High Five Friday

Happy Friday! High Five Friday that is! Check on Meg’s Blog for more information on this great movement! Celebrating the little successes in life is important!

As much as I am on my running high lately…I’m giving myself a BIG OL’ HIGH FIVE this Friday for competing in another 5k and dropping a 1:03 off my last time!

Ahhhh hard work you are paying off! Reaping the rewards of kicking your own arse and freezing to death on the past training runs were SO worth it. Crossing the lines of that race was a sweet moment and one I will be happy to feel over and over again. Taking the time to feel proud of myself and how hard I have worked lately makes me wonder what else is to come, and it’s very exciting to think of all that could be soon! 🙂 I could have very easily not gone out and make sure that I did something that day, but I’m proud that I did fit it in between the little time I had between jobs. Sometimes it was a real mood booster 🙂

Take time to pause and think of the little things that make your day. Whether it be good coffee in the morning, puppies to cuddle with, or being able to put on your running/lifting/cycling (or whatever) shoes and enjoying yourself in the things that you love…just do it!

Puppies are awesome

  • What are you giving yourself a High Five for this Friday!? 

16 thoughts on “High Five Friday

  1. You are awesome! That’s definitely worthy of a high five! I’d totally drive your way to give you one if I weren’t at work right now. PS I will be in York from Friday to Sunday next week…just saying 😉

  2. Great job!! It sounds like you had an awesome run! I’m still high fiving myself for my 22 minute PR in my half marathon 2 weeks ago:) Also that I’m doing my plank a days once again!

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