Weekend Recap

Helloooo! I hope you’re all well! I, as much as I love fall…when the season changes like this my sinuses and allergies go haywire. so that’s me now. I wouldn’t say “I’m sick” butttt I don’t feel great.

Anyways…as I said yesterday Drew and I got to spend some time together this weekend. YAY!

I wasn’t the only one excited Drew came to visit!


I caught this moment in the act. Izzy especially loves if you give her space to cuddle next to you!

Saturday we did a brick workout to help prepare us for the race on Saturday! We all have been crazy busy and training for all us hasn’t been top priority (with both our new jobs and routines) we decided to squeeze it all together πŸ™‚



Obviously preparing and very serious. Also I look very tall. I am not.

We did about 10 miles followed by a mile run. We threw some kettle bell squats and swings in there and called it a night. Hey- that’s obviously how we enjoy on Saturdays- we are so cool. πŸ™‚ I felt good during the training…I was pushing it cause I was obviously behind and trying to catch Drew the entire time. (Kinda competitive, what can I say). I feel like my training throughout the summer will keep me in the race even if my recent training hasn’t been as serious. I definitely wasn’t on the bike as much last year and I held my own! I am just hoping to beat my time from last year.


Sunday I had field hockey all day so Drew came along to watch and support moi of course! Somehow on the way home we decided pizza was needed and found a place called Iggies in Baltimore for some great pizza. Very organic and natural- I’ll take it.


Their pizza names were ones we couldn’t really say but very different than the usual so it was pretty cool. We asked for pepperoni and the girl told us it wasn’t exactly pepperoni but better..she was right! No clue what it was called however…


So if you are ever in Baltimore- Iggies is a great place to go!

  • What did you do this weekend?

Last Things Thursday

Yay for another installment of Last Things Thursday! This means another random post of all this crap stuffΒ I just did. Lucky you.

Last Breakfast:

So this week was my first time experimenting with overnight oats! I wasn’t sure about them and their texture (I can be super weird about texture of foods) but all I can say is why haven’t I done this sooner!? After all I have always loved oatmeal. Plus it’s been fantastic for when I’ve been working at 7am and just need something to take to eat when I get there. Perfecttt.

My recipe:

  • 1/2 Cup of Oats
  • 1/2 Cup of almond milk
  • Pinch of unsweetened coconut
  • 2 TBSP (heaping) of vanilla greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp of Chia Seeds
  • A dash of cinnamon (or if you’re like me 2 or 3 or 4…)
  • A little agave depending on how sweet you like things
  • Top with sliced almonds πŸ™‚

Voila! Enjoy!

Last Different Food Try:

If you notice besides the first time trying Overnight Oats…I bought chia seeds this week! have to say..i am worried about a chia pet in my stomach… JK but seriously- can’t even taste them so hey- if their healthy I’m all in.

Last gun show workout:

After work I stayed and did the Biceps and Back from Live Fit Trainer Week 2…I’m getting there! πŸ™‚ I also ran 2.33 miles earlier between jobs!

Last Song on the iPod

You may hate her. and you most definitely may hate this song, but it’s been on repeat a lot. Mostly for the oooooooOOOOO part…sorry i’m not sorry.


That being said..lastly it is the 23rd of this month and that means it’s 23 Paws from the lovely Cinnamon!

Here are some pictures of my fur babies recently.


Izzy Begging for a blueberry muffin. Hard to resist that face. BUT she doesn’t understand that I don’t share…



I was starved. And Riley likes to help get the sweat off of your leg when you get back from runs outside. Dogs are gross.


  • What are some of your last things this week?
  • What song is on repeat for you?

Almost Friday πŸ™‚

Vacation All I ever wanted..

Vacation have to get away…

So, one more sleep tonight and then we are off to the beach for a week! i’m sure you guys are super tired of hearing me talk about it considering I feel like I’ve been talking about it FOREVER. but the last 2 weeks of work have dragged on and on and i’ve felt like a zombie. Today I work a 9-5 and i’m DONE. I told them: don’t call me, leave me messages, text me- nothing. i will not respond. hahaha okay I didn’t say that- but they BEST understand that is what is gonna happen this week.

Currently, the state of my room is absolute havoc.

Just notice my overflowing laundry bin! i’m sure i’ll be doing 2 3 loads tonight…oy.

