Hey everyone, I wanted to write a recap of my race, but after yesterday it just seems silly.

I am still in shock over this, as I know many of you are as well. When you run and participate in big races and events its so hard not to feel it hit ‘home’ also. After completing my half marathon Sunday in a major city, seeing it bring out thousands of runners and spectators, I can’t get over the horror of this event. The camaraderie between participants and knowing how hard everyone worked was so inspiring to see on sunday. Knowing it was taken away so violently yesterday makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t wear a race shirt to work today, but I will be wearing blue and yellow.

❤ Boston

Last Things Thursday


Last Song on my iPod


Last Workout


After a glorious rest day on Tuesday after body pump and the 6 miles, I decided to get on the trainer for a half hour and peddle while watching Friends. And then I played Field Hockey on my indoor team. We won 16-8! (No goalies, obvs.)

Last Meal:

Totally had breakfast for dinner last night. We made an egg casserole… eggs, bread, sausage and cheeeeeeese. delish. I could eat eggs for every meal.

Last Snack:

I have a toast problem. Just as I said before about Cinnamon Toast..well then I bought Nutella. and now I want to put Nutella on everything. I probably really need a spoon and and the jar. I have issues.

Another good one this week has been the new Chobani Bites. I LOVE THEM. They are the perfect size and the raspberry with dark chocolate chips is divine. The coffee is alright…



Last TV Show watched:

It was friends as I said while  the trainer. Joey and I share the same philosophy on food:408574_4713084077369_1829237124_n

  • What are some of your last things?

6 miles! A PDR

Ah, after a wonderful long weekend, it’s back to work today! Thankfully for a short week!

After a much DELAYED long run... yesterday, I finally made it entire 6 miles! This is Personal Distance Record myself! My previous being 5 miles. Boo yah!


I never really had a reason to run more than 5 miles before. Training for field hockey doesn’t require that long of runs. Now that I’m running a half marathon in March, it’s all apart of the plan. 😉 Can’t wait to keep making it higher each weekend! That being said, I really wish I had a running buddy to get through all of it with!

I also did Body Pump class yesterday in the morning..having the day off I wanted to go because I never get the chance otherwise…I went and the class was great, very glad I went. Thankfully we did more arm work than leg work because if we had did lunges AND squats, pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten very far.


Unfortunately, my legs were tired. And I not thinking, I went the hilliest course I could have gone on. (DUH). From my house I have a possibility of 3 ways to start out… Not thinking about it, I chose land of the hills. Doi. Around mile 2 there’s these two back to back riduculous hills of terror that seem to go on forever. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger correct? 🙂 Not the best choice of all after body pump, but thankfully miles 3.5 -6 were mostly flat or downhill. Around mile 4 I finally go in my groove back and the last 2 breezed by. I’m so happy I’m making these small mile increases in my mileage, my endurance has NEVER felt better! Boom.



Thanks, Snooks.


  • You heard me brag about my accomplishment, go ahead tell me yours 🙂

Believe I Am

As I talked about yesterday, the mental aspect of running and training is tough. Many of you agrees with me too. This is one reason that after reading such good reviews, I decided to purchase a Believe I Am training journal. This journal was made by 2 pro runners (Including Lauren Fleshman–> Oiselle Athlete!) as a tool to help others get the best out of their training. I decided hey, why not? I definitely need help in preparing formula first half marathon, whether it be physically or mentally.


There was a page for goals as well as 12 months to keep track of your training daily. I have enough space to write what my workout was, miles, pace, how I felt..etc. There’s also a blank journal part if needed to write more about a specific training.

Not to mention the awesome goals sheet and even a map to get you started on setting goals and accomplishing them!


My favorite sheet was the goal setting sheet. Its a great place to write something specific and ways to achieve them. I’ll share a little peek of my goals…


I loved sitting down and writing this out. Just thinking these things in my head doesn’t compare to how it feels now that I wrote it down and have a plan of action to see these things out.


The book encourages you to check in every so often to check back. I have loved logging workouts and reflecting on them. I easily add up my miles, and get to look back on paces I’ve ran over the week, to see if there is improvement or anything I can change. On Sunday I sat down and wrote a lot, which helped..especially after that terrible run Saturday!

So even if you DON’T use the BIA journal..I encourage you to get your creative juices flowing, and write about your training and/or your workouts. Set some goals, writing them down makes them seem REAL and ATTAINABLE!

  • Do you use workout logs or journals?
  • Do you have specific goals in mind when training for an event?