My weekend got extended a little bit and because of Hurrican Sandy I will be at home today and most likely tomorrow considering things are supposed to get worse tonight and into Tuesday. At one point a town 30 minutes from me was supposed to get a direct hit and was even a trending topic on Twitter. Twitter makes everything serious. YIKES!


I’m at that little green dot…And that’s what we are dealing with this morning. The wind should be picking up by tonight…

So anyways, this weekend- I was supposed to run a 5k. It was nice because it was set up right in my town and easy to get to so I went and…..Cancelled. So great to get that notice before hand…but ohhhh well. I was excited to race so it was disappointing but what can you do? With all this I ended up losing motivation to run and decided to get on the trainer and watch Netflix instead- good choice I might say. (Side note: if you have Netflix start watching all the seasons of the TV show Rules of Engagement– it’s hilarious!)

Then I decided shopping was a good idea ..and then an even better idea was buying new shoes 🙂 PRETTY new shoes!

Brooks Pureflows! They had me at their color and then putting them on was even better. I feel like they are molded right to my foot! Can’t wait to take them for a spin. (OH, running guru, Alex– whatcha think!?) I definitely wish that the weather wouldn’t be so terrible because I would have loved to take them out for a nice run! (And no…not running in the rain… 🙂 )

Today is a much needed rest day– I spent 45 minutes on the indoor trainer Saturday and then an ab workout and played hockey for 3 hours Sunday (my team had NO subs either- ugh) and today my body hurts soooo very much. I may be popping in my Beach Babe DVD for the stretching session!

The rest of my hurricane day will be spent making pancakes…



Literally the best I’ve ever made. Adapted from Hollie’s recipe… ( I only added a packet of stevia and some agave for my sweetner part). Oh and I added a bunch of cinnamon because I LOVE it. Cocoa would also be an awesome add-in.


Eating apple crisp…


And preparing for possible power outage! Yikes- candles ready!

  • Are you affected by the hurricane today?
  • How was your weekend?

Visit on the Trail

Happy Wednesday!

I am getting pretty antsy for vacation time at this point! 🙂 almost!

Nothing to report fitness wise sorta had another unplanned rest day. But for good reason! Yesterday after work I went to meet my friend and roommate from college, Sammie. Currently Sammie is en route to hiking the ENTIRE Appalachian Trail.


That’s Sammie by me in the green on our own hiking adventure in the pocono mountains in college.

Sammie has always been very outdoorsy and it was fun living with her and learning things from her about hiking and things! We lived in a good place to go hiking in college and it was one of our favorite weekend activities… Besides well ya know the normal college things 😉

Sammie set out to do the trail in March and won’t be done til September!
Crazy ! Here I’ll show you what she will have completed come then:


Where the trail meets Maryland and PA and about 20 miles is above is where we met yesterday!


She limbo’d over the MD/PA border!

I’m so happy and even proud of her doing this! She has wanted to do it for so long and it almost didn’t even happen! They had many set backs (including the awful sounding Noro virus that got her and her hiking partner) before and on the way but she is still completing this. Her and her hiking partner hike just about 20 miles and day and even completed a marathon day of 26.2 miles. That is just awesome!

Now I like hiking But only for a little at a time! After about 3 days of this I’d be crying for a shower. No seriously. It sounded incredibly interesting and you new plenty of characters along the way!

Sammie and I yesterday:


She’s even hiking in a dress! She’s friggin’ awesome! Although, she said she has salt lines on it haha. I told her they were even more awesome. Honestly, this is how you set a goal and make it happen! Inspiring! 🙂

How do you think you would like carrying all that you own on your back, sleeping in a tiny tent with 3 walls of shelter around you? Not sure I could do it but there are many people who do!

Also wanted to let you guys know about the Mezamiishi run project going on from Mizuno! click the link and then go to get invite! You could
win some FREE shoes. I don’t know about you but I can’t get enough shoes 🙂

What Are your favorite running shoe brand? Are you afraid to try new kinds? not gonna lie I kind of am afraid to commit, but if they’re free shoes I might!