Last Things Thursday

Yay for another installment of Last Things Thursday! This means another random post of all this crap stuff I just did. Lucky you.

Last Breakfast:

So this week was my first time experimenting with overnight oats! I wasn’t sure about them and their texture (I can be super weird about texture of foods) but all I can say is why haven’t I done this sooner!? After all I have always loved oatmeal. Plus it’s been fantastic for when I’ve been working at 7am and just need something to take to eat when I get there. Perfecttt.

My recipe:

  • 1/2 Cup of Oats
  • 1/2 Cup of almond milk
  • Pinch of unsweetened coconut
  • 2 TBSP (heaping) of vanilla greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp of Chia Seeds
  • A dash of cinnamon (or if you’re like me 2 or 3 or 4…)
  • A little agave depending on how sweet you like things
  • Top with sliced almonds 🙂

Voila! Enjoy!

Last Different Food Try:

If you notice besides the first time trying Overnight Oats…I bought chia seeds this week! have to say..i am worried about a chia pet in my stomach… JK but seriously- can’t even taste them so hey- if their healthy I’m all in.

Last gun show workout:

After work I stayed and did the Biceps and Back from Live Fit Trainer Week 2…I’m getting there! 🙂 I also ran 2.33 miles earlier between jobs!

Last Song on the iPod

You may hate her. and you most definitely may hate this song, but it’s been on repeat a lot. Mostly for the oooooooOOOOO part…sorry i’m not sorry.


That being said..lastly it is the 23rd of this month and that means it’s 23 Paws from the lovely Cinnamon!

Here are some pictures of my fur babies recently.


Izzy Begging for a blueberry muffin. Hard to resist that face. BUT she doesn’t understand that I don’t share…



I was starved. And Riley likes to help get the sweat off of your leg when you get back from runs outside. Dogs are gross.


  • What are some of your last things this week?
  • What song is on repeat for you?

Almost Friday 🙂

Thursday Things

Can we just talk about a few things for a sec? Warning…this is a rambler.

1. This weather= stupid. 

One second it is absolutely beautiful out..the next second, it storming and cold and windy. And by next second I mean any time I have off from work and can go outside for a run. My hill workout has really yet to happen because of this dumb weather.

Okay, least its not snow!

2. Chia Seeds

I can’t help it but every time I hear about these I just feel like I would be eating a chia pet. Would a chia pet grow inside my stomach? Does a chia pet even grow from chia seeds? What in the hell are chia seeds? Quick somebody research that and get back to me, because I’m too lazy to do that myself.

Please tell me you remember the jingle for these.

3. Form over Weight

This could become a rant- but people please just know that your form when lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises is so much more important than the amount you are lifting. I am pretty regular at a Body Pump Class where I work and this one lady, who I can unfortunately see in the mirror the entire class  because of where she stands, puts a ton of weight on her bar AND BARELY DOES ANY OF THE MOVES CORRECTLY! This has been weeks and she still doesn’t realize that she:

a.) has too much weight on the bar- she can barely stay with the class

b.) constantly does the moves wrong and with really bad form.

I am by NO MEANS saying I’m perfect, cause I’m not at all, but this lady is driving me crazy (not gonna lie- she’s kinda snotty too, but that’s besides the point). I just want to tell her to drop the amount of weight and how to do some of the moves right. She even stands in front of the instructors and they try to announce to the whole class to make sure their form is correct and to make sure the weight is at the right spot so they can keep up as to not point her out in front of everyone….BUT, the lady doesn’t get it. The whole point of this class is more strength endurance, NOT trying to max out on your lift.

ANYWAYS, my point in this story- make sure you have proper form before you try and just up your weights to look good or impress anyone. Just because you THINK you should be upping your weights- doesn’t mean you should.

4.Gym Boss Time App- very cool way to do circuit workouts. Plus it’s FREE!! It would be a great way to do any of these.

5. This Photo. Next time you are running and its awful. Just think of this.

Ryan Gosling is exactly right. You’re running– your arms are pumping, you have a flight phase. A run is a run- don’t get bummed about your pace. At least you are MOVING!

6. These dear, sweet puppies. Who love to snuggle in bed with me.

What are your thoughts from the week? How did your workouts go? Do any of you have any free workout apps that you love? Has anyone else witnessed people at the gym doing things WRONG all the time?? Or just tell me anything. 🙂