Friday Things

I sincerely apologize to any of you who actually read my crap…I’ve been a terrible blogger for sure. This week has just been busy, and also I don’t have much to talk about…? Work is well- you know how work is pretty slow right now so… ANYWAYS. THANK YOU to anyone who actually keeps coming back to read this crapthing.

Friday Things..since all I have to talk about is random. Seriously.

1. These things are what I”m using to attempt to not have a scar the size of my entire leg…we will see how that goes. BioOil and Scar zone here I come..

I know it looks horrendous… ugh. Also the scar zone stuff has SPF in it..good thing since…


I know what you’re thinking..”seriously? again??” yes, again! This time with Drew’s family! yay! Only a few days so I can get back to work, but still- It will be a nice get away! I will be reenacting some of this!

3. I love pedicures and manicures.

They’re the best seriously. and Gel manicures last forever. These things are both highly necessary for the beach! You can’t tell but the base of my french manicure is super sparkly! woo

4. This is how I’m greeted when coming out of my room. Don’t you just want to DIE.

and then she wags her tail at me. swoon.

5.  That’s really all for now…I’ve got a ton of things to do before I leave to meet Drew and his family tomorrow so… i’ll catch ya on the flip side!


  • What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun?

I’m back!

Well, I’m finally home from vacation! It was such an amazingly awesome time! I won’t get into many details yet cause I’ll be writing a full post for tomorrow, but let’s just say that it was just what I needed..a little R & R and time to not have a schedule or worries. I got to spend more than 2 days in a row with my family and Drew, too! Which is nice because we don’t see each other much these days. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a few pics 😉

One sneak peek for you! 🙂

We spent most mornings on a awesome FLAT bike ride, which really helped me to build some mileage.. and then we came back to watch the Tour de France! 🙂 (Actually what I am doing right now…love it!) I have watched before BUT this was before I had really considered myself a “cyclist” per say! 😉 It really has a different meaning to me. My favorite athlete on there is Mark Cavendish from Great Britain. (I’ll let you figure out why………oh, HI DREW! 😉 ) He’s the sprinter for team Sky. He’s been involved in some crashes and has been a little behind but hopefully he wins some more sprints.



It’s safe to say for me that I definitely got more of a tan from biking than I did from the beach…haha whoops! can’t say i’m upset about that. Can’t wait to update you tomorrow on my cycling progress i made last week! 🙂 but as I said before, that will be all up tomorrow!

Mom also got a new bike so we are headed out to do a pretty good bike ride at home…will be interesting now that I’ll be back to hills!

 Catch ya tomorrow! Enjoy your Sunday!

What has been going on in the Fitness world for you the last week? Any new accomplishments?

Vacation All I ever wanted..

Vacation have to get away…

So, one more sleep tonight and then we are off to the beach for a week! i’m sure you guys are super tired of hearing me talk about it considering I feel like I’ve been talking about it FOREVER. but the last 2 weeks of work have dragged on and on and i’ve felt like a zombie. Today I work a 9-5 and i’m DONE. I told them: don’t call me, leave me messages, text me- nothing. i will not respond. hahaha okay I didn’t say that- but they BEST understand that is what is gonna happen this week.

Currently, the state of my room is absolute havoc.

Just notice my overflowing laundry bin! i’m sure i’ll be doing 2 3 loads tonight…oy.

Naturally while I’m on vacation– I MUST workout. There is something I love about being on vacation and being up early- getting a run or bike in and then laying at the beach all day. It doesn’t even bother me to get up early- I think it’s just that vacation mode that you get into. So pumped. I’m also going to bring my Beach Babe DVD (how fitting) and some hand weights that way I can fit in some of heir short segment workouts which I love. I’m seriously not happy unless I get a good workout in for the day!

all packed!!

This week I learned that I won Lora’s giveaway for free Saucony shoes. yes that is correct! FREE!!!! ahhhhhhh i got to pick any pair i wanted also- how crazy?! These are the ones i picked:

So excited for them! 🙂 pretty snazzy, huh?

