High Five Friday

Another High Five Friday Post, thanks to the lovely Meg 🙂

Also sorry for my lack of posts this week- we just had to get our internet fixed (it was out from Tuesday- yesterday boo).

I really love this because they’re so fun and motivating. And who doesn’t like to give themselves a big ol’ high five?

I’m giving myself a high five for getting up and going to morning spin class at 5:45am Tuesday and Thursday this week to get my butt kicked! I hope it’s the last bit of good training that I needed to do well tomorrow at my duathlon! 🙂

I’m doing the Hagerstown Duathlon tomorrow morning with my dad! Drew couldn’t make it up because it would be a crazy expensive weekend for him. I will miss him being there, that’s for sure… anyways we have an early morning wake up and about an hour drive down there. It’s going to be COLD. SUPER cold. (A “freeze watch” is issued for the morning… awesome) I don’t even know what to wear that will work for the run and bike portion. It’s going to get interesting…that’s for sure. I hate peeling layers off- putting them back on and so forth… sorry for the whining- I just hate being cold!

This race is the 2nd of the year. I did the first one way back in April..seems like FOREVER ago! You can read about that race here…(ps this was my early blogger days and a little funny for me to read now! haha)I’m glad this time I know the course. The runs are both through a nice little community park with tiny hills- nothing big. The bike course is relatively flat also, but is not on closed off roads which was a little scary the last time around. You’d be riding on the edge of the road and all of a sudden it would turn into a turning lane…AH! Very happy to know what’s up this time!

My main goal for this race is to get through the run with no pain. I did an easy 2.2 miler today to see how the body held up and it felt alright. Although it wasn’t at my race pace I hope that it might shake out any cramping that wants to happen. (One can hope- right?)

  • Why are you giving yourself a high five this week?
  • What are you doing this weekend?

15 thoughts on “High Five Friday

  1. I’ve been trying to get up at 5:30 for workouts lately and it’s been tough because it’s so dark/rainy and cold – so I think an early morning spin session deserves a real high five!
    Good luck tomorrow!!!

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