Friday Things Plus Giveaway Winners!!

Hi everyone! TGIF! πŸ™‚

Friday Things:

1. Today I’m playing in a golf tournament that benefits my former high schools athletics. My dad runs the tournament and it’s at the place I work. It should be a really fun time since it’s really not about doing well (thank. god.) and I’m playing with other Health and PE teacher ladies who are really fun! Can’t wait πŸ™‚

2. Yesterday I had the most glorious 4.2 mile. I’m to the point where I ACTUALLY feel good when I run. Even better is (knock on wood) biking, I think anyways, more during the week and staying off my foot has really kept me from a nagging foot issue and any pain for the most part. THIS IS EXCITING! But anyways this run yesterday felt good…I didn’t want to stop 2 miles in and I was negative splitting! Β WHO AM I? πŸ™‚ PS before i started reading blogs I didn’t know what that meant.


3. A snack that is competing with Pop Chips for me right now are these good things:

They were super addicting too. Had to hide the bag from myself… Also PS. Haven’t had Fro Yo in over 2 weeks. Yes, you may congratulate me and send me a gift certificate to Sweet Frog. Thanks! πŸ™‚

That’s really all i have from this week. It was kinda boring..full of work. Fun stuff…

And now what you all REALLY want to know and that’s who won the lovely giveaways!!!

For the Cheribundi!!!!

The winner isssss: #3Β Jen Packer

and for the BIC Band!

Winner: #24 Laurel C


Yay ladies! please email me at katiemoves1 @! Thank you to everyone who entered. I appreciate everyone who listens to my ramble everyday!

I’m off to spend a few days hanging out with Drew and playing some golf and enjoying the beautiful weather. πŸ™‚


Go check out my Guest Post!

HI everyone! It’s Sunday! How does the weekend fly by so quickly!? But per usual, my weekend has been entirely uneventful…just full of me working!! Can’t complain about my job much…


I sell beer. On a golf cart. What could be better??

I just wanted to check in today and tell you that I got the incredible opportunity to write a guest post for a Sweat Pink Sista and a blog I read everyday:

Maren’s Morsels!

So,please go on over and check it out! Also, with that Maren is hosting an AWESOME give away so go and enter! Who wouldn’t want to win a cute little fish bowl for your morning oatmeal!? You won’t want to miss it! πŸ™‚ And with that, I’ll be back tomorrow! Enjoy your day. I don’t know about you, but it’s beautiful weather here! πŸ™‚

Weekend Recap: Pro Cyclists and not-so-pro Golfing

This weekend consisted of going to a Pro Bike Race in Philadelphia with Drew and his dad, and trying to teach Drew how to golf..i’ll start from the begging…

Sunday morning, I got up in the weeeeee hours to make it to Drew’s by 8:30ish so we could head on down the road to a trail that would take us into the center of Philadelphia to watch the race.

Drew got us ready and we set out for the trail ride into the city for the race I’m not sure where we started..not too familiar with the area but we were about 13 miles from Philly from what I’m told.

I don’t have any pics from the trail, but it was pretty cool! Shaded. It was also rocky so I had borrowed Drew’s mom’s hybrid bike because mine would have had flat tires in like 30 seconds of touching the trail. This bike was still comfy and light so it worked πŸ™‚ There were some climbs in the trail, but nothing too bad. It was Sunday however, and very crowded and the beginning was a 5k race cleaning up…so it was a quite fun dodging people, animals…small children. Don’t worry I only hit a few..;) joking, I swear.

The Pro Cycling Men were to start at 10:45am and the women started 10 minutes later. We just missed the beginning of the race but as we were riding in to the Philadelphia Art Museum (a good spot to watch the race) the cyclists came by so a few times we stopped along the trail to watch.

I was literally just in awe of these guys. They are going SO. Fast. Um wait why am I surprised? They are Pro’s after all! but it really is just captivating to watch them! From what Drew was saying the men on average are going anywhere from 25-30 mph! With hills involved! I average 18.5 mph during my first race… On a completely flat course! Craziness! Their legs were so massive!

You may know this but theirs a ton of strategy involved in cycling. You have teams and they have different positions.. Such as a climber (little light person who can get up hills), the sprinter, (usually the person with big,massive quads who is fast as hell at the end, this person doesn’t do a whole lot during the entire race just to save their legs and be able to sprint to the finish), and the workhorses, who help their team to the front by doing most of the peddling the entire time.


The women were also fun to watch! Girl
Power, duh! It is slightly nerve wracking to watch them all bike so close together, I could barely dodge people on the trail, let alone be in a pack of 50 people trying to bike!


This was a really huge event for the city. Drew’s dad said he heard there would be something like 300,000 people in the city that day and I believe it!

We got a free cow bell! Yes!!


And free water ice!


We didn’t stay to watch the end (it lasted about 4 and a half hours) so we turned around and headed back… Good thing we did when we did because right at the end we got rained on a little bit! All and all it was about a 26 mile round trip and my legs were TIRED from the run the day before and then the ride. (My legs were so happy to be off yesterday!)

When we got back we went and played a little golf since Drew just found a set at a pawn shop and got them. We went to the driving range and then played a 9 hole chip ‘n putt course that was really fun! Can’t say we were good… πŸ˜‰



And guess who won?? That’s right- ME πŸ™‚ that’s alright I told Drew he has cycling and I have golf πŸ™‚

That was my fun weekend! And today it was back to reality and working. Fun, fun!

How was all of your weekends? Anything exciting. Have any of you ever watched a bike race?

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Memorial Day Weekend Recap and First Giveaway!

Hi, everyone! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! I had a couple days of work but a couple days to relax and take advantage of the good (but sticky hot) weather.

Saturday, I had the day off but woke up early to try and get a run in because of this weather that was just ridiculously sticky and hot! I meant to run 4 miles, but ended it at 3.4 because theΒ heat was really getting to me. I felt a little sick, and figured it was just better to listen to my body and walk it the rest of the way in. I was definitely not upset by this decision- trust me. As soon as I got home and had some water, I felt much better!

Saturday night, my family and I decided to try and new restaurant in our town that everyone has been raving about. It’s called C & D Grill and it was delicious! Sort of expensive entree wise but was worth it. My mom and I both got the crab cakes! yum! if those are ever on the menu I rarely pass them up. My entree came with mashed potatoes and a house salad (wish i would have taken a picture) with an Italian style dressing that they make of their own.

Yum! and dessert later that night was frozen yogurt at a new place that just opened up by me! Fro Yo only a couple miles away!? this could be bad.

Sunday I woke up early to play golf with my parents! Since I work at the golf course and my dad does also on weekends we play FREE GOLF! if you know anything about golf you know that it’s not cheap so it’s awesome that our family can play for free with us.

I actually played fairly well for my first time playing again this summer. To me golf and field hockey are similar so it comes pretty naturally to me.

The course we play it is absolutely beautiful! I love this whole cause it has the water right by it. Lots of wild life! Geese, turtles… at least it’s not FL with GATORS!

Yesterday on Memorial Day, my mom and I set out to bike on our local Rail Trail and we ended up doing a good 15-16 miles! (My bike computer wasn’t working very well so I’m not sure the exact milage. It was really fun and relaxing. For as hot as it was yesterday this path is mostly shaded by trees which is really nice.

In the middle we stopped at a tiny bike/ice cream and candy shop (now if I ever own a shop- that would be the combo I would have, lol..bikes and ice cream! what could be better!) When we were in there we decided to try Honey Stinger!

The waffle was absolutely delicious. The guys in the shop told me I would love it and they were right! My mom tried the pink lemonade honey stinger chews and they were also really good!

Once we were fueled up we biked back to the car and drove home- we were exhausted for sure!

Looking over the handlebars!

Another fun thing that happened this weekend was that I got my Sweat Pink Swag from FitApproach!

So anyways, how would YOU like to win some sweat pink shoe laces!? Β Well, you can put these pretty little bad boys in your shoes and show ’em off!! I’ll be picking two winners through comments tomorrow morning! πŸ™‚

How to enter:

  • Write me a comment below answering this: If you could own a shop, what two things that you love would you sell? For example, I really liked the Bike and Ice Cream shop..two of my fav things!Β 
  • Like Fit Approach on Facebook
  • Follow me on Twitter @KatieeAnd
  • Follow Fit Approach on Twitter @FitApproach

So, that’s a total of 4 ways to enter! Please leave me separate comment for each telling me what you did! I’ll be picking TWO winners tomorrow! Good luck my friends πŸ™‚