Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I had a busy one as usual. I swear I don’t know the word relax of just hang out lol. It just doesn’t happen… One day!

Friday was spent working and then getting my class reunion together. I forgot to take pictures of the reunion but one of my friends did… But haven’t seen then yet so I got nothing, sorry. It was okay. After it was over a lot of us went out to a local restaurant/bar and hung out some more.

I didn’t stay out long cause I had to get up super early to coach a scrimmage which we won! Yay! 🙂 we have some work to do but we did fairly well for the first one! After that was done I rushed to work- boo. For the rest of the night.

However, Sunday was the real excitement!! I got up super early and me and my mom took a road trip to see Drew!!


Drew just moved last week 9 miles from the beach in Maryland. Yes. Seriously… Who lives like that?? But we went to visit since its been about 2 weeks since I’ve seen him (wah) and hung out for the day. His new place is adorable and is perfect for him. We just hung out for a while becore going to explore his new place of work which is also awesome! And then we went to Applebees and I got my favorite salad on earth!!


Oriental chicken salad to be exact! Soooo good!

We sent shopping at the little outlets that were there. I really mean little, but found some things!


We had fun around and then had to head home after that. It’s a good 3 and a half hour drive with out stopping so it wasn’t a lot of time there unfortunately. But first I tormented Drew with a picture.


He loves taking pictures! But anyways- we headed home and hit some traffic and then my mom couldn’t remember what exit to take so we ended up going to far west – like all of a sudden we saw sign “Welcome to Washington DC” oops. And so then we needed to turn around. Fun times.. Should have just stopped to see this girl.

But it was like 11 and I was tired and cranky from driving! Someday 🙂

So there was my busy weekend! Back to a busy work schedule and coaching this week! Needless to say the exercise was just a lot of walking this weekend! My body did need a rest from all the living I did this week that it’s not used to.. Back at the live fit trainer this week!

what did you do this weekend?

Beaching it up

Hi everyone 🙂 as you may know I’m at the beach again with Drew’s awesome family. We are enjoying ourselves so much, great weather and food! And relaxing of course! Tons of that!


Saturday and Sunday we just kind of hung out and did what we wanted. We enjoyed and nice breakfast out yesterday before going to a bike shop where I purchased a new stem and purple handle bar tape! Before we changed everything we did a 19 mile bike ride which was good, even did quite the climb over a bridge, on the way back it was into the wind which was really fun trying to go up it at 8mph. NOT.

Anyways- After my crash I ripped up my tape and needed some new stuff and what better color to get? 🙂 also with a bike there are always adjustments you can make to be more comfortable and Drew suggested a shorter stem because I was having a ton of hand discomfort 5 miles into rides. So my personal bike mechanic aka Drew, moved the hoods of my bike and the changed to the new stem! Dont worry ill show you what those are… Cause normally I dont know either, but I’m learning my bike terminology a little better…;) okay Drew!?


So there they are! Pretty much anything on roadbikes can be adjusted if you’re uncomfortable, the only way to know how you like your bike to to get some decent miles on it! And then after that you can talk adjustments.

After that was all done my girl is looking like a beaut!


And now Lil Blue is even more pretty!

What’s your favorite color to add to your things? You guys obviously know mine!

Needed: A little R&R

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday- I didn’t have much to recap from the weekend because all I did was work..yah. i’m THAT exciting 🙂 and also was exhausted from a late night before picking up my momma from the airport! She was in Colorado visiting my grandmother.

What was supposed to be a midnight pick up..turned into a 2am pick up..leaving us getting home around 3:15am. And I had to work at 9am yesterday morning. For someone who needs a solid 6.5-7 hours of sleep (i know- i’m a real BALL of fun) to not function like a zombie- this was no bueno.

BUT what matters is that momma’s back! i missed her! But being up so late and just being kinda tired in general I took a much needed rest from exercising and I spent the day napping and getting my car fixed

Funny story, my car did this thing where it wouldn’t let my keys out of the ignition- and yes it was in park before you ask…it was so WEIRD! But apparently my shifter was messed up and the car didn’t recognize it being in park- therefore my keys wouldn’t come out of the ignition… haha how does this happen?? Anyways- a couple hours and $155 dollars later- keys are out and my car is good again!

I haven’t had any time off from work lately and I’m starting to get burnt out. I just feel very rushed running from each job to the other job and trying to keep everything straight. I am going to the beach Saturday morning and I CANNOT. WAIT. i sooo badly need that time to disconnect and recharge my batteries! So 4 more work days and I’m on beach time where nothing matters and I have no plans! Also I get to spend time with Drew for more than two days! YAY 🙂

This guy + this:

alright, minus the palm trees..will not be in key west

Add in a little family, biking, running, and golfing..I’ll be all set!

Fun thing discovered over the weekend: Lululemon has cycling gear! WHAT!? Is this new or have I just missed that. HIDE MY WALLET.

Purple friggin’ polka dots. Hi.

PS. My Birthday is in October, but I will accept gifts at any time.

Have a great day everyone!

  • Do you take an unplanned rest day when necessary? Sometimes I feel guilty about it but remember how much better my body will be the next day!
  • Anyone else have any weird car stories to share?
  • What is your favorite part of vacations?