Last Things Thursday


Last Song on my iPod


Last Workout


After a glorious rest day on Tuesday after body pump and the 6 miles, I decided to get on the trainer for a half hour and peddle while watching Friends. And then I played Field Hockey on my indoor team. We won 16-8! (No goalies, obvs.)

Last Meal:

Totally had breakfast for dinner last night. We made an egg casserole… eggs, bread, sausage and cheeeeeeese. delish. I could eat eggs for every meal.

Last Snack:

I have a toast problem. Just as I said before about Cinnamon Toast..well then I bought Nutella. and now I want to put Nutella on everything. I probably really need a spoon and and the jar. I have issues.

Another good one this week has been the new Chobani Bites. I LOVE THEM. They are the perfect size and the raspberry with dark chocolate chips is divine. The coffee is alright…



Last TV Show watched:

It was friends as I said while  the trainer. Joey and I share the same philosophy on food:408574_4713084077369_1829237124_n

  • What are some of your last things?

11 thoughts on “Last Things Thursday

  1. Indoor bike trainer workout for the win! (And field-hockey too, obviously. :)) My last workout was an a.m. Vinyasa yoga class this morning, which was perfect for my active recovery day.

  2. Hahahaha I hate sharing food too. I feel this loss when someone steals a bite. I’m a tad possessive I guess.
    Last workout for me? Running! It’s always running… haha

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