Last Things Thursday

Hellooooooo Thursday. Thankfully. ah geez. still another week and day until Christmas Vacation..and let me tell you the kids at school are soooo ready and same here! I am completely ready for a week and half of nothing. Anyways- I wanted to do another Last Things Thursday Post for fun 🙂

1. Last thing on my iPod


Lee Brice of course- if you’re a country fan you gotta love him!

2. Last workout

Yesterday was a nice rest day, but Tuesday night I got to play some indoor field hockey on a team I joined for over the winter. I loveeee playing- also the fact that my workout is doing that and not plain running or biking on the trainer! yesssss. Plus I’m sore the next day so it’s totally working. It’s good for me to get my competitiveness out and just has the thrill that I love. I like to run..I like to bike- but nothing does it for me like playing field hockey 🙂 My first love… haha yes. seriously.

3. Last iPhone picture

Izzy babe- always such a tired puppy. Seriously don’t know what I would do without her!


4. Last book read

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn Creepy but kept me intrigued.


5. Last snack

SO addicted to mini reese’s cups- can’t stop eating them!


  • What’s on your Last Things Thursday List?

17 thoughts on “Last Things Thursday

  1. REESES CUPS FTW!!!!! and ahh playing field hockey sounds so much fun – it’s nice to get competitive like that every once in awhile, I played IM soccer in college on a team with some of my sorority sisters and none of us were very good, but it was a blast 😀

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