Hurricane day!

Well everyone I hope you all had a good weekend. My weekend got extended a little bit and because of Hurrican Sandy I will be at home today and most likely tomorrow considering things are supposed to get worse tonight and into Tuesday. At one point a town 30 minutes from me was supposed to get a direct hit and was even a trending topic on Twitter. Twitter makes everything serious. YIKES!


I’m at that little green dot…And that’s what we are dealing with this morning. The wind should be picking up by tonight…

So anyways, this weekend- I was supposed to run a 5k. It was nice because it was set up right in my town and easy to get to so I went and…..Cancelled. So great to get that notice before hand…but ohhhh well. I was excited to race so it was disappointing but what can you do? With all this I ended up losing motivation to run and decided to get on the trainer and watch Netflix instead- good choice I might say. (Side note: if you have Netflix start watching all the seasons of the TV show Rules of Engagement– it’s hilarious!)

Then I decided shopping was a good idea ..and then an even better idea was buying new shoes 🙂 PRETTY new shoes!

Brooks Pureflows! They had me at their color and then putting them on was even better. I feel like they are molded right to my foot! Can’t wait to take them for a spin. (OH, running guru, Alex– whatcha think!?) I definitely wish that the weather wouldn’t be so terrible because I would have loved to take them out for a nice run! (And no…not running in the rain… 🙂 )

Today is a much needed rest day– I spent 45 minutes on the indoor trainer Saturday and then an ab workout and played hockey for 3 hours Sunday (my team had NO subs either- ugh) and today my body hurts soooo very much. I may be popping in my Beach Babe DVD for the stretching session!

The rest of my hurricane day will be spent making pancakes…



Literally the best I’ve ever made. Adapted from Hollie’s recipe… ( I only added a packet of stevia and some agave for my sweetner part). Oh and I added a bunch of cinnamon because I LOVE it. Cocoa would also be an awesome add-in.


Eating apple crisp…


And preparing for possible power outage! Yikes- candles ready!

  • Are you affected by the hurricane today?
  • How was your weekend?

25 thoughts on “Hurricane day!

  1. Wow we don’t get hurricanes here, but I’ve heard all about it… stay safe! With the shoes OMG I am in LOVE, the colour is epic, esp as it’s my fav… but gosh I have sooooo many running shoes I really don’t need any more haha… Hope u enjoy the extended wkend! 🙂

    • i know purple is my FAVORITE too. its kind of an obsession that I don’t realize for a while and then I look around and everything is purple lol. and Yes i didn’t need more running shoes at all..I looked at it as a late birthday present to myself 😉

  2. Pureflows are great for the type of training you do. I think you made a good choice there, highly recommended over here. Stinks your 5k was cancelled but boy do I love that show. makes me laugh out loud every single time. I think I will be working from home tomorrow as well too, if it does what they say it will it will be bad tomorrow.

  3. Which town was supposed to get directly hit? I heard y’all may be getting snow too? Please stay safe Katie (yes I do realize you can’t do much to prevent it.. but you get what I mean).

    ps; love your new shoes & the purple… ohh & rules of engagement is hilarious !

  4. I’m also off for the hurricane.. its weird, I don’t know what to do with myself! Sorry your 5K was cancelled this weekend, that stinks especially when you are all psyched for it.

    LOVE your new running shoes, let me know how you like them 🙂 I am a huge Brooks fan and might want to try them!

    • I know- I’m trying to find stuff to do too! It makes me want to bake! And I ran a tiny bit in the shoes yesterday and so far they are really awesome- very responsive and i feel like they make me push off more forward which I really like

  5. love the purple shoes! My hubby actually made an apple-pear crisp this evening…it was perfect for a rainy evening. Sandy is only affecting us a bit starting tomorrow with rain and wind, but just the tail end of what NY/NJ is getting. Stay Safe!

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