Why wait?

Monday again? ugh, here we go. I have today and tomorrow left of my wonderful vacation and then it’s back to work for me. Why does vacation always fly? 😦

Last week I talked about all the things I accomplished last year fitness wise. I’m pretty proud of all the racing I did this past year, my most ever! I had ups and downs but they were all great learning experiences. So, I’ve decided in 2013 I need some new challenges…while I love and will continue to do duathlons and 5k’s, my next challenge will come in the form of….


Ummm… what!? How did this happen you ask? Let’s back up.

In October, prompted by tons of Twitter talk, I entered the NYC Half Marathon lottery thinking, “What the hell!? Might as well try. I’ll never get in.”


And then, I forgot about it for a month and a half…. The Friday before Christmas I happened to check my email after work and the email said, “See you in NYC March 17th! My first reaction:

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. 

I’m being serious, really I was about to freak out. “That’s a couple months away! A half marathon!? IN NYC. 5 hours away!? WHAT WAS I THINKING?? I thought I might run in May, but can I really be ready by March??” A million thoughts were going through my head..

In between the minor panic attack I was having I pictured myself running the streets of NYC with thousands of others and it started to set in… I did get excited! Looking at training plans I had exactly enough time to get ready for this.

There is no reason for me to doubt myself. This is a new challenge and I’m sure I feel just as I felt signing up for my first du. I could do this, and I can do this. I WILL do this.

God willing, I’ll be there on March 17th. 🙂


  • What will your challenge be in 2013?

2012 Recap

As 2012 winds down, I felt at this time it was pretty appropriate to do a recap of some of the things I was able to accomplish fitness wise this year. I was did a total of 4 duathlons (previously I thought 5 but I can’t count,clearly) and I did 4 5k’s.

This is the most I’ve ever raced in a year and I’m proud to have done fairly well, while I certainly had some ups and downs with some of the races this year. From extreme temperatures (COLD) to the side stitches of doom. Some recaps of races…

April 2012: Doylestown Duathlon 5k run, 25k bike. 5k run …finish 2:00ish (don’t even remember)


Drew will probably vouch for the fact that this race was horrible for both of us. The temperature was very cold, the crosswinds were CRAZY and the bike course was absolutely brutal…but we both finished thankfully. At some point I regained the feeling back in my body.

May 2012Hagerstown Duathlon 2m Run, 10m bike, 5k run Finish:1:24


I did this race on a whim after hearing about it. My mom drove down with me and it ended up being a great race. Just the right distance, well directed. The course was great because it was a nice big loop instead of having to repeat anything. I finished first in my age group…possibly beating one other person haha, but I’ll take it!

September 2012Dottie’s Duathlon Finish 2.1m run, 10m bike, 5k run Finish:1:27


The anniversary of my very first duathlon unfortunately was not a good one…this is the side stitches from hell episode that started right away in the first mile of the run. Not a good way to start and they returned during the 2nd run as well. Needless to say I was happy when this was over. seriously. beyond happy. It was still fun because I did it with Drew and my dad.

October 2012 –Dewey Beach Goes Pink 5k Finish….well. I finished.

IMG_0629 IMG_0631

Another race on a whim…I drove to Drew’s house near the beach in Maryland and begged him to take me to the race. He’s such a good sport. The race didn’t go well but I finished. and there was beer at the end. It was basically a big party. I’d go again.

October 2012Hagerstown Duathlon 2m run, 10m bike, 5k run Finish: 1:23 (a few seconds faster than the first in the spring)

This was the 2nd of series of races. I did the first one in April. I manage to finish this one much faster even in the frigid temps! I placed 2nd in my age group.



October 2012Gettysburg 5k Finish; 27:40


This was a local race for me, literally 5 miles down the road so of course I had to go! The race was good, one of my first in my full Oiselle kit. 🙂 The 2nd half of the race had a super hill that killed me and an uphill finish.

November 20124 Diamonds 5k– 26:40


This race was literally right down the street from my house through the school that my mom works at so I went with my mom and dad. My mom was helping with Girls on the Run which was pretty cool cause they had a big group participating.

November 2012Turkey Trot 5k– 26:51


We “raced”. I won. duh. (NOT)

Thanksgiving morning, I did this race with my dad who kicked butt as usual! I had short bout with side stitches but I definitely would have done a little better without them. BOO. But a good start to my Thanksgiving day!

Looking back on this year and the growth I’ve made mentally when it comes to running and racing I am very proud to see how far I’ve come. The first duathlon of the year didn’t go well for me, but fortunately I came back and was ready to move on and do well in something else. Racing will always have it’s ups and downs but the competition keeps me coming back and I’m hoping to improve even more in #lucky13 🙂 And just wait to see what I have to announce next week 🙂

  • What did you accomplish and are proud of this year?

Last Things Thursday: Holiday Edition

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas! My Christmas was awesome and I got to spend a lot of time with family that I don’t get to see too often. We also got snowed in an extra day and that actually turned out to be great because we got extra time to relax and hang out.

This last things Thursday coming at you Holiday Style!

1. Last Workout

My dad and I were able to go to the YMCA since we belong to our one at home and they have a ‘Y away from Home’ program; meaning gym fo’ FREE! The day before, on Christmas, my dad and I went for a great run, in his super hilly hometown. Much hillier than I’m used to- but it was a really good run.

2. Last New Toy

Well if you follow me on Instagram you may know my new toy which I LOVE:


I got the Garmin Forerunner 10! This thing was awesome to take a run with. I like my Nike App but it could be spotty and also I don’t always want to listen to music on my runs. Mostly for safety reasons and the fact that lots of time I’m on back roads. (And maybe the time I was chased by 4 different dogs of different running routes…ugh).

3. Sweet Treats

Well not that this is even all of it. Most if my diet was sweet treats haha. Not complaining! These are just some of the cookies…


4. New running clothes. Run to Oiselle and order their clothes to get you through the rest of the winter and early spring running season! Seriously they are flattering and so functional. thumb holes! Pockets galore!

I got a stripey top..


And run delicious and clearly vest. The run delicious is so cute and has a nice pocket on the side. I also could totally get away with wearing this to work. The clearly vest is fun and has pockets galore. I can also wear it for running or the bike, WIN!


5. Book read

I just started to read Chrissie Wellingtons memoir which is really good to hear about her story to hear about her journey to Ironmans. The fact that she didn’t ever really intend to be one blows my mind. She accidentally ran a 3:00 London Marathon and realized she was good at endurance sports… Couple years later she was World Ironman Champion! She also had a very, very long struggle with an eating disorder which was interesting to hear about. I recommend it 🙂

6. The weather… Snowy!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I’m currently in the mountains of western PA with my family eating crazy amounts of ham and the best mac and cheese on earth made by my grandma. And of course cookies galore. 🙂 This is probably my most favorite place to be during the holidays. Drew and I got to spend the weekend together at least and did our own little Christmas together. I got an amazing gift which I love 🙂 I mean, of course the beat part being that we could see each other for a few days uninterrupted!



Check out Erica Sara for some amazing necklace ideas! Thanks Drew, you’re the best!

I got Drew some cycling essentials such as a new Road ID and cycling socks that have sharks on them!

Exercise wise, I’ve spent a lot of time on the indoor trainer lately, which with the distraction of TV and Netflix I don’t mind. Wish I could say the same about the treadmill, ew!


I also have been doing some great Tabata work outs at the gym mostly consisting of old school things. One workout consisted of 150 jump ropes, 25 sit ups, 10 push ups- then 120 jump ropes, 20 sit ups, 10 push ups…. Working its way down. Intense and so sore the next day!

(Oh PS I got toe covers as well so hopefully I can brave the chilly weather and get outside and bike too!)

I fit in some time before the trip so that I could rest up my legs and feet to run while at my grandmothers.

Being in the mountains I’ll be having what looks to be somewhat of a white Christmas! It snowed on the way here and will probably do the same in the next few days.

My dad and I will hopefully go on our traditional Christmas Day run and the lounge around. Another of my favorite holiday traditions!

I hope you have a great time with your friends and family over the next few days and take time to unwind and relax.

What’s your favorite part about the holidays?

Holiday Ideas

Hi everyone! This post will be short and sweet! I wanted to share with you today some inexpensive fun holiday stuff! But first… Let’s start with a picture of the dang cutest puppy of the year…in a sweater!


Seriously. I die. I found a sweater we had and just figured she would love to put it on (not) and model. haha her face is too sweet.

Anyways, on to the holiday gift ideas. I wanted to do something fun and different and for my coworkers this year I did a little Candy Christmas Sleigh which was super  easy to do!


Step 1: Glue candy canes to back of hershey bar in order to resemble a “sleigh”

Step 2: Glue Back piece of candy on it’s side (I used a kit hat as the back.)

Step 3: Glue 2 pieces of candy of choice on top of each other like presents and wrap a bow around it.

Step 4: Voilá: a beautiful candy sleigh!

PS: I used hot glue- just don’t let the tip of the glue gun touch the wrapper. It will melt. And then there will be glue on the chocolate which is tragic. TRUST ME. 😉

Secondly, I put together some little gifts for my darling kindergartners. Just little knick knacks but stuff that kids just love. Remember when decorating your folder with stickers was so cool!? Well, it still is! Stickers are awesome, and Tatoos!? even more awesome. Their parents can thank me later.


Holiday straws, Cars and Sparkly Pencils, Dora markers, stickers, and tatoos. My absolute favorite are the straws! A 4-pack was 97 cents at Wal-Mart. SCORE.


All packed up and ready to go for the babes!

  • What are some cool holiday gifts you give to coworkers or friends?