Train Smart

Hi everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. I’m sorry for being MIA once again but I’ve had no wireless for like 5 days. I know… Seriously, First world problems. But it made blogging really difficult to do. Anyways..

Training has been great. I’ve been trying to run 2 or 3 times a week with biking on the trainer another 2 times a week while mixing in some lifting. Most of my workouts have been ending up with butlers push ups and ab circuits. The best part of all is the fact that my running has been going very well. I feel like I’m improving everyday and my endurance is getting better each time. It’s nice to be running and think “wow at this point I would be dying” and now I am a me to push past that and even give a little more. As good as I feel it’s really hard for me not to go full out gung ho and try to increase my speed mileage and do too much. What happens when I do that? Well, injury, aches, pains…. So I’m full on committed to being smart and adding a little at a time and seeing how the ol’ foot and body feel getting used to running. This is my “Wise and Mature Katie plan” or something like that.


This picture clearly showing how easily I’m taking it with mileage (just missing a few runs I’ve taken with no phone) but seriously nice and easy with mileage. In the long run (haha) I’m hoping that this will keep me injury free and only help me to improve. Already Ive been improving. The other day negative splits even happened! Say what!?


I know not that it’s far but I’ve been trying not to go out as hard in my first mile and slowly build my speed. Before I would generally go out my first mile like a mad woman and burn out by mile 2 oops. Lesson learned (only after like a million times).

I plan on taking my running slowly through December again and try to build a nice base that will hopefully work well enough for actual race training! 🙂 I hope it to be for a few shorter races as well as a half marathon in there as well.

Here goes nothing!

What’s your train smart advice for me?


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