This coming week when I’m gone I have many guest posts coming up for you! It will be awesome reads- So i hope that you check them out! I still wanted to post- but be able to relax and enjoy my vacation without worry about when to post. Also, not sure of the internet situation while we will be there.

If you get a chance, please click this link and help my Sweat Pink Sister Heather get to Kona for the Ironman! Such an inspiring story!

  • Do you workout while you are on vacation? What kinds of workouts do you do when you’e away from the gym? Or do you make sure where you stay has one? I usually just run and do body weight exercises and am fine!
  • What is your favorite thing about being on vacation? Hm, i love laying on the beach all day and having no set plans! such a great change!

My Favorite Go To Workout DVD’s!

I hope you all had a good weekend! If you haven’t gotten a chance, head over to Maren’s Morsels and read my guest post for her yesterday!

As I said yesterday, I pretty much worked all weekend at the golf course and at the gym…the joy of having two part time jobs! 😉 My workouts this weekend did include:

  • Friday: 10 mile bike ride and strength circuit from Tone It Up
  •  Saturday: 2.5 mile run before work and an evening bike ride with the Arms, and Abs circuit from my Beach Babe DVD last night.
  • Sunday: 14 mile fast paced bike ride and decided it would be “fun” to run a mile after to see how fast I could do it… legs felt like jello!
My legs are still feeling it now!

Over the weekend I was thinking about how awesome workout DVD’s can be in order to get a good sweat in.  I thought it would be a good idea to talk about my favorite ones that I rotate through to get my daily sweat on! I know some people hate them or don’t’ stick with them, but I think fitness DVD’s are an EXCELLENT resource to use at home! They are so great when you’re short on time or for anyone to get their needed exercise for the day. Some people don’t like the gym…some people can’t afford the gym! I know his firsthand that gyms can be VERY expensive! I am lucky to work at a gym for a free membership, otherwise if I was paying on my own, (at this point in my life), I might have to nix the gym all together. However, I wouldn’t be THAT upset about this, except for missing Body Pump Class, because I know that I can get a great workout while staying around my house!

I really don’t live that close to the gym that I work at to want to drive into the gym on my days off (hello, gas prices!) from there, so popping in a DVD and getting my good old cardio outside is my perfect day. Here are my top ones that I enjoy regularly:

1. Beach Babe DVD by Tone It Up

This DVD Rocks! Seriously- There are 6 workouts and a stretch session. They’re all different so you can piece them together to do what kind of workout you want to for the day!

There is:

  • Surfer Girl Workout (about 20 minutes, some plyometric and strength moves)
  • HIIT the Beach (Hight Intensity Interval Traning, 20 mins- My favorite!)
  • Body Sculpt  (Strength Circuit- the longest workout around 40 minutes)
  • Bikini Abs
  • Summer Arms
  • Bikini Booty
  • Long & Lean Routine
I do the HIIT workout often when I’m not feeling up for a run or bike (or the weather stinks) and then usually add one of two the body part focused workouts, and then do the Long & Lean routine which is a short Yoga-ish way to stretch out

The downside is that this DVD cost me about $35 dollar with shipping, however, with the amount of workouts and what you get out of it- I believe it was worth it!

2. Jillian Michaels- 30 Day Shred


This is one of the first DVD’s I really really liked using at home! It has 3 different level workouts and they are all created like circuits using Jillian’s 3-2-1 method: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of abs. These ones are fast paced which I love because it goes by so quick and I am really sweating by the end; and it’s only about 25 minutes! Plus it’s about $10 at Target! STEAL!

3. Jillian Michaels- Ripped in 30

This DVD is one I just bought this spring and also really enjoy because it has 4 different workouts! and this DVD was also only $10 at Target! That’s some excellent value right there! This DVD is also in the 3-2-1 method. Definitely a killer workout! She never uses the same thing twice in any of the circuits which keeps in interesting.

