Last Things Thursday


Last Song on the iPod:

Bruno Mars Locked out of Heaven


Last Workout:

It was supposed to be a 4 mile run last night butttt I decided against it. I was tired, my body was tired and in favor of a crazy circuit workout this morning at 6am, I said heck with it and decided to not run. I’ll be running Friday and Saturday instead!

Last Meal

Spaghetti and Meatballssss. I’ll never get sick of that for a meal, so glad there’s leftovers for lunch!

(Last) New Show I Love


Did I ever tell you how much I love Netflix? Well, I do. I have found so many awesome shows on there. My new one is Once Upon a Time, I’m loving it. It’s so clever, and lots of characters with crazy stories and twists. If you don’t know it’s about a town where all the characters are from Fairy Tales but living in modern times and they don’t KNOW they are a fairy tale character. It’s really interesting. Do watch 🙂

Last Snack

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Cinnamon Toast. I love it so much. I really have to stop myself from eating like 5 slices at a time. Life is hard.

Last picture on my iPhone:


My sweeties snuggled up in my bed. They don’t like to share with me. Rude.

  • What’s on your Last Things Thursday List? Any new shows…music?


Believe I Am

As I talked about yesterday, the mental aspect of running and training is tough. Many of you agrees with me too. This is one reason that after reading such good reviews, I decided to purchase a Believe I Am training journal. This journal was made by 2 pro runners (Including Lauren Fleshman–> Oiselle Athlete!) as a tool to help others get the best out of their training. I decided hey, why not? I definitely need help in preparing formula first half marathon, whether it be physically or mentally.


There was a page for goals as well as 12 months to keep track of your training daily. I have enough space to write what my workout was, miles, pace, how I felt..etc. There’s also a blank journal part if needed to write more about a specific training.

Not to mention the awesome goals sheet and even a map to get you started on setting goals and accomplishing them!


My favorite sheet was the goal setting sheet. Its a great place to write something specific and ways to achieve them. I’ll share a little peek of my goals…


I loved sitting down and writing this out. Just thinking these things in my head doesn’t compare to how it feels now that I wrote it down and have a plan of action to see these things out.


The book encourages you to check in every so often to check back. I have loved logging workouts and reflecting on them. I easily add up my miles, and get to look back on paces I’ve ran over the week, to see if there is improvement or anything I can change. On Sunday I sat down and wrote a lot, which helped..especially after that terrible run Saturday!

So even if you DON’T use the BIA journal..I encourage you to get your creative juices flowing, and write about your training and/or your workouts. Set some goals, writing them down makes them seem REAL and ATTAINABLE!

  • Do you use workout logs or journals?
  • Do you have specific goals in mind when training for an event?

Head Games

Hello 🙂 Ready for this week to begin? No? yah me either.

My weekend including seeing Les Miserables (AGAIN!) And guess what? even better the second time. I’m telling you, the movie is so good! You must go see it. Must.

Also in this weekend, was a particularly heinous feeling 5 mile run on Saturday. Just one of THOSE runs. I felt horrible the entire time, sluggish, wanted to stop every other second. I did finish it, but it wasn’t pretty. I say it was one of the horrible feelings because after wards, looking at my pace, it really wasn’t bad for me at all. But you know when it doesn’t feel good, and every step is hard? Yah. It sucks. My mental state during that run was not good.



But really, that’s how I felt. I understand these bad runs happens to everyone. You must have the bad to appreciate the good, correct? Correct.

But then you wonder- wow that was only 5 miles, next week you have to do 6..and the next week it’s 7…and the next week…. Then all I could think about was how the hell am I going to run 13.1 miles in 2 months if this 5 felt like torture???



My exact reaction, Jennifer Lawrence. Exactly.

Okay.. breathe, Katie, breathe.

I know it’s all in my head. I will be able to run 13.1 miles when my time comes. But the mental aspect of running is the toughest for me. It’s not easy for me (like many, many others), but I CAN do it (like many, many others). As of now I am seeing improvements with my endurance has increased by a lot, my paces are starting to be what I want to see. So physically, we’re getting there. Mentally, not so much. As of now however, the next goal will be getting this ol’ brain in check.

This is only one reason why I ordered the Believe I am Journal last week. To help me break through these tough training days, and figure out how to past it. I’ve used it to recap one week of training so far, and am excited to share it with you…next time 🙂

  • What’s your secret in mental toughness? Go on, do tell 🙂




Grumpy Cat is no help!

NYC Half Training Recap: Week 2

FRIDAY! (And pay day for me- WAHOO!)

This past week, I think my training went well. My runs were solid and the pace felt fine. I felt a little sluggish on Tuesday, but my run with Riley was great and even a little faster. I was honestly sore the next morning.


Yesterday I did a circuit workout with a 1.5 mile run. The run was much faster than I’m used to (speed work!?) because I ran with a few other people. I think that on Thursdays if this run & circuit happens instead of the miles I’ll be fine with it. The circuit was:


This one was tough. I was sore from my run but got it done. I love circuit training, in a short amount of time I feel like I just spent hours working out!

I’m ready for some awesome weather for my 5 miler this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be running in shorts!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Last Things Thursday

Another Last Things Thursday!


Last Song on my iPod

Apparently I stopped running to this! (Belieber!)


Last Workout

3 miles was on my training plan, so 3 miles it was! But a little bit different- meet my new running buddy!

20130109-205632.jpgRiley ran his first 3 miles with me and it went very well. I never took him far but he trotted right beside me the whole time (lucky 4 legs!) it only got a little out of control the one time he saw a squirrel… And my left arm was so fatigued! However, my pace was great!


Last Book (Started)

So a coworker of mine was talking about an interesting book and brought it in for me to borrow. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is a TRUE story about a woman who died of cancer in the 1950s who had her cells harvested. Her cells never died. Those of you who have studied biology or are interested in it might have heard a lot about her cells, called HeLa. From her cells we now have many vaccines, such as the polio vaccine, influenza and many many more. It looks into ethics of scientific research and the family of Lacks. I’m looking forward to getting into. Very interesting to think that this woman’s cells are STILL around! (and have saved us all!) I’ll let you know how it goes, maybe some of you will like it too.


Last Manicure

Purple with sparklesssss 🙂


  • What are some of you last things this Thursday?