Virtual Race for Sandy Recovery

Hi everyone! Sorry I was MIA the rest of last week- was a hectic week after getting back to work. This post will be short and sweet!

As you all know, Hurricane Sandy did a number on the east coast leaving a lot of people homeless/without power or their basic needs. I know many people around where I went to college are still out of power and probably will be for a couple more days at LEAST. It breaks my heart to see the places I’ve been to numerous times such a mess. They need as much help as they can get that is for sure.

Luckily, Kara and Lora wanted to bring all of us together by organizing a Virtual Run for us to donate what we can to the Red Cross to support relief efforts!

via Lora @

I think this is such an awesome idea- I donated $10 which may not seem like much but to those in need it seems like a lot! If you would like to participate that would be AWESOME. Go here to read more! And go here to sign up. And go here to donate!

I just signed up last night as I will be running a local 5k on Saturday anyways- sooo why not? If you don’t have a race to do, run your own and share your time and results anyways. Any bit helps!

Please Join us! Sign up and SPREAD THE WORD!!!

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