Friday Things

Hi everyone! This post will be short and sweet mostly because I’m exhausted… The earliest I’ve been home this week has been 8:30 and the latest 9:30. Sorry for the lack of posts but you know- life happens! Also the kids at school have had trick-or-treating and parades all week and you can imagine how wild 5-8 year olds get after that. Seriously, it’s been crazy! So. Much. Candy!

Workouts this week:
I have another 5k this Saturday right in my hometown which I’m pretty excited about. Since I’ve been out so late I’ve been working out at night after my shifts instead of waking up early. I’ve done a lot more running and even some intervals/hill training on the treadmill! (which almost NEVER happens!) I hope to get a better time this week 🙂 My other workouts have included…. TRAINER RIDES!!! That’s right- my very own indoor trainer!!

My bike is all set up in my basement …literally right in front of the TV so now in the dead of the bitterly cold PA winter I can still be on my bike! I’m so excited. The trainer was acually my birthday present from Drew! (I hinted about it for like 4 months 😉 ) This trainer is super nice and he got it from if interested. Drew said it is nicer than the one he has AND it was cheaper because Nashbar has amazing deal! Somehow I feel like I may want to hide it from him 🙂

The best way to enjoy (well..kinda) staying on the trainer is to watch some DVR..

Obsessed with Country Music! 


Breakfast Best

Joining the blogging trend, these pumpkin bagels are the BEST!


Treat This Week

It’s been unbelievably warm this week. Like almost 80 degrees! Iced dunkin donut coffee was necessary!


  • What are some of your favorite things this week?
  • Would you use an indoor trainer?

10 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. well you know how to make me want to hang out with you every single freaking day. first the candy, I have yet to have halloween candy and am kind of dying. then dunkin donuts coffee, oh please I need that like whoa this week. I am sorry your week has been so crazy but that trainer is such an amazing gift. think of no more dark mornings on the road. best boyfriend status right there

  2. Hey! Awesome blog btw!!!

    Oh yummy candy I eat way too much hehe… I also have my windtrainer set up in front of the tv, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t stay on it for very long… it gets a little boring! 😀

  3. How do you like your trainer? I want to get my husband one for Christmas but there are so many out there at various price points. If you are happy with yours, would you mind telling me the make and model? Thank you

    • I LOVE my trainer! it is super nice and easy to use. It is an Elite Brand trainer but I’m having trouble finding the exact model…it isn’t on the website I bought it off of anymore. definitely go with a fluid trainer because they are very quiet! Mine was in the $130 range and works perfect so I wouldn’t say you would need anything crazy expensive! hope that helps

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