So…you want to ride a bike?

Helloooooo everyone! Wednesday woooo! Today I’m going to enlighten you.. get ready 🙂

For you today I have a semi-recycled post on tips for Starting to bike! I wrote this as a guest post for someone, but really wanted to share it with all of you too! As you know I am an avid biker and I wanted to share with you some tips and pointers for anyone thinking about getting into the sport. I’ve done 3 duathlons (run, bike, run) starting last fall and have been recently upping my bike mileage this summer. I have really fallen in love with the feeling on the bike. You can read more about my love for biking here. Without further ado- here are my tips on getting on the bike!

Tip 1: Get/Use a bike that fits you. A bike too big or too small is going to feel terrible! Getting one that fits is going to benefit you so much. There are many options: hybrid bikes, fitness bike, or a road bike. Go with what feels comfortable. A local bike shop should be able to assist you with what type of style biking you are looking to do. More recreational biking I would say go with a hybrid which is a normal style bike you typically see or fitness bikes which are similar to road bikes but have flat handlebars. They are also a good option if you want to be a bit speedier because they’re lighter than a hybrid. Road bikes are what you will see during road races and have the curving handlebars allowing you to use the “drops” to be more aerodynamic. Great for triathlons and duathlons because they are speedy! Craig’s List is also a great place to find a used bike that may be a great started bike for you. (You might want to take along someone who knows stuff about bikes..just so they can tell you if it’s worth it!)

My road bike

Tip 2: Safety First

Helmets are a MUST! Make sure you get one that’s up-to-date and that it fits properly. Gloves can also come in handy and you should also check out a light that may help to make you more visible on the road. I purchased a Nathan brand light that I’ve clipped to my seat pack, but can also work on the back of your shirt. $8 to keep me safe? Worth it!

Anything that makes your more visible will help to make you safer on the road. Also, look up your state laws on biking for reference. Technically bikes are required to follow the same traffic rules as a car so that means stopping at stop signs, red lights…etc. Don’t assume that cars see you, and be hyper-aware of your surroundings. Hand signals are also useful to communicate with cars. A RoadID is a great thing to have on you, or some other form of identification/emergency numbers and you might also want to carry your cellphone in a  plastic baggy in case of emergencies out on the road! (They HAPPEN. and usually at your furthest point out!) That also being said..flat tires happen. Local bike shops usually have clinics on bike maintenance or if you stop by most are very willing to help and show you.

Cute & Functional RoadID! (purple of course)

Tip 3: Look the part

Like I mentioned before, helmets are a must. Also, bike shorts, bike shorts, bike shorts. They are going to help your comfort level so much while getting used to your saddle. You may think you don’t need them, but trust me you don’t want to feel the soreness after a long ride the next day. Gloves can help reduce the pressure of your handlebars on your hands. Long rides tend to put pressure on your nerves and then you have numb turn making it hard to move or brake for that matter. Bike jerseys are a great option to wear while riding because they have pockets in the back to hold any nutrition you may want to bring, cell phone, or ID/Wallet. Look for great bike products at Nashbar.

Tip 4: Build your endurance

If you haven’t been biking in years…start out slow, you’ll remember how hard it is on your legs! Start out doing 20-30 minute rides 3-4 times a week. After this is comfortable for you start going out for longer periods of time. If you have a smart phone you can download apps like Map My Ride or Strava that can help you find bike routes around your home! These will also keep track of mileage and speed. It’s also great to look for groups through a local bike shop that may go out together a couple times a week.

Tip 5: Biking is a gateway sport

Buying a bike can lead you into so many different hobbies and races. Not to mention it’s a great way to get to work (if you can do it safely!). There are many charity/century ride events around the country that you can do with a group or even family. Not to mention all the road races and duathlons/triathlons you can find. If interested check out Tri Find. It’s such a fun time to participate in any of these races. I was blown away by the camaraderie after the events and it keeps me coming back to them!

Me in my first du! Can’t believe it’s almost been a year!


This all being said- get out there on those wheels!!!!

  • Did you learn anything new from this post about biking? Hope I could shed some light on the sport for you!
  • Would you ever do a duathlon/triathlon?
  • Bikers- any tips I missed??

Last Things Thursday

Almost the weekend! thank god. I’ve had a super busy week of coaching all day and then going to work at night…Without further a do: Another Installment of

Last Things Thursday! Let’s get started shall we…

Last workout:

Yesterday after work at the gym, I just stayed to do a good Chest and Triceps workout from Live Fit trainer. Wow can you say jello arms! i’m dying sore. I ended that with a 15 minutes interval workout on the Stairsofdeath Stair mill!

