Holiday Ideas

Hi everyone! This post will be short and sweet! I wanted to share with you today some inexpensive fun holiday stuff! But first… Let’s start with a picture of the dang cutest puppy of the year…in a sweater!


Seriously. I die. I found a sweater we had and just figured she would love to put it on (not) and model. haha her face is too sweet.

Anyways, on to the holiday gift ideas. I wanted to do something fun and different and for my coworkers this year I did a little Candy Christmas Sleigh which was super  easy to do!


Step 1: Glue candy canes to back of hershey bar in order to resemble a “sleigh”

Step 2: Glue Back piece of candy on it’s side (I used a kit hat as the back.)

Step 3: Glue 2 pieces of candy of choice on top of each other like presents and wrap a bow around it.

Step 4: Voilá: a beautiful candy sleigh!

PS: I used hot glue- just don’t let the tip of the glue gun touch the wrapper. It will melt. And then there will be glue on the chocolate which is tragic. TRUST ME. 😉

Secondly, I put together some little gifts for my darling kindergartners. Just little knick knacks but stuff that kids just love. Remember when decorating your folder with stickers was so cool!? Well, it still is! Stickers are awesome, and Tatoos!? even more awesome. Their parents can thank me later.


Holiday straws, Cars and Sparkly Pencils, Dora markers, stickers, and tatoos. My absolute favorite are the straws! A 4-pack was 97 cents at Wal-Mart. SCORE.


All packed up and ready to go for the babes!

  • What are some cool holiday gifts you give to coworkers or friends?

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