Naturally while I’m on vacation– I MUST workout. There is something I love about being on vacation and being up early- getting a run or bike in and then laying at the beach all day. It doesn’t even bother me to get up early- I think it’s just that vacation mode that you get into. So pumped. I’m also going to bring my Beach Babe DVD (how fitting) and some hand weights that way I can fit in some of heir short segment workouts which I love. I’m seriously not happy unless I get a good workout in for the day!

all packed!!

This week I learned that I won Lora’s giveaway for free Saucony shoes. yes that is correct! FREE!!!! ahhhhhhh i got to pick any pair i wanted also- how crazy?! These are the ones i picked:

So excited for them! πŸ™‚ pretty snazzy, huh?

This coming week when I’m gone I have many guest posts coming up for you! It will be awesome reads- So i hope that you check them out! I still wanted to post- but be able to relax and enjoy my vacation without worry about when to post. Also, not sure of the internet situation while we will be there.

If you get a chance, please click this link and help my Sweat Pink Sister Heather get to Kona for the Ironman! Such an inspiring story!

  • Do you workout while you are on vacation? What kinds of workouts do you do when you’e away from the gym? Or do you make sure where you stayΒ has one?Β I usually just run and do body weight exercises and am fine!
  • What is your favorite thing about being on vacation? Hm, i love laying on the beach all day and having no set plans! such a great change!


The lovely Cinnamon from Eat, Pray, Tri has started an Animal Post called 23Paws movement on the 23rd of each month, and me being in love with my pups absolutely had to join πŸ™‚

This is Riley, he is about to be 7 years old! He is a black labradoodle. An absolute velcro dog and must be touching you at all times, especially if you are on the couch. He is definitely the biggest baby ever…literally 75 pounds of that in your lap can be interesting!

He is the sweetest boy. He loves everyone and will be your best friend as soon as you walk in the door. He also likes to be right in your face- all the time. Yup, velcro.

And This adorable nugget is my Izzy baby! my soon to be 2 year old Cockapoo (Cocker spaniel poodle mix).

She is probably the happiest, silliest, lovable puppy we have ever know. She is know to wag her entire butt, not JUST tail, when she is happy- which is always. Also know to take ever toy of out her basket and play!

Izzy as a puppy! 8 weeks old in this picture. Could you seriously die looking at this picture?? when i first saw here I melted into a puddle on the ground.

She is probably the most easy going dog…she does tend to piddle when excited..but then again, don’t we all πŸ™‚

My babes who are best friends all the time:

Holy cuteness, are you melting yet?? and that is the first installment of 23Paws! be sure to follow along on Twitter #23Paws πŸ™‚

  • Do you have pets your love to pieces!?

Food Diaries

Hi everyone! I’m used to posting in the morning, but my week has totally been thrown off because someone quit (totally unannounced) at one of my jobs which means I’ve taken over all the hours. This has messed up my schedule a little bit, but I can’t complain- more $$ for this broke girl!

Today I woke up and the day was beautiful! I had to work this morning and then I planned on coming home and going for a run….what does it do as soon as I get home!? Thunderstorm. Naturally while I have time to be outside. Real cool Mother Nature. No, I’m not upset at all.


One thing I totally love to do is grocery shop– most likely because I love food..:)

One store that my mom found to be the best for fresh produce is Aldi’s! I don’t know if a lot of you have those around you but it is seriously awesome! Not to mention that it’s the cheapest around. Now they don’t have EVERYTHING like the big chains- but if you have one near you go check it out.

Today I WASSOFRIGGINEXCITED because I found an off brand of Pop Chips that everyone loves so much for a fraction of the price that the main brans sells them for!

BBQ YUM! They taste just like the normal Pop Chips πŸ™‚

Also at Aldi’s: Avocados for 99 cents!!

So now that I have these pretty things- I need some help on what to do with them! Any of you have any good recipes or things to do with avocados!? I’m searching interest after so maybe I’ll have some for you soon too! I recently had them in this salad:


I’ve realized this is a sort of backwards twist on a What I Ate Wednesday! πŸ˜‰

So tell me, what food are you obsessed with lately? I’m always up for new things to keep my diet from being bland!

Also if you need some advice about what to do on a rainy day, Izzy has some for you:

“Stay in Bed”