Tabata Tuesday

What are the benefits of Tabata Training?

Most say that these little workouts, because of their intensity rate can actually feel like you just did a full on 60 minute workout! I am one to vouch for these being an absolute killer- but it is also how much intensity you want to put in to it.

You get out exactly what you put in to something! So make it hard and intense!

Good luck my friends and absolutely kill it. These are the kinda exercises that are gonna strengthen your body and make you stronger, and less susceptible to injury! But also be smart- if something hurts in a bad way, modify it or put another move in there.

I hope that this workout gets you going this morning! I did this one before a easy bike ride, and then it’s off to work the rest of the day for me!

What are you favorite type of morning workouts? Do you like tabata exercises?  If you attempted this workout let me know how it went in the comments!