Sleepy Monday and Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! I trust you all had a good weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day! I had a great weekend, got to spend some good time with Drew and his family for his graduation and then got to spend time with my mom for mother’s day.

A little recap of the weekend:

Friday I drove 2 hours to Drew’s parent’s house and went up to our college (another 2 hours from there) for his Master’s Grad Ceremony (Note: they all walked and got hooded but still have 3.5 more months of grad school…why they do this- I don’t know!)

He was sooo excited to be “hooded” as they are for their masters. The ceremony was about an hour and half, not too bad.

Him and his Hood…photo courtesy of Drew’s Dad.

The ceremony got over at 8:30 and then we all did a Wawa stop and headed the time we got home it was about 11 and we were all super exhausted from all the traveling.

The next day Drew and I decided to go to a bike shop because I needed some tubes for my tires. ( I have needed to change my one tire since my last race…3 weeks ago…whoops). Some couples go to the movies- we like to go to bike shops. #bikenerds!

When we the left the shop I literally said “I just really want some frozen yogurt for lunch” and Drew said “You’re in luck” and pulled right into one. BEST DAY EVER!!!!!! We don’t have these fro yo shops where I live since its not very city like. Drew lives right outside Philadelphia where I swear they have EVERYTHING and I’m always so jealous. Don’t get me wrong I do love (most of the time) the little country-ish area I’m from but sometimes I just want some fro yo…or to not have to travel so far for actual good shopping….anyways..moving on to the best part!

Just guess which one is mine and which is Drew’s. I bet you’ll never know….

I had 3 different types of yogurt: coconut, caramel pretzel, and chocolate…YUMMMM! The coconut was to die for! I topped it with a few strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries and then OF COURSE sprinkles and heath bar pieces! ANDDDD squeezable Nutella!!!! probably the best part!

And FYI, that was a healthy lunch. It had fruit in it. 😉

I’m all smiles when it comes to fro yo

Drew chowing down!

The next day I went to a one of my BFF’s and former roommate’s going away party! She’s moving to Florida! I will miss her dearly!

But she needs not worry…I’ll be visiting 🙂 We went to Key West a few years ago together. Best. Time. Ever! If you have never been to Key West- put it on your bucket list! We can’t wait to go back sometime!

So, needles too say there were some lots of indulgences this weekend and I’m am pretty eager to get back on track and really get to work on my run plan. My work schedule is nearly as hectic this week! Although while he has a mini-break from school Drew will be visiting! Which is awesome because since I graduated we only get to see each other like 2 days every month! BOO! We are going to try to do some fun things like visit Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and lots of bike rides and fun stuff like that. I hope you all have a great start to your week!

What did you do this weekend that was fun? How do you get yourself back on track after a little too much indulgence over the weekend? I’m planning on a nice Body Pump class to help get it started! 

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Monday Fun-day!


I thought we could ALL use a little pick me-up this Marathon Monday Morning!! This little workout woke my sleepy monday self up and I hope you enjoy it too! This workout is a fantastic addition to any cardio you are doing and a great way to get that metabolism soaring!


If you have any questions about these moves- let me know. I tried for one that would target arms, abs, and a…butt! 😉


Who had a good weekend? I’ll be sure to update you on mine later today!