4. Jillian Michaels- Yoga Meltdown

I think you’re starting to see a pattern here, no? Yes,  I love Jillian’s workouts! They’re awesome and they’re always different- AND they’re cheap AND effective! I am not a “yogi” per say so I enjoy this because Jillian isn’t really either and so this tape is more of a power yoga kinda of tape, so their is still some strength moves, but with some stretching too! Also it’s 2 half hour level classes and this is about all the time I can handle of yoga in one day 🙂

Okay- so I hope from all these you realize that you can work out, at home, CHEAP! What do you need for any of these workouts?

  • Hand weights-3lb-5lb weights are fine for most cause they’re more high reps (especially Beach Babe- trust me), but sometimes I use 8’s and 10’s for more stable moves like dead lifts.
  • Yoga Mat – I find cheap ones at TJ Maxx and Marshalls
  • Room to move around!
So a couple DVD’s and few hand weights…maybe $30-40 dollars total depending on how many DVD’s- much cheaper than a gym membership! I hope this post today gave you a few ideas and maybe will motivate you to try something new. Remember:
Change is good for the body! You’re muscles like when you mix things up! 
So anways- do you like or hate Workout DVD’s? Have they helped you mix up your routine? Tell me about it! You know I love them!

Friday Things

Hi everyone 🙂 I feel like the weeks kinda drag sometimes, but then I turn around and I’m writing another it’s Friday again post! And it’s June! That means it’s officially summer duh! (Check out the reasons I love summer) Yesterday, I meant to post but I was having some internet difficulties and ended up just giving up and figuring I’d get to it today…whatever works. But anyways here are my Friday things for the week!

1. Mad Men

I’m definitely late on this Bandwagon, but now I’m a total addict. My mom bought the seasons for my dad for Christmas because they were really cheap at Target. I finished the first season yesterday and am already 4 episodes into the 2nd one..gahhh they are so addicting! the story line is so intriguing I can’t stop watching. It also totally makes me thankful to grow up in this era and not in the 1960’s when women were told what to do and who to be all the time. Who else watches?? Does anyone else feel bad for Betty Draper ALL THE TIME or at least in the first 2 seasons?? But she’s also a little of a loose cannon! This show also kind of makes your hate men, btw. But i guess it was just the times. And I can’t help but love and hate Don Draper at the same time! Does anyone else feel this way?? Tell me you some of guys watch too! 

2. Running

Yesterday I had a good 4 mile run! Good and run for me don’t normally belong in the same sentence! It didn’t start of that great, but my average pace ended up being one of my best after I was feeling like I was doggin’ it the whole time..woo hoo..except after- my foot hurt. Why, oh, why can’t my foot just feel good?? One of many reasons I belong on a bike! But, I will probably keep running until my foot falls off.

3. These Champion Shorts

Champion C9 Running shorts are on sale this week for like $11! I got a pair for the first time and ran in them last night! They’re pretty awesome and they don’t ride up! I would definitely compare them to the Nike Tempo shorts and they half the price, I got black but they had a ton of fun colors.

4. Golf

I’ve definitely got the golfing bug lately! My dad and I have gone out 3 times since Sunday! such a great hobby to have..and we try to walk most times for the extra exercise 🙂 I’ve also been playing well, so now of course I’m getting addicted to that. i wish there was more time in the day! That’s a picture of last night of a golf shot I hit..and guess who was closer to the hole!!?? I’ll give you a hint: she write’s this babbles blog. 

5. June Photo a day

I’m going to try my best to do this June Photo-a-day! It looks like fun and I’ve always wanted to try it. So that being said:

1. Morning

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Today’s workout: After the 4 miles yesterday and considering I can’t run too often else I get a crippled foot- I will probably stick to a bike ride and a strength circuit.

This weekend Drew and I actually get to see each other!! yay, not for too long but long enough! 🙂 We are planning on going to a Pro Bike Race in Philly on Sunday so hopefully that works out because I think it would be something awesome to see!

I hope everyone has a good weekend! 

  • What are you up to this weekend? Do you have any random things from the week you want to share? Who watches Mad Men!? If you don’t-you should!