NYC Half Training Week 1

Hi everyone! Ohhh thankfully it’s Friday. Coming back to work after that vacation has been some long days. So glad it’s a short week!

As I train for this half, I want to try and breakdown my training for the week. Hopefully (mostly for me) it will help me think about how the week went, if anything needs to change.. you know real reflection kinda stuff. πŸ˜‰

Here is what the week looks like, starting with this past Monday.


I think the week went well…although I already went off the plan a little bit. Yesterday my legs and feet were super achey, so instead of running in the “feels like 19 degree weather,” I opted for the elliptical and some arm lifting to give my feet a break. I know that on Saturday my legs will be thankful for my 4 mile run. I plan to rest or do some core work Sunday.


Love my Garmin data!

As far as I think, this week was successful. My paces were decent, ones I know that I’ll be able to improve by the end.

I’m not a very rigid, schedule following person, so it doesn’t bother me that I switched things around. (Thank you Type B personality!) I already knew with my hectic schedule with my jobs that things will be changed around, but I am just going to go with the flow! Stress free is the way to be! πŸ˜‰

  • Are you strict with your training schedules?

14 thoughts on “NYC Half Training Week 1

  1. I’m a type-A person, so I love making and following workout schedules. However, I do like some flexibility. For my current triathlon pre-season plan, my coach mapped out my workouts, but didn’t assign them to specific days of the week. This means if I feel like swimming and biking, I can pick a workout that has both scheduled; if I feel like running and strength training, then I do that block. Happy Friday!

  2. I am definitely a type ‘B’, maybe too much so! Not good at following or making plans!! Sounds like a good week. My feet get achy if I run without breaks, so good idea to throw in some elliptical!

  3. Nice! Yeah, being able to adapt your plan to your schedule and how your body feels is actually the key to success. You have to learn the difference between mental fatigue (“meh I don’t feel like running”…aka NOT an excuse to skip a run) and physical fatigue (achiness, feeling burnt out/worn out/sore, sleep-deprived….probably an excuse to crosstrain or rest), but once you can do that you’re golden! Most people who follow their plans to a T regardless of what their body says either 1. run a crappy race 2. burn out or 3. get hurt (err….this was me back in the day hahahah)

    • I’m so glad you said all that! You are right. My main goal is to not burn myself out, injure myself or end up hurt. I also am trying to avoid the guilt over not following the plan but I think I can convince myself I”m doing the right thing when I need to πŸ™‚

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