4 Diamonds 5k Recap

Hello everyone- hope you are awake on this Monday morning- who am I kidding- I’m still half asleep. This is a given. Why are mornings so hard???


Well Saturday morning I ranu a 5k that was a part of my mom’s school that she teaches at fundraiser. It raised money for the 4 diamonds Foundation for pediatric cancer. My mom was participating with a group at her school called Sole Sisters (similiar to Girls on the Run), and my Dad and I were running in it.

Unfortunately no pictures were taken by myself.. oops. Completely forgot and was a bad blogger on that one, but it being a local race everyone there was someone I knew somehow and by the time you stopped and talked to everyone it was pretty much time to start the race. So anyways- the race was pretty much flat and fast, with no major inclines like my last 5k!

From the last 5k..before the incline of death.


It was a quite a chilly start that morning, cloudy and around 40 degrees. I was in my cold weather tights, long sleeve shirt and Oiselle singlet of course. One thing I knew about this 5k was the fact that I definitely started my first mile way to fast for myself. I didn’t run with my phone or anything besides a watch and there weren’t any mile markers until you reached the 2nd mile, so I didn’t know where I was at anyways. between miles approx 1-2 we went up a slight incline, nothing major but I felt myself hit that wall where I said something like, “Oh, s***! That was way to fast.”whoops! I felt myself slow down and bit and catch my breath a little more and finally was able to shake it off and feel like I could move again. At mile 2 the volunteer was yelling out the time and I was at 17:07 which was a decent time and doing the math I could probably get a time I would be happy with. The run turned back at this point and I would finish where I started. Even better was the fact that the rest of the race was downhill! Me LIKE 😉

I felt good at this point and even caught a Sole Sisters participant with half and mile left and I told her we could run together and finish it out..that is until she left me in the dust! haha once she started cruising I told her to keep going. Speedy little gal she was!

My final time for this which is not official and I am not positive was 26:40 when I crossed the line. A whole minute faster than my last (although that was a tougher course)….but I’ll take it! 🙂 did i mention my dad ran a speedy 23:30!? that man is unbelievable… I did not get my running skills from him apparently haha. The 5k being what it was, a benefit for cancer- wasn’t as serious as most. There wasn’t even chip timing! It was a good old fashioned 5k, check this out!

This is the old fashioned “timing system” 🙂

All and all a great even and I’ll keep running and working on it. Btw wore the beloved Brooks for the first time in a race and LOVED them! My calves may be a bit sore from getting used to them and being flat but I really like how responsive they are. I definitely recommend them!

  • Do/have you start(ed) out too fast in races too?
  • How was your weekend?

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