Head Games

Hello 🙂 Ready for this week to begin? No? yah me either.

My weekend including seeing Les Miserables (AGAIN!) And guess what? even better the second time. I’m telling you, the movie is so good! You must go see it. Must.

Also in this weekend, was a particularly heinous feeling 5 mile run on Saturday. Just one of THOSE runs. I felt horrible the entire time, sluggish, wanted to stop every other second. I did finish it, but it wasn’t pretty. I say it was one of the horrible feelings because after wards, looking at my pace, it really wasn’t bad for me at all. But you know when it doesn’t feel good, and every step is hard? Yah. It sucks. My mental state during that run was not good.



But really, that’s how I felt. I understand these bad runs happens to everyone. You must have the bad to appreciate the good, correct? Correct.

But then you wonder- wow that was only 5 miles, next week you have to do 6..and the next week it’s 7…and the next week…. Then all I could think about was how the hell am I going to run 13.1 miles in 2 months if this 5 felt like torture???



My exact reaction, Jennifer Lawrence. Exactly.

Okay.. breathe, Katie, breathe.

I know it’s all in my head. I will be able to run 13.1 miles when my time comes. But the mental aspect of running is the toughest for me. It’s not easy for me (like many, many others), but I CAN do it (like many, many others). As of now I am seeing improvements with my running..my endurance has increased by a lot, my paces are starting to be what I want to see. So physically, we’re getting there. Mentally, not so much. As of now however, the next goal will be getting this ol’ brain in check.

This is only one reason why I ordered the Believe I am Journal last week. To help me break through these tough training days, and figure out how to past it. I’ve used it to recap one week of training so far, and am excited to share it with you…next time 🙂

  • What’s your secret in mental toughness? Go on, do tell 🙂




Grumpy Cat is no help!


38 thoughts on “Head Games

  1. i am the same way! very rarely do i have runs that are hard physically, but mentally? lots of them are tough. i think the worst part is then thinking that they’ll all be like that in the future because it’s a totally vicious cycle. i wish i had some advice for you on mental toughness, but i’m not particularly tough. what i will say is this – sometimes a run just isn’t meant to be run, at least for me. if it’s that tough i will stop and then try it again the next day. usually, it goes a whole lot better the next day and leaves me feeling powerful, which is exactly what i need. good luck girl, and I KNOW you can do it!

  2. YOU GOT THIS!! I went through lots of good runs and bad runs while training for my first half and my first full last year. Those bad runs can feel so defeating. But honestly they happen to EVERYONE!! (promise)

    My favourite mental mantra is “Take PRIDE in how far you have come. And have FAITH in how far you can go”.

  3. I’ve had a lot of really terrible runs lately. And while it sucks, I really believe they make your good runs that much better. That’s how I get through them. I also try mixing up the routes. When it gets really bad, I step back and reevaluate why I’m pushing myself to do something I don’t enjoy. But don’t worry. You could have a terrible 4 mile run the day before the half and then totally rock it. It just depends. Hang in there 🙂

  4. I’m really excited to see the pay off for you. Bad runs are the worst and mentally break you down. I honestly count down the miles every single run and race. For instance, when I get to mile 1…I’m like 12 to go…ect. Then at the halfway I’m normally like okay, made it this far half way to go. I don’t know LOL, I’m of the strange sort but I never look at a run as really long I look at it at pieces.

  5. Ah I struggle with running so much! It’s funny because the more I make myself run, the easier it gets but the problem is getting in the habit of running a lot. I haven’t been running for the past month but I’m going to have to throw myself back into it this evening. My tips are distraction- music, friends, anything really!

    • i understand. before I signed up for my half I’ve gone through phases of running and sometimes not. I usually do what i feel like. having a training plan is new for me!

  6. Ha! I love Grumpy Cat 😀 And you will definitely be able to do that 13.1! My coach used to tell me that we go through peaks and valleys during training. If you’re in a ‘valley’ right now, a peak is just around the corner. You’ll be feeling great in no time to get those longer training runs in.

  7. The mental aspect is tough! I wish there were some secrets… but I do think that practice helps. The more tough runs that you power through, the more you can draw on those memories and will your body to complete another one. You’ll definitely be able to do the half!

  8. I’m still trying to figure out the mental aspect of running (and swimming and biking ;)). I have a handful of mantras to use when times get tough, and most of the time, I’ll just pop in my earbuds and crank up some Kanye. 🙂

  9. Grumpy cat is my most favorite thing ever!! haha. And trust me, I’ve had SO MANY runs like that! Running is so weird – one day you’ll feel like crap physically and mentally, and the next you’ll have the best run ever. Sometimes I feel like I’m sprinting in a short run and then I realize I was running a super slow pace. And then a few days later, I’ll go out on a long run and will run faster. It’s unpredictable but I guess that’s the beauty of it 🙂 You CAN do this. Keep your head up!!

  10. Totally have runs like that. You’ve gone two feet and want to reconsider the whole thing. The only thing that keeps me going is the inside battle I have with myself. I know I’ll feel worse if I don’t push through. I also fast forward to my favorite songs.
    Glad you got it in. I do need to see that movie. On my to do list.

  11. Unfortunately everyone has those type of runs, but just look at the positives.. you finished it & I bet even though you were feeling “blah” afterwards, you probably had some sort of high for getting it done & out of the way. Your next run will also most likely be kick a$$ too 🙂

  12. I hate runs like that; way to push through it! There are some runs that just suck. I’ve run a marathon (will be running my 2nd one in 6 weeks) and I still have 5 mile runs that make me question why in the world I’m doing this. Hang in there Katie, you can totally run 13.1 miles!

  13. Lol. I love grumpy cat. I think I’m a little more naturally inclined to self-discipline than some when it comes to workouts (why not nutrition!?!?! – lol), but what really helps me is to be super committed at the start. If I’m just like — we’ll see how this goes — not gonna happen. But if I know I’m going to do it no matter what, I tend to run faster when it gets hard to just get it over with!!!!

  14. i get like that all the time – i think “well if I can’t even get through these 8 how am I supposed 26!? but then I remind myself that everyone has good and really really bad days haha

  15. ha yes it is definitely a process and for sure one of the major parts is mentally deciding you actually can do it. The good news it’s a progression so you will start to feel more confident each time you cross one of those new mile markers!

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