Monday Off!

Hi! As you can tell, I fortunately have this lovely Monday off! So excited about that 🙂 I hope all of you have off too.

This weekend, I decided on Friday I would get up and make it to a Body Pump class at the gym! I’ve missed Body Pump so much, I don’t know why I haven’t thought to go on a Saturday before. The class was awesome, I got a great lift in (although since it had been so long since the the last one, my weights weren’t as heavy). I missed group fitness so much! I totally realized this..I have been on so many solo runs, and workouts- it’s really starting to get BORING.


I woke up Sunday extremely sore, mostly from push-ups and bench pressing- not something I do often! Surprisingly enough even after the lunges and squats my legs weren’t hurting TOO badly. I did decided to take the day off Sunday, and am trying for my 6 mile long run today instead. The weather is about to get rediculously cold here this week (boo) so I may even have to suck it up and run on the treadmill this week. *sigh. Life is hard, I know.

Last week, my training didn’t go as planned, and I’m completely okay with it. It is what it is. Looking back, I totally think asking myself to run 4 times a week was a stretch. If I don’t get that 3rd shorter run in, I’ve decided its okay. I’ll be going totally off the feel of everything for the weeks. Sounds like a plan to me!

  • How was your weekend?

One of the best parts about my weekend???

Hockey’s back! And my Penguins are 2-0!


17 thoughts on “Monday Off!

  1. It was crazy warm here yesterday–I ran outside in shorts and a t-shirt! It’s supposed to get colder this week, though. 😦 I’ve never tried BodyPump, and I really should; everyone seems to love it!

    • ahh i wish it had been that warm here! it was warmer…but super windy so that took away from it 😦 and body pump is awesome- such a great way to get a good lift in and do it with others

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Travis saw me reading this post and we simultaneous saw that last picture and got excited. GO, PENS, GO!

    Also, move down here please so we can watch games together. Then I won’t be the only girl in the group watching haha

  3. I saw your tweet about the 6 miler today!! CONGRATS!!! ANd I agree, don’t push it with the number of days you run – if you get in enough endurance work on your bike and other stuff you will be FINE. the long run is really what’s most important when you’re training for a race that’s longer than you’ve ever run before. Body Pump sounds like so much fun! I know what you mean about group fitness – I am totally fine doing my runs and rides alone, but sometimes I really miss being part of a team, or even just having a friend or two to run with!

  4. Oh gosh your a Pens fan too? I feel like everyone & their mother.. with an exception of me (FLYERS BABY) are a Pens fan. Yes yes I know they beat the Flyers.. 😦

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