Friday Things

Hi everyone- it’s another end to a crazy week. I’m pooped for sure and am feeling some quality relaxation will happen this weekend.

1. Of course relaxing comes after the 5k I’m running tomorrow to benefit the Four Diamonds Foundation and also I will be running this for the Virtual Sandy Run from Lora and Kara! Still something I really hope you can be a part of.


2. If you get a chance- please go over to Megan’s blog and also look into her fundraiser for Staten Island, her hometown. She has some awesome giveaways and sponsors for this and I hope you can join too! The list includes: Chobani, Aspaeris Pivot Shorts, SparklySoul Bands, Gu, Nuun, Injini Socks, and Hydrapack. There will be multiple winners! WOO 🙂 Not to mention it’s for a great cause.

3. This is my newest BIC Band Purchase Pink and Blue Chevron! New favorite!


4. Running pups 🙂




I love those two goofy fur faces! And also my new Pure flows are amazing- highly recommend them. 🙂

  • What are you up to this weekend?

15 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. Good luck tomorrow girl. Hope the rest of your weekend is nothing put pure relaxation :).

    This weekend we’ll be watching the Penn State vs Nebraska game & seeing the new Denzel washington movie on Sunday!

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