Finding My Inner Yogi

As you have read before I’ve been working on coming up with a plan. Last time I showed you the one I came up with for this first week just to start off. This plan didn’t just include running but I always do strength throughout the week, so this time around I’ve decided to try to incorporate Yoga, to help me stretch and hopefully remain injury free!

I’ve done Yoga before in group classes at my college rec center and they weren’t always the greatest. I did the mistake of doing one that was an hour long and my attention span was just gone after 20 minutes…needless to say that kind of brought me away from the yoga route.. so here I am again…

trying to find my inner yogi.

This weekend I went out and bought Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown


I really liked the workout so far. For my yoga level, this was an excellent workout. I definitely broke a sweat and my heart rate was elevated a bit, but nothing too crazy. I did this after a short run and all the downward dogs were a great way to stretch out. Also, a lot of poses that stretched out my hip flexors which was also needed after running. I am blanking on pose names because I can never remember.

Now most of you picture yoga all sensual, peaceful and smooth, like so:


Let’s just say I’m not so smooth…buttt, I’m getting better. I don’t know the poses yet so flowing into them doesn’t really happen lol..pretty sure sometimes I’m all twisted up and just start over.

I did some brand new poses (to me… Im a newb) which I really liked, like the dolphin pose.


So anyways, I definitely liked the video from Jilian Michaels, and I hope to continue my yoga. If you’re looking for a good tape- go buy it!

And now I will leave you with a yoga funny that I found on Pinterest that had me cracking up! 🙂


Morning Wake-Up Call

Good Morning everyone! I trust you all had a wonderful weekend, I know I had a good but exhausting one! I am sure a lot of you know about Tone It Up’s Booty Calls and I think this workout is a good one to wake you up on this sleepy little Monday morning. If you do this workout-lemme know how it goes!

As I told you before, I went up to my college for a little field hockey reunion!I had a great weekend catching up with all my old college teammates/roommates. Since graduating we all have been off and running in different directions, so catching up on everyone’s lives was a must.

Some pretty ladies!

Our alumni field hockey game was great! Even after a year- we all seemed to still be able to play well together- just maybe a little rusty 😉 We scored some goals and even scored on the ‘young bucs’ who are current players! 😉 BUT, let’s just say we also have never felt like such old women by the third game! We were all hurtinggg and we all wondered how we were able to do that for years and years! Field hockey can put quite the stress on your lower back and all that squatting and running kills your booty! This is why we all have big  (muscular) butts- seriously.

Let’s just say- second day soreness…curse you. I thought it was bad yesterday- but waking up today was absolutely painful…as I’m sitting at work I’m doing this…in hot pink compression socks and khakis.. I am not ashamed…

my poor, poor plantar faciitis-ed feet (yes- NOT a word..i know) never felt so good for them to be NUMB.

My feet are in the most pain I think, my plantar faciitis flares up after a lot of running and sprinting…think of a bunch of rubber bands being stretched to the max…thats what it feels like when I try and walk around- not kidding I almost fell over this morning when getting out of bed.

Needless to say- I will be taking the day off and HOPEFULLY will be doing some sort of workout tomorrow… so, what to do on my off day?

What do you all do on your off day? Active recovery like walking the dog or do you like to sit on your bum? I feel like I’ll be doing the latter.

Whatever you’re doing today- make it great!