Last Things Thursday

Hi everyone! It’s time for:


(I’ve been a little pic monkey obsessed!)

Last Song on the iPod


One of my favorites to run to!

Last Sweet Treat

Reese’s Cups of course. We still have bags leftover from the holidays. 2 go in my lunch bag everyday for work!

Last Workout


3 miles on the schedule for training so that’s what happened. It was freezing. Seconds thought about training for a half in the dead of winter… JK but seriously. My legs were stiff and frozen! Not my best but it is what it is πŸ™‚

Last Meal Out


Drew and I went to Panera on NYE Day and we both got delish big kid grilled cheese and soup!


Last Thing I Did

Before I went to bed I got in the hot tub! I’m so thankful that my parents have this cause my legs were super sore!

  • What are some of your last things?

16 thoughts on “Last Things Thursday

  1. the last thing i did was eat my breakfast before reading blog posts – yum eggs! and i love panera so much – i’m hoping to go there tonight and now i might need to get myself one of those grilled cheese sandwiches. looks so delicious!

  2. I love Reeses–one of my favorite treats for sure! My last workout was this morning’s swim session; love starting the day on an active note. πŸ™‚

  3. HOT TUB!!! gah so jealous, those things are definitely good for sore muscles – ESPECIALLY after a cold run. Props for getting out there! and ahhhh panera….grilled cheese and soup = ultimate comfort food, sounds so good right now!

  4. Loving this… My last things are so boring compared to yours. One of the last things I did today was take my daughter on the potty ( potty training and doing awesome) My last latte was Saturday and was totally yummy I really enjoyed it. My last time out to eat was last Thursday to the Cheesecake Factory, however I wasn’t impressed.

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