Last Meal I had

This just happened to be a sad turkey sandwich! let’s just say I haven’t had much time at home this week. I’ve been coaching all day and going to work at night…would be nice to be home for a meal for once…I think tonight that may actually happen!

Last snack

My go to snack in my lunches/dinners this week has been carrots, green peppers, and cheese slices! With ranch of course 🙂


Last song playing on the iPod

The one and only Andy Grammer, Fine by Me… Nope not sick of it!


Last instagram photo

Izzy came to snuggle!!


Last new snack find

Buddy fruits! So delicious 🙂 I’m obsessed!


Last Show watched on TV:

Keeping up with the Kardashians.. sorry..i know but it’s a guilty pleasure 🙂

Last LOL moment from the internet:

Just click here please. And know that I’m not making fun of her …this is just truly funny..and true. You know I love Mean Girls… but anywho- TO EACH THEIR OWN!

  • What are some of your lasts this week?
  • What is your favorite trashy reality tv show?

Pudding Protein Smoothie w/ a side of Survey!

Hi everyone! Yesterday got a little crazy busy and mostly I was exhausted. I actually had half a day off (haha woo, a half!) and that time was spent running errands…don’t you love those days? I found out just how much working all weekend and staying up late watching the olympics is doing to me…  I don’t understand why they put the good stuff on SO 10 and 11 o’clock?? what’s up with that NBC??

Anyways- The other day I posted on making a protein smoothie with some pudding so I figured I would tell you the recipe..even tho it was super easy!

  • 5 oz milk of choice (I used coconut!)
  • 1 cup of Dark Chocolate Sugar Free Pudding
  • I scoop Vanilla Protein Powder of Choice (I used the GNC Soy 95)
  • 3-4 Ice Cubes

Simple as that! The pudding makes the texture and thickness of this shake is amazing! I swear it was like having a milkshake! 🙂 and i loveeeee them, so a guilt free version! Also I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure it would be awesome with any other flavors of pudding. Butterscotch would hit the spot sometimes FO SHO.

I have been having these little babies after my workouts- which surprisingly enough have been in the gym lately! I know what- me in an actually gym- weird. But I have been staying after my work which is conveniently at the gym to do some workouts because I’ve been busy enough all day long I haven’t had any other time! I haven’t been on my bike since Sunday. Miss my babe!


I also did a STELLAR Tabata workout on Monday full of Front Raises, Speed Skater (my glutes still hurt), Front kicks, jack knives…etc. So. SORE.

Anyways, continuing on with my last survey from the Liebster award I’ll finish up my last survey from Amalia! 

1. What is your favourite thing about a community you’re a part of (virtual or real life community) Within the Blogging, Sweat Pink, and FitFluential Community I’m pretty excited about how much everyone supports each other and learning all these new things! It’s really fun! 🙂

2. When did you start your hobby (whatever your blog is about) and why? What made you start? I’ve been “moving” since forever, but particularly cycling and fitness classes started within the last year. 

3. What is your absolute favourite thing to do? Um…eat? maybe ride my bike- but mostly eat. I love good food. 
4. Describe your ideal day! Ahhh- sleep in, get up and ride my bike, then park my butt on the beach with a good book 🙂 add in some good wine and food and I’m set…oh wait that sounds like my vacation I just had..yes my idea day right there!
5. What is your dream job? Dream job- hmm.. probably a college field hockey coaching position! I know that sounds lame but I think it would be fun. 
6. Tell me about a time you didn’t think you could finish something – how did you push through? Ahhh well there was this one time where I did a duathlon on extremely cold and windy was the toughest course (not that I’ve been on many) ever..very hilly and the wind came in so many directions you couldn’t tell…I seriously wanted to quit as a I cam down one of the hills and looking up the next…but I didn’t. I was however so relieved to be done. 
7. Do you like caffeinated beverages? What’s your favorite? I loveee coffee..and I’m not going to lie I do drink a little diet soda- but trying to cut back a lot!
8. Proudest achievement to date? Hmm..graduating? But also playing hockey in college all 4 years maybe. Big time commitment with school.
9. Would you rather read a book, write, watch television or go outside? read a book, outside 🙂
10. Favourite candy? STARBURST. Like a deep love. the normal kinda AND the jelly beans!
11. One thing you can’t do for the life of you (for me its do my own hair in anything but a ponytail) but wish you could? Play the Piano!!

So now I need to tag some of my favorite ladies for the award: (If tagged- no pressure! I understand these get passed around a lot!)

My questions for you!

1. What’s your favorite animal and why?

2. What are the colors of your bedroom walls (currently or growing up)?

3. What’s your favorite sports team?

4. Where is your dream vacation spot?

5. Describe your perfect weekend.

6. Do you love trashy reality TV? (I DO, I DO!)

7. One thing you wish you were good at?

8. What is your favorite kind of cookie?

9. What is the best goal you have achieved to date?

10. What’s your favorite clothing to wear- (workout or normal)?

11. Generally what time do you go to bed and wake up during the week?

  • What are your answers to any of these questions?

Friday Things

I sincerely apologize to any of you who actually read my crap…I’ve been a terrible blogger for sure. This week has just been busy, and also I don’t have much to talk about…? Work is well- you know how work is pretty slow right now so… ANYWAYS. THANK YOU to anyone who actually keeps coming back to read this crapthing.

Friday Things..since all I have to talk about is random. Seriously.

1. These things are what I”m using to attempt to not have a scar the size of my entire leg…we will see how that goes. BioOil and Scar zone here I come..

I know it looks horrendous… ugh. Also the scar zone stuff has SPF in it..good thing since…


I know what you’re thinking..”seriously? again??” yes, again! This time with Drew’s family! yay! Only a few days so I can get back to work, but still- It will be a nice get away! I will be reenacting some of this!

3. I love pedicures and manicures.

They’re the best seriously. and Gel manicures last forever. These things are both highly necessary for the beach! You can’t tell but the base of my french manicure is super sparkly! woo

4. This is how I’m greeted when coming out of my room. Don’t you just want to DIE.

and then she wags her tail at me. swoon.

5.  That’s really all for now…I’ve got a ton of things to do before I leave to meet Drew and his family tomorrow so… i’ll catch ya on the flip side!


  • What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun?

Group I’ve missed you!

Hi everyone 🙂 So, sorry for the lack of posting I just, well, LIFE happened. I just got busy and my lack of sleep front he past seeking in Pitt total hit me like a ton of bricks by Monday night and I needed some SLEEP! But i’ve been up to a lot since then also 🙂

My schedule for work was a little different this week so I FINALLY got to go back to one of my favorite things! GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES! Ah how I’ve missed them. Since my schedule was different, I got to take 2 classes this week! A new one: Tabata Class and an old favorite: HIIT!

Oh How i missed you weights, body bar, and stepper..

My body hasn’t hurt this good for a while! It’s a love hate kinda thing. Monday I was inspired to take this new Tabata class because it a time I could do it, and my favorite kind of training! Something  that mixed it up. We did a ratio of 20:10. I liked the class, but wish the exercises were done at a 30:10 ratio instead. Every time got into the movement it ended up being over… But overall it was a good class and I would def go again.

After this class I went home and gave some time for the heat to let it up a little bit and headed out on my bike..I didn’t have a set amount of time I wanted to do, but after all said and done I completed 20 miles…with a few good climbs in it. There is one last climb that totally makes you want to cry and just walk your bike up it- not going to lie I thought about it for sure. My quads were on FIRE after I was done.

I obviously did not pose for this picture..

Needless to say the next morning I woke up before I moved I could tell I was sore. Really sore. In the Tabata class we did 4 rounds of speed skaters…and if you’ve done this you know how bad your glutes hurt after. I tried to sit on the floor last night and I couldn’t even do it without being in pain. Also trying to use a stick to roll out your butt isn’t very fun. FYI.

So even though I was pretty sore, I had the opportunity to go back to my favorite HIIT class and do that workout which was fun because once you start going to the same class all the time you make friends with those people and they notice when you’re gone! So I went and it as always kicked my butt! We did 3 minutes of straight exercise straight and then 1 minutes rest and did this 10 times. It was tough for sure! All of the exercises we did didn’t require equipment..mostly good old fashion mountain climbers, push ups (ugh), in and outs and sprinting in place. Totally killed. Last night I did the Long and Lean routine to stretch it out.

Today I woke up to do a nice 12 mile recovery ride with my dad…good thing it was recovery because I couldn’t do much more. My legs were SO. Tired. It was seriously a struggle to really keep going.

Today I got to go swim at a pool of a friends and it was lovely…It was only 96 degrees out!

  • Do you love group exercise like me? I think it’s fun to sweat it out and have other people around you while your killing yourself 🙂
  • What are your favorite types of classes to take? For me it’s HIIT! Duh!

Talk to you tomorrow!