ABC’s of Katie Moves

I found this little blogger survey from Life of bLyss. Totally reminds me of middle school and I figured I would try it out!

A is for Age: 23! I feel that 23 is like real adult status-which is weird.

Woo-hoo! 23 😉

B is for Breakfast this morning: Apple and peanut butter and an english muffin- my favorite!

C is for currently craving:

Chocolate…and jellbeans- not together but I guess I was really spoiled over Easter with the jellybeans. I’m out of them and now I’m having a serious craving.

Why yes I did measure out a serving of jellybeans..i was curious..and it ended up being more than expected..phew!

D is for dinner tonight:

Potato Soup! I made it yesterday and I’m having it again tonight- it’s delicious! I used chicken stock, added potatoes, turkey bacon, shredded cheddar cheese and light sour cream. Oh and celery flakes! Soooo yum!

E is for favorite type of exercise:

It’s a toss up…I loveeee cycling- but i’m also very into circuit/HIIT workouts, as you probably know.

F is for an irrational fear:

For some reason I have this fear of being locked in places with no way of getting the walk in freezer and fridge at work- I don’t know why haha.

G is for gross food:

Stay with the ‘g’ theme- i hate green beans- I hate the smell, texture, everything about them. yuck

H is for hometown:

South Central Pennsylvania (Gettysburg Area WOOP!)

I is for something important:


J is for current favorite jam:

I’m absolutey obsessed with One Direction. Their song-What Makes You Beautiful just make the happiest, giddiest 13 23-year-old ever.

K is for kids:

uhhhh none, check back in like 15 years…

L is for current location:

uhhhh my parents house……. wahhhhhh

M is for the most recent way you spent money:

just spent some money on some new running clothes and sports bras…probably a little too much- but when you start running practically everyday- you need the good stuff! I just recently bought stuff from Moving Comfort and Oiselle.

N is for something you need:

I really need…a legit grown-up job haha ugh

O is for occupation:

see above. but currently working at a YMCA and a golf course

The Golf Course!

P is for pet peeve:

People with no manners! Please and thank you can take you a long way. As an education major, when I was working with kids, I made sure please and thank you and MAY I were used constantly.

Q is for a quote:

“Strength on the outside comes from strength on the inside.” This is so true!

R is for random fact about you:

Iced Coffee is probably my favorite beverage in the world- and if it’s from Dunkin’ it’s even better!

S is for favorite healthy snack:

Toss up between an apple and peanut butter, almonds, and yogurt…love them all!

T is for favorite treat:

Ice cream…I love all things ice cream..fro yo, snicks, anything chocolate and peanut butter…the list could go on and on.


U is for something that makes you unique:

Ummm… I’m the only person in my family to have blonde(darkish blonde) and blue eyes, beside my grandfather, everyone else has brown hair and brown eyes- look who got the recessive genes in the family- moi…unless I’m the milk-man’s child… hm. jk mom! 😉

V is for favorite vegetable:

I don’t LOVE vegetables- but the ones I find tolerable are carrots, cucumbers, and spinach. I guess I”m still sorta kinda 8 years old.

W is for today’s workout:

Today I did my Monday Morning Circuit- followed by a Body Pump Class and 20 minutes interval run on the treadmill (since it’s soooooo rainy and cold outside)

X is for X-rays you’ve had:

Let’s see: Broke my foot at age 4 (jumping off stairs at the babysitters- haha oops) broke my one pinky finger at least 3 times if not more due to years of basketball growing up. Also a broken nose from field hockey- brutal sport! Oh and a x-ray on my foot from a sprain! I never realized how many x-rays I’ve had..

Y is for yesterday’s highlight:

Yesterday..I honestly did nothing and it was wonderful, considering it was the day after a race and 7 hours of work on top of that- my poor feetsies needed it!

Z is for your time zone:

EST!!! East coast babyyy!

Fellow bloggers, fill this out if you have time, it was actually fun!