Half Training Playlist

Hi guys! Woo for Wednesday! This first full week back at work is dragging..ugh.

I spent lot of time this weekend getting a new playlist together for my training runs for the NYC half. Although I don’t always run with music, I know once my runs start to get longer I’m gonna need some good tunes.

I found some great ones- and let me tell you- I saw Les Mis this weekend and had to refrain from putting those on there (i’m weird like that). If you haven’t seen it yet GO GO GO. It was absolutely amazing and so powerful. I want to see it again!

I have a weird mix-from Glee to Country I love it all. 🙂



  • Let me gestknow if you have any suggestions! I’m always up for new songs! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Half Training Playlist

  1. I was just telling someone today. I really enjoy grimey rap music remixes. For instance, just googling remix to basically any rap song. It has kept me amused the last couple of months. Plus its “different then music on the radio so thus even better because when I get tired of that I can listen to the radio!

  2. I think your playlist is about as random as mine is! I like to listen to a bunch of different things, from T-swift to “15 year old boy rap music”, whatever that is. Haha but I actually don’t listen to music when I run anymore. It makes it feel longer to me.

  3. I have a bizarre play list, com lil Wayne to OAR- but my must have is “come on Eileen” just the beat of it and the way it speeds up puts the life back not me.

  4. Ha! I love it! I was just thinking about how I need some new tunes for training! & I love that you still have Call Me Maybe on your playlist (I may or may not have played it on repeat during my 5-miler this weekend…) I would recommend “You’ve Got the Love” by Florence and the Machine as well as “Levels” by Avicii. ohhh and “Calling” by Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso. All really great to run to IMHO 🙂

  5. anything by Nicki Minaj is great running music!! I actually like to run to classic rock a lot too – Pour Some Sugar On Me is probably my fave running song of all time 😀

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