Chased by Dogs

Okay- so I need to’ve been warned. 

Yesterday in this beautiful weather, I decided to get a good run in. The weather was so great it was impossible to not be in a good mood while running. (It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been able to go out in just shorts and a t-shirt- no layers WOO HOO). I even attempted a tempo style run with advice from this girl and it went fairly well. Might have ended up being more of a fartlek run, but I’m working on keeping my paces up to race speed. 

So to the venting part- as I’m coming up a hill, really focused and trying to kick it in and I hear barking and growling. I look up to see a big boxer type dog bolting from it’s yard and across the street straight at me.

To say I was scarred doesn’t even describe how I felt in that 5 second instance. All I did was stop dead in my tracks and braced myself to be knocked over. Luckily for me, the dog didn’t get much closer to me than a couple feet. My heart was racing and I just stood there, as still as possible. A few seconds later a boy in his early teens ran out to try and get the dog to come back in the yard. I stood there for probably 2 minutes while the boy tried to get the dog back in the yard because every time I moved it barked and growled at me more. Finally he got a hold of the dog and I started to run-slowly and then just sprinted away out of frustration. 

Let me just tell you this is the 4th DIFFERENT dog that has chased me as I was running in probably the past 3 weeks. And I have changed my running routes MANY times. I just don’t understand why people cannot make sure that their dog has a fence, whether a real one of electric, or at least just make sure the dog has a chain in the backyard. Don’t get me wrong- I am a COMPLETE dog lover! I have 2 of my own- but they have an electric fence! 


What’s even more annoying is that only one of the dogs owners seemed to be legitimately sorry that their dog scarred or chased me. Seriously!? I would be so embarrassed and upset if my dogs did that. Image

After this last incident- I realized that I just might have to know what to do if a dog really attacks me- do you know what to do?

I went on to Runner’s World and searched for some articles on this situation. I found some good ones– that actually told me I did the right thing by stopping. Turns our dogs just really want to chase you as part of their natural instinct. I also found this one that said that if you are attacked to make sure you go down and curl into a bowl and keep places of soft tissue such as your face and throat covered. 

So that is my venting- But I also thought that I would give all of you some information incase it happens to you! Anyways- I feel better now that I’ve gotten that out. 

Have any of you even been chased by a dog on your run? 

And I will leave you with this picture of Izzy, a happy smiling puppy, who WILL NOT chase you, mainly because she is more scarred of you than anything! PS- yes she thinks she’s a person