NYC Half Training Recap: Week 2

FRIDAY! (And pay day for me- WAHOO!)

This past week, I think my training went well. My runs were solid and the pace felt fine. I felt a little sluggish on Tuesday, but my run with Riley was great and even a little faster. I was honestly sore the next morning.


Yesterday I did a circuit workout with a 1.5 mile run. The run was much faster than I’m used to (speed work!?) because I ran with a few other people. I think that on Thursdays if this run & circuit happens instead of the miles I’ll be fine with it. The circuit was:


This one was tough. I was sore from my run but got it done. I love circuit training, in a short amount of time I feel like I just spent hours working out!

I’m ready for some awesome weather for my 5 miler this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be running in shorts!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

26 thoughts on “NYC Half Training Recap: Week 2

  1. Awesome week of training!! I like that you don’t just run and you mix it up with other workouts. It’s something I could learn from 🙂

  2. Good luck with training! You totally got this! I am running the NYC half too, but am currently training for the LI marathon in May. I am kind of a strict training schedule person, but like you, I have other stuff going on, so I have to move things around. SPA <3!!

  3. Running in shorts (in January!) would be glorious! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! I have an indoor bike trainer ride scheduled tomorrow, and I’m pumped because it will be my first ride with the new aerobars. 🙂 Happy Friday, Katie!

    • Happy Friday indeed! 🙂 have fun on the aero bars! can’t wait to hear about it. My BF always tells me, yeah they aren’t comfortable really- i always think they look it tho

  4. nice week of training! Always good to run with others, especially when they’re a bit faster than you – it’s like speed work but you don’t even realize it so you can’t dread it haha. Good luck with the five miler, I will be cheering you on! I think this weekend I’m looking forward to….hmm. Well I have physical therapy on monday and get to ride the stationary bike with no resistance so I’m definitely excited for that!

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