Favorite Gear

Some of my favorite running and biking gear:

1. Running Shoes- Asic’s Gel Nimbus 13 

These shoes are amazing and make me feel like i’m running on clouds! Seriously- the best shoes for people with feet that always hurt (i.e., ME!) and after these shoes- no more foot pain. AMAZING!

2. Headbands- BIC Bands

Headbands are a must for me with my long hair and plenty of fly aways. These bands are pretty and amazing and THEY DON’T SLIP off your head! WHAT!? yes try them- they’re great! Plus they come in sparkles and billions of colors and thicknesses.

3. Shorts- Oiselle Roga’s 

Best shorts ever!!

4. Sunglasses- Oakley’s

Sunglasses are such a must when training out in the bright sunny weather. Who wants wrinkles from squinting!? NO ONE. These are great because they stay in place and are also cute! I don’t know the exact model of mine, but there are tons on the website that are similar.

5. My Bike- from Nashbar

My bike is one I got for graduation through a website called Nashbar. If you know anything about road bikes-they can be VERY expensive- even the low end ones. I got this bike for about $450 with shipping! Wow it was a steal and according to BF is just like expensive brand name’s low end ones, without the name. SCORE! And plus it’s pretty and thats what really counts-right? 😉

There’s Little Blue- gosh I love her.

So these are some of my favorites- What are yours? Any you think I should try?

6. Road ID Slim

Running out on the road? Biking on busy streets or back country roads? Then you need this! Safety First. I have the slim on in purple(bonus that its my fav color) and they are fantastic and make my mom, dad, and BF feel better too 😉

2 thoughts on “Favorite Gear

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  2. WOW! That bike is a steal! I bought my first road/tri bike last year and it cost me $1200. That was one of the cheapest I could find! I love it though. It’s red, black, and gray and I call her “Ruby the Racer” 🙂 Took me awhile to learn to ride with clips and with the aero bars but I swear it makes me go so much faster. Can’t wait to read more!

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