Weekend: Dewey Beach Goes Pink 5k

Hello everyone, I hope all of YOU have off today. I do not. ugh 6 hours of work training here I come.

Anyways- I had a great weekend, and got to visit Drew! This is only the second time I’ve been to his new place since he moves there so it was fun to explore around there some more.

On a whim- I checked out what was happening around the area where he lives and found out there was a 5k not too far away, begged Drew to take me (warm up for the race next week, of course) and he agreed.

It was the Dewey Beach Goes Pink 5k benefitting the local Breast Cancer Research fund. Bonus of live music, free drinks, food…It was basically like a big block party- I’m in!

I wore my Oiselle “Dream Big” tee and Roga shorts!

Unfortunately, once again…this race didn’t go very well. I was feeling great and was hit hard with side stitches again, about 7:30 mins into it close to being done with mile 1 😦

Not. Happy.

My personal Athletic Trainer (Drew) decided that probably I need to be running more (not on the treadmill which is where it’s been being done lately for lack of light and time)..it could be the reason that my muscles start to ache on my side and then get the dreaded knife to my sides.

My cheerleader!

I was really upset when this happened again, because ONCE AGAIN I felt awesome running- didn’t feel out of shape, I was at a nice pace I could keep steady. When those hit me I tried to walk it off- stretch, massage my side and calm my breathing- but nothing worked. I hope to get it together this week because I would really like to do well this coming weekend at my duathlon!

ANYWAYS- Other factors of the race were that, it was a nice flat course through residential streets so no traffic and the neightbors even came out to cheer us on. One nice man