Hello all 🙂 I hope you are all having a great week! My week has been busy, busy and I’m super tired..Turkey Break can’t come soon enough next week! (The kids at work need it too…trust me!)

This week since the 5k I’ve been keeping up with logging some miles because I am of course running a tiny, local, Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning! YESSSS! This is probably the first 5k I ever ran in my life and one that my family does together as long as we aren’t traveling somewhere! This is another flat and fast course and I’m trying to hopefully improve my time again.

I have to say I’m feeling good about running right now. Many times before running and I haven’t gotten along and it frustrated me. I’m not a natural born runner, and in no way shaped like a typical runner. I obviously also know that some people aren’t shaped like that either and are good I’m just trying to say running is hard for me.

 I’ve been an athlete all my life and have played and competed in Division II  college athletics and running is hard. Yep, TRUTH. Everything I’ve done with sports has involved running and it hasn’t ever been the main focus. Teaching myself to train as a runner is so very different and is physically AND mentally challenging. Let’s all admit it- doing things that don’t come natural to us can be extremely challenging- but sometimes the challenge we need in life.

What I’ve come to realize though is the one that that helps me is the fact that I am competitive by nature. Always have been! (Side note: I can’t even play Words with Friends with Drew because we both want to win so much we get mad! ) The race bug has obviously bitten me- I’m not going to lie to you- I’m motived by my times dropping. Races literally thrill me and adrenaline is pumping when I’m in a race. I know I’m not going to win, but mentally it puts me into a “game day” state of mind. I am focused and I want to do my best.

When my Nike + App shows negative splits, faster average paces, I’m proud- I like it, It keeps me going- keeps me motivated. I know, I know, should we always be concerned about the numbers? No…this I know- but right now getting my mentality in check to improve my run and start to interpret how I felt that run vs. this run and if my head was in the game that day is an athlete thing I can’t help…It’s like my winning and losing, you get it? What would have been analyzing of practices or games and performance levels is now that, but individually with running.  Each day after a run that I feel great and my times show I feel like I just scored the winning goal of a field hockey game. And the days where the times aren’t so good and I’m sluggish as crap- welp-

….there’s always the next game (aka RUN). That’s what keeps us coming back for more- right? Competitiveness can definitely be a good thing and for me it is.

  • Are you competitive? With everything or more so with yourself?

13 thoughts on “Competition

  1. I think I am a quiet competitive. Like I would never say I want to beat that person or that time but I kind of do in the back of my mind.running never came naturally to me so it is something I still have to work pretty hard at daily and on race days. In all though, I am probably most competitive with myself.

  2. I am definitely competitive with myself, but if it comes to the end of a race (would have to be a small one) that it’s between me and another lady in my age group, I will definitely try to pass her. I can also be competitive with my family when it comes to games, board games, cards, Wi video games. It’s fun sometimes to make it competitive!
    Are you doing anymore local races before the end of the year? I was checking out the 10K race in Chambersburg on Dec.1. Not sure if it gives me enough time to recover from my marathon, but it is tempting. Let me know if you may be interested. We could meet up.

  3. Over the last couple of weeks, I found out that I am very competitive! I don’t compare myself to other runners (I would lose anyway), but I found out that I need races in order to get my butt outside to run. In October, I ran a race after only a few weeks of running after a long break (due to a injury), and my only goal for the race was to finish. As soon as I ran the first mile, I wanted to run faster that I had planned. I run the race with a 5:58 min/km, even though my training runs were always around 6:30, and I had only run two 10k as my longest runs during the training. I can’t just run a race for fun- I need to beat the time!

    • Same here about other runners- I would lose so I keep to myself BUT like you said when I’m in a race I am going all out and love the feeling of passing and finishing! and of course beating times hehe

  4. So glad you posted this, its definitely really motivating to see pace improve! The speedwork really makes a huge difference with that. I’m definitely not a natural born runner either, I’ve never been an endurance sport person (softball and volleyball were my sports) so it was an adjustment. But now I love it and it makes me feel amazing.

  5. I love the fact that you and your family run the race together. That’s just amazing to me! 🙂

    I think I’m more competitive with myself than anyone else. I can definitely get down on myself if a run doesn’t go as planned from time to time. I just hate feeling “defeated”.

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