Last Things Thursday


Last Song on my iPod


Last Workout


After a glorious rest day on Tuesday after body pump and the 6 miles, I decided to get on the trainer for a half hour and peddle while watching Friends. And then I played Field Hockey on my indoor team. We won 16-8! (No goalies, obvs.)

Last Meal:

Totally had breakfast for dinner last night. We made an egg casserole… eggs, bread, sausage and cheeeeeeese. delish. I could eat eggs for every meal.

Last Snack:

I have a toast problem. Just as I said before about Cinnamon Toast..well then I bought Nutella. and now I want to put Nutella on everything. I probably really need a spoon and and the jar. I have issues.

Another good one this week has been the new Chobani Bites. I LOVE THEM. They are the perfect size and the raspberry with dark chocolate chips is divine. The coffee is alright…



Last TV Show watched:

It was friends as I said while  the trainer. Joey and I share the same philosophy on food:408574_4713084077369_1829237124_n

  • What are some of your last things?

6 miles! A PDR

Ah, after a wonderful long weekend, it’s back to work today! Thankfully for a short week!

After a much DELAYED long run... yesterday, I finally made it entire 6 miles! This is Personal Distance Record myself! My previous being 5 miles. Boo yah!


I never really had a reason to run more than 5 miles before. Training for field hockey doesn’t require that long of runs. Now that I’m running a half marathon in March, it’s all apart of the plan. 😉 Can’t wait to keep making it higher each weekend! That being said, I really wish I had a running buddy to get through all of it with!

I also did Body Pump class yesterday in the morning..having the day off I wanted to go because I never get the chance otherwise…I went and the class was great, very glad I went. Thankfully we did more arm work than leg work because if we had did lunges AND squats, pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten very far.


Unfortunately, my legs were tired. And I not thinking, I went the hilliest course I could have gone on. (DUH). From my house I have a possibility of 3 ways to start out… Not thinking about it, I chose land of the hills. Doi. Around mile 2 there’s these two back to back riduculous hills of terror that seem to go on forever. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger correct? 🙂 Not the best choice of all after body pump, but thankfully miles 3.5 -6 were mostly flat or downhill. Around mile 4 I finally go in my groove back and the last 2 breezed by. I’m so happy I’m making these small mile increases in my mileage, my endurance has NEVER felt better! Boom.



Thanks, Snooks.


  • You heard me brag about my accomplishment, go ahead tell me yours 🙂

Monday Off!

Hi! As you can tell, I fortunately have this lovely Monday off! So excited about that 🙂 I hope all of you have off too.

This weekend, I decided on Friday I would get up and make it to a Body Pump class at the gym! I’ve missed Body Pump so much, I don’t know why I haven’t thought to go on a Saturday before. The class was awesome, I got a great lift in (although since it had been so long since the the last one, my weights weren’t as heavy). I missed group fitness so much! I totally realized this..I have been on so many solo runs, and workouts- it’s really starting to get BORING.


I woke up Sunday extremely sore, mostly from push-ups and bench pressing- not something I do often! Surprisingly enough even after the lunges and squats my legs weren’t hurting TOO badly. I did decided to take the day off Sunday, and am trying for my 6 mile long run today instead. The weather is about to get rediculously cold here this week (boo) so I may even have to suck it up and run on the treadmill this week. *sigh. Life is hard, I know.

Last week, my training didn’t go as planned, and I’m completely okay with it. It is what it is. Looking back, I totally think asking myself to run 4 times a week was a stretch. If I don’t get that 3rd shorter run in, I’ve decided its okay. I’ll be going totally off the feel of everything for the weeks. Sounds like a plan to me!

  • How was your weekend?

One of the best parts about my weekend???

Hockey’s back! And my Penguins are 2-0!


Last Things Thursday


Last Song on the iPod:

Bruno Mars Locked out of Heaven


Last Workout:

It was supposed to be a 4 mile run last night butttt I decided against it. I was tired, my body was tired and in favor of a crazy circuit workout this morning at 6am, I said heck with it and decided to not run. I’ll be running Friday and Saturday instead!

Last Meal

Spaghetti and Meatballssss. I’ll never get sick of that for a meal, so glad there’s leftovers for lunch!

(Last) New Show I Love


Did I ever tell you how much I love Netflix? Well, I do. I have found so many awesome shows on there. My new one is Once Upon a Time, I’m loving it. It’s so clever, and lots of characters with crazy stories and twists. If you don’t know it’s about a town where all the characters are from Fairy Tales but living in modern times and they don’t KNOW they are a fairy tale character. It’s really interesting. Do watch 🙂

Last Snack

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Cinnamon Toast. I love it so much. I really have to stop myself from eating like 5 slices at a time. Life is hard.

Last picture on my iPhone:


My sweeties snuggled up in my bed. They don’t like to share with me. Rude.

  • What’s on your Last Things Thursday List? Any new shows…music?