Turkey Day fun

Hello everyone! I am sorry for the absence (ha, if any of you have TRULY been missing me then good- missed you too πŸ˜‰ ) but I was really, really enjoying my mini vacay and the time away from the computer and social media was a nice break. Very refreshing πŸ™‚

I hope everyone had an amazing Turkey Day! I know I did, it was a good time with my family and I got to see Drew too which is aways a positive side of holidays with both of our jobs being at schools= nice breaks! (Fun fact: I even had yesterday off because in Pennsylvania, it was the first day of rifle season for hunting deer….haha yes. seriously.)

So anyways my Thanksgiving day started out with an extremely cold Turkey Trot 5k starting at my old elementary school! It was a brutal 27 degrees when we were headed there. My dad also went to the race with me.

Here we are racing πŸ˜‰ (no sorry this was staged on my street- but still a fun picture!) Thanks mom!

The race was a good one and ended up being a really beautiful day out, you know, after you were numb, ha. The race unfortunately had a slight hiccup for me with another stupid side stitch at around the 2nd mile. UGH. one of those stabbed in the side gotta walk type of side stitch. Of course. I haven’t had a side stitch in all of my runs but of course it happens now. TYPICAL. Oh well. I still finished 26:51 so not too bad or far off my last. But soooo over the side stitches.

After this I was ready for turkey and lots of it! I helped my mom make a sweet potato casserole and and we had our pies ready for after!

I made the apple and mom made pumpkin! The apple turned out pretty well if I do say so myself πŸ™‚ with ice cream of course!

Over the weekend I got to spend some quality time with Drew and took advantage of online shopping from the comfort of home. Perfect. No going out on Black Friday for this girl!

By Friday though, I was feeling some aches and pains in my knee and feet (as I so called “obnoxiously” pointed out to Drew…I mean I can’t help he’s an athletic trainer and is supposed to heal me, RIGHT!?) So I took the entire 2 days of no exercies besides walking around a little. It was the best decision I made for sure because yesterday I felt good and I had a nice run and tabata workout with squats, burpees, and sit ups and felt great! I’m definitely trying to take it easy right now and slowly build up my runs to get a nice base and lately I’ve been happy not going much over 3 miles, and doing some strength circuits in my basement. Β I’m already starting to see improvement with my times in running so I’m pretty excited and trying to not overdo it! πŸ™‚ woo!

  • How was your Thanksgiving Day?
  • Did you do Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping? I did and got some good deals admittedly for myself but some presents too πŸ™‚


Hi everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. I had a great one considering someone decided late on Friday that they would be coming to visit! woo πŸ™‚

It Ninja Drew! Jk- we went for a very cold bike ride! If you have to break out the Balaclava than you know its cold.

We also did a Crossfit workout inspired by my crazy dad, consisting of heavy ropes, push ups, med ball slams, kettle bell swings, and sit ups. So basically my adductors are HURTIN’ me today and I felt as if I was waddling. Let’s not even talk about sitting down…Now that was super painful!

Besides that little fact I’ve been feeling great workout wise. Although it was painful- mixing up my usual workouts was a good thing to do.

In other news…(where the whole testing thing comes in)… As you know I’ve been running a bit more than usual for me, which has been going great! I’ve been bitten by the race bug and I have enjoyed getting into racing and improving my run. I’ve been contemplating some more races in the spring and one just so happens to include…..


I know! Who me!? I feel like in the blogging world this is really NBD, but for myself it would be a huge milestone IF it happens. There is an IF in there still because of my foot not always being the greatest with handling a large amount of running (hence the cycling!). I’m currently trying to test my foot by trying to put some more miles in and seeing how I feel. So far it’s been good besides some slight pain after a longer run/being on my feet all day, which I have felt like is normal and not anything to cause major concern.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve had some previous foot injuries that I’ve had to recover from and a lot of overuse still irritates it. I’ve dealth with Plantar Faciitis since high school (on and off) and had a pretty bad mid-foot sprain that also turned into a stress reaction in my Navicular bone of my foot.

I’m trying to ease into this as slowly as possible and see how I hold up before I commit and decide that I will be up for the training that would need to happen for a half marathon. Luckily, the one I would love to do is in the beginning of May (Pittsburgh!!) so there is plenty of time for me test and decide. I would love to do this because I would hopefully be doing it together with my best friend!


So as the next few weeks go I’ll be running when I can and seeing how it goes. I’m crossing my fingers that the feet hold up well and I can hopefully accomplish something on my bucket list wtihin the year! πŸ™‚

  • How did you decide it was time to sign up for something new? A 5k, 10k, HALF MARATHON???
  • Any advice on training, or taking care of the body while doing so?

High Five Friday

Happy Friday! High Five Friday that is! Check on Meg’s Blog for more information on this great movement! Celebrating the little successes in life is important!

As much as I am on my running high lately…I’m giving myself a BIG OL’ HIGH FIVE this Friday for competing in another 5k and dropping a 1:03 off my last time!

Ahhhh hard work you are paying off! Reaping the rewards of kicking your own arse and freezing to death on the past training runs were SO worth it. Crossing the lines of that race was a sweet moment and one I will be happy to feel over and over again. Taking the time to feel proud of myself and how hard I have worked lately makes me wonder what else is to come, and it’s very exciting to think of all that could be soon! πŸ™‚ I could have very easily not gone out and make sure that I did something that day, but I’m proud that I did fit it in between the little time I had between jobs. Sometimes it was a real mood booster πŸ™‚

Take time to pause and think of the little things that make your day. Whether it be good coffee in the morning, puppies to cuddle with, or being able to put on your running/lifting/cycling (or whatever) shoes and enjoying yourself in the things that you love…just do it!

Puppies are awesome

  • What are you giving yourself a High Five for this Friday!?Β 


Hello all πŸ™‚ I hope you are all having a great week! My week has been busy, busy and I’m super tired..Turkey Break can’t come soon enough next week! (The kids at work need it too…trust me!)

This week since the 5k I’ve been keeping up with logging some miles because I am of course running a tiny, local, Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning! YESSSS! This is probably the first 5k I ever ran in my life and one that my family does together as long as we aren’t traveling somewhere! This is another flat and fast course and I’m trying to hopefully improve my time again.

I have to say I’m feeling good about running right now. Many times before running and I haven’t gotten along and it frustrated me. I’m not a natural born runner, and in no way shaped like a typical runner. I obviously also know that some people aren’t shaped like that either and are good I’m just trying to sayΒ running is hard for me.

Β I’ve been an athlete all my life and have played and competed in Division II Β college athletics and running is hard. Yep, TRUTH. Everything I’ve done with sports has involved running and it hasn’t ever been the main focus. Teaching myself to train as a runner is so very different and is physically AND mentally challenging. Let’s all admit it- doing things that don’t come natural to us can be extremely challenging- but sometimes the challenge we need in life.

What I’ve come to realize though is the one that that helps me is the fact that I am competitive by nature. Always have been! (Side note: I can’t even play Words with Friends with Drew because we both want to win so much we get mad! ) The race bug has obviously bitten me- I’m not going to lie to you- I’m motived by my times dropping. Races literally thrill me and adrenaline is pumping when I’m in a race. I know I’m not going to win, but mentally it puts me into a “game day” state of mind. I am focused and I want to do my best.

When my Nike + App shows negative splits, faster average paces, I’m proud- I like it, It keeps me going- keeps me motivated. I know, I know, should we always be concerned about the numbers? No…this I know- but right now getting my mentality in check to improve my run and start to interpret how I felt that run vs. this run and if my head was in the game that day is an athlete thing I can’t help…It’s like my winning and losing, you get it? What would have been analyzing of practices or games and performance levels is now that, but individually with running. Β Each day after a run that I feel great and my times show I feel like I just scored the winning goal of a field hockey game. And the days where the times aren’t so good and I’m sluggish as crap- welp-

….there’s always the next game (aka RUN). That’s what keeps us coming back for more- right? Competitiveness can definitely be a good thing and for me it is.

  • Are you competitive? With everything or more so with yourself?

4 Diamonds 5k Recap

Hello everyone- hope you are awake on this Monday morning- who am I kidding- I’m still half asleep. This is a given. Why are mornings so hard???


Well Saturday morning I ranu a 5k that was a part of my mom’s school that she teaches at fundraiser. It raised money for the 4 diamonds Foundation for pediatric cancer. My mom was participating with a group at her school called Sole Sisters (similiar to Girls on the Run), and my Dad and I were running in it.

Unfortunately no pictures were taken by myself.. oops. Completely forgot and was a bad blogger on that one, but it being a local race everyone there was someone I knew somehow and by the time you stopped and talked to everyone it was pretty much time to start the race. So anyways- the race was pretty much flat and fast, with no major inclines like my last 5k!

From the last 5k..before the incline of death.


It was a quite a chilly start that morning, cloudy and around 40 degrees. I was in my cold weather tights, long sleeve shirt and Oiselle singlet of course. One thing I knew about this 5k was the fact that I definitely started my first mile way to fast for myself. I didn’t run with my phone or anything besides a watch and there weren’t any mile markers until you reached the 2nd mile, so I didn’t know where I was at anyways. between miles approx 1-2 we went up a slight incline, nothing major but I felt myself hit that wall where I said something like, “Oh, s***! That was way to fast.”whoops! I felt myself slow down and bit and catch my breath a little more and finally was able to shake it off and feel like I could move again. At mile 2 the volunteer was yelling out the time and I was at 17:07 which was a decent time and doing the math I could probably get a time I would be happy with. The run turned back at this point and I would finish where I started. Even better was the fact that the rest of the race was downhill! Me LIKE πŸ˜‰

I felt good at this point and even caught a Sole Sisters participant with half and mile left and I told her we could run together and finish it out..that is until she left me in the dust! haha once she started cruising I told her to keep going. Speedy little gal she was!

My final time for this which is not official and I am not positive was 26:40 when I crossed the line. A whole minute faster than my last (although that was a tougher course)….but I’ll take it! πŸ™‚ did i mention my dad ran a speedy 23:30!? that man is unbelievable… I did not get my running skills from him apparently haha. The 5k being what it was, a benefit for cancer- wasn’t as serious as most. There wasn’t even chip timing! It was a good old fashioned 5k, check this out!

This is the old fashioned “timing system” πŸ™‚

All and all a great even and I’ll keep running and working on it. Btw wore the beloved Brooks for the first time in a race and LOVED them! My calves may be a bit sore from getting used to them and being flat but I really like how responsive they are. I definitely recommend them!

  • Do/have you start(ed) out too fast in races too?
  • How was your weekend?