Weekend Recap

Helloooo! I hope you’re all well! I, as much as I love fall…when the season changes like this my sinuses and allergies go haywire. so that’s me now. I wouldn’t say “I’m sick” butttt I don’t feel great.

Anyways…as I said yesterday Drew and I got to spend some time together this weekend. YAY!

I wasn’t the only one excited Drew came to visit!


I caught this moment in the act. Izzy especially loves if you give her space to cuddle next to you!

Saturday we did a brick workout to help prepare us for the race on Saturday! We all have been crazy busy and training for all us hasn’t been top priority (with both our new jobs and routines) we decided to squeeze it all together 🙂



Obviously preparing and very serious. Also I look very tall. I am not.

We did about 10 miles followed by a mile run. We threw some kettle bell squats and swings in there and called it a night. Hey- that’s obviously how we enjoy on Saturdays- we are so cool. 🙂 I felt good during the training…I was pushing it cause I was obviously behind and trying to catch Drew the entire time. (Kinda competitive, what can I say). I feel like my training throughout the summer will keep me in the race even if my recent training hasn’t been as serious. I definitely wasn’t on the bike as much last year and I held my own! I am just hoping to beat my time from last year.


Sunday I had field hockey all day so Drew came along to watch and support moi of course! Somehow on the way home we decided pizza was needed and found a place called Iggies in Baltimore for some great pizza. Very organic and natural- I’ll take it.


Their pizza names were ones we couldn’t really say but very different than the usual so it was pretty cool. We asked for pepperoni and the girl told us it wasn’t exactly pepperoni but better..she was right! No clue what it was called however…


So if you are ever in Baltimore- Iggies is a great place to go!

  • What did you do this weekend?

I love Fall

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a stellar weekend. I DID! Drew ended up having his work cancelled Saturday SOOO he got to come up to my house and spend the weekend with me! YAY 🙂 reunited! We finally got to spend some quality time together..and I even had a buddy for a bike ride!

The temperatures this weekend surely made me welcome the new season!

Helloooooo Fall!!

As much as your have heard  me ramble on about why I love summer, I actually wanted to to share with you why FALL is my actual favorite time of year.

Field hockey- Fall sport. You all know I love field hockey and my favorite sport is played in the fall. The fall always meant it would be a fresh new season! So happy to be playing in a fall league as well!

Football- staying with the sports theme. Football is in the fall! Nothing I love more on a Sunday is watching my Steelers play!

Izzy on her Steelers blanket..she loves them too!

Perfect Running/Biking weather- As much as I love hot weather (which I do), I do prefer exercising and not feeling like I’m going to suffocate outside. Having the cooler temps is quite pleasant- especially for a run or bike in the evening.

My Birthday is in the Fall (October 19th) to be exact…it’s coming up soooo- don’t forget 😉 Kidding- but really as a kid I always looked forward to the fall because it’s my birthday season (yes…you read that right SEASON! I’m not narcissistic I swear….) Bonus: it’s also mine and Drew’s anniversary! The day after my birthday ha..good timing. (more presentsss??? one can hope.) 😉

Candy Corn-

Might have ate this til I was sick to my stomach on Saturday. oops. oh and especially love the pumpkins and the chocolate covered ones.

Hot Coffee- I love hot coffee in the morning and it finally doesn’t make me sweat to death on the way to work! WIN!

Leaves changing- Watching the leaves begin to change to oranges and reds and yellows is my favorite. At this time of the year I miss being in the mountains (in college) because there they’re already changing!

  • Do you love fall as much as me? What is your favorite thing?

I’ll be back tomorrow to recap my weekend and talk about my upcoming duathlon on Saturday! Wait.. I didn’t tell you about it? Yah i’m RACING on Saturday. With no formal training this time. Should be interesting 🙂

Almond Flour Pancakes

Well..please excuse my absence lately…last week definitely got the best of me, from work to practice, to the job at the gym, by Thursday I was just completely exhausted, and Friday was a 14 hour work day, unfortunately. (i’ll stop whining now, promise). On the upside of the exhaustion, my Field hockey team I coach had a night game and had a big win! YAY! (Besides the LATE night).

My job is going well! I’m still really liking everything.. This coming week is the first 5 day week of school..if any of you understand how I act children act by Thursday in school you know how that goes. Friday was one LONG day, haha, but they’re sweet & hilarious. Don’t worry one day I plan on an “Overheard in Kindergarten” post….. Also, if I had a dime for every shoe I’ve tied -I’d be rich.

Fitness wise I didn’t go to the gym every morning last week- one day I apparently had 2 alarms set that I don’t remember turning off and going back to sleep. Oh well- sometimes sleep is a winner over working out if you need it! Another day my dad and I did a bike ride in the morning. This would totally be better if it would get light outside before 6:20am 😦 this means only time for a 40 minute ride…still better than none at all but now that I have actually put miles on my bike (somewhere around 600 miles this year!!…*proud) that feels so short. Reason #4billion I need an indoor trainer.

Yesterday was my first day off in literally 2 weeks and I had an awesome day at playing field hockey! My favorite physical activity of all! My team did okay, we actually didn’t have a goalie so that made things difficult haha but we did score and I scored 2 goals wahoo! … And now I’m sore. So. Sore. Getting in shape for stop and start kind of game is difficult unless you’re playing it all the time! I’ve never felt so out of shape haha ugh. Thank god I’m doing lifting for my back today..everything else would not work!

So between all of that stuff I had time to create an amazing almond flour Pancake recipe! 🙂 My paleo and gluten free friends try it out!

This photo food collage makes me feel like such a foodie blogger! 😉

Recipe (adapted from Delighted Momma blog) :

  • 3/4 cup Almond meal
  • 1 egg
  • 2 TBSP Water
  • I packet Stevia or sweetner of choice
  • 1 Tsp Cinnamon (or a bit more!)

This made me two nice size pancakes that I topped with a agave nectar and some more cinnamon. These are very delicious if you love almond because it really does taste like almonds (duhhhh, i know). I had these before a bike ride and they were the perfect fuel! I also pondered making a bunch of them and throwing them in the fridge for breakfasts throughout the week! Delish!

  • Would you try these pancakes?

I’m a Big Girl Now

I know you just sang that title in your head 🙂

But really…first day on the job today…just lots of training (CPR and First aid…even though I already have them..and harassment and such but ya know..gotta be there).

Let’s up to the weekend though, shall we? Well it wasn’t anything too crazy and I actually worked half of it besides having a full day off Sunday..wahoo! What did I do on this day?


Yesterday I had my first game as a Green Dragon! The league has about 5 teams in it and we play at an amazing prep school in Baltimore, equipped with two turf fields that are super nice. This is about an hour-ish drive from my house and I went down with my friend Lauren who I played hockey with in my high school years!

It’s so nice to be playing my absolute favorite way to exercise..I literally LOVE competition..i love sports and that atmosphere…not in a crazy I MUST WIN OR DIE kind of way but I like being competitive.. (okay that MIGHT be a tad true in that Drew and I can’t play games even like words with friends because we both like to win haha..) But seriously this league is just for fun..guys play, people in their 50-60’s play..just a good time all around!

Of course playing for the first time since April means that my body is hurting all over soooo what do you do ?

Torture…and compression..yup..lots of compression. Seriously kicking myself for not having compression shorts cause thats the most of my body that’s hurting!

Oh, and of course you foam roll with a buddy watching you!

I honestly hope I’m able to walk tomorrow. That’s not a joke. Staying so low in field hockey puts quite the hurt on your butt and quads…just try to run in a squat position! I’m also starting to realize that you don’t quite recover like you did when you were in your teens haha. but really your does sooo not do that.

I also finished Week 2 of Live Fit trainer and have really been loving it. I feel like I’ve gained a lot of muscle already! I’m excited to get to week 3! Off to training for the day and then tomorrow is the acutal first day of school! AHH!

  • How was your weekend? Anything exciting or fun?
  • If you could do any sport as an adult summer league what would you play?

Trip down Memory lane

Today marks the day when my old college team is going back to school for preseason. Today is also the day I realized that my last preseason WAS 2 YEARS AGO.


I cannot believe how that time flew! I also realized today how much I miss playing on a team. Those were seriously some of the best years of my life!

Yesterday I  started to help my mom coach her HS field hockey team this season…this doesn’t help my sadness of not playing field hockey anymore. Although, don’t get me wrong- I love coaching those girls and teaching them all I learned! It just made me take a trip down memory lane!

Great things happened when I was on that team.

  • I met the greatest friends and roommates ever!
  • I also met this hottie. 🙂 after an injury that wouldn’t stop…

And now he’s my own personal Athletic Trainer…haha jk (no, I’m not really at all!) It’s funny how life works out..isn’t it?  🙂 (He also deserves a BIG congrats on getting a brand new GROWN-UP JOB! Congrats DREW!)

Fitness wise, I’ve learned somethings (a major one being I do not recover like my 18-19 year old body once did. I’m serious.) Not being on a team anymore has made me understand how hard it is to keep yourself motivated for workouts all the time. there is NO ONE telling you what you need to do to stay in shape! It’s all on you. This was definitely a hard transition to make after years of being on a team. In the past 2 years, I can’t say I’ve mastered this, but definitely am able to motivate myself better now. Know what also helps? Signing your butt up for some races! If you don’t want to keel over during that race- it definitely helps! 🙂

Cliché as it is, I’ve also learned a lot of life lessons playing on my college team for 4 years, mostly because I can’t say that things went my way the whole time I was on that team.

  • The time commitment is tough! Balancing school, practice, social life, and everything else was hard but once you got into it – you knew how and had an amazing support system! To this day- I feel like I can balance a lot of things because I’m so used to it.
  • Things don’t always go your way, and sometimes things actually turn and run in the opposite direction from you. i.e., My coach and I didn’t see eye-to-eye. I didn’t play as much as I would have liked…and I didn’t feel it was right. However, nothing much of that changed throughout my years on the team- BUT I did NOT quit. Quitting would have been the worst thing I could have ever done. At this point I know that I would severely regret that decision now.
  • With that said- being positive is the only way to get through it. Don’t give up. Support everyone you can and move on. There is no need to dwell on these things. I did learn that they hard way (at times) I might add.

What I’m trying to say is (I think I’m making a point here??) Stick with things if you’re heart is in it.  Things will workout whether you think they will or not…Whatever hurdle in your life will pass and in the end- you are going to be glad you stuck with whatever was hard or holding you back. To be extremely cliche- what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Really. Ah, Thank you Kelly Clarkson.

  • What is something you are glad you stuck it out with in the end? 
  • Do you find it hard to keep yourself motivated while working out on your own?