Survey Monday & a winner!

Hi everyone..Happy Monday..? Well,  I know I’m a bit sleepy this morning from the Olympics taking over my sleep.

Pretty sure my body was yelling at me for staying up so late last night…ugh SORRY poor body! To kick off the week and continue on with my Liebster I’m going to answer questions from Colleen! 

My questions from Colleen:

  1. What’s your favorite food? If i had to choose one I guess it would be cheese…but maybe coconut anything. 🙂 Tough choices!
  2. Do you exercise in classes or on your own? A lot of times it’s on my own..i go to classes when I can but it’s not that often. Drew and I enjoy going on bike rides together when we see each other and my Dad rides his bike with me sometimes too!
  3. What was one huge moment in your fitness/ weight loss journey? My biggest moments were playing college field hockey in college. It was my ultimate goal for pretty much my whole life because I grew up and playing and loved it. Those are some of my favorite memories!
  4. What’s your favorite tv show? Ooo..tough choices! I have a deep love for Friends and own a lot of their seasons. I seriously don’t think there is any better show than that. I still laugh at episodes i’ve seen a billion times! I also love Big Bang Theory.
  5. How much money can you justify spending on one pair of shoes? oh man..Running sneakers I can drop some money on no problem but I have foot issues that can only wear the best shoes…just how it is. I’ve bought cheap shoes and then had pain- so it’s a waste to go cheap on those. My asics I love are $130 shoes. I go pretty cheap on other pairs of shoes because I don’t have many considering I live in sneakers and my jobs require them! I buy pretty cheap flats and flip flops from Target usually. 
  6. Would you rather go to the theater or a sporting event? Sporting event. I like musicals but sports are my true love. I want to get to a NHL game soon!
  7. Morning or night? I don’t mind either! I wouldn’t say I’m a “jump out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed morning person” but I don’t hate them either. I have to be at work at 7am and when I was teaching also had to be at school by then. That will wake you up. I don’t mind being a night owl sometimes either 🙂
  8. Favorite drink? Coffee!! or lemonade which i try not to drink so much and do lemon water instead.
  9. Do you love your job? No and no. Not at all… but it’s all I have right now…tough economy out there right now and students loans are not kind. 😦
  10. What’s your favorite piece of clothing? I love cuffed jean shorts right now..kind obsessed 🙂
  11. What’s the biggest emotional or physical hurdle you’ve jumped? I had a really tough situation my last semester of college with my student teach placement, getting through that was really tough emotionally because I was worn out and kinda beat down at the time.

There’s so more facts that I hope you never really wondered but now you know!

  • Any of you agree with my answers above? What are some of your answers?

And last but NOT least is my winner of the Soy Protein package!! The winner is…..

#15 Anne-Marie C. from Strength Odyssey! YAY! Please email me at Katiemoves1 at

Enjoy your Monday everyone! See you tomorrow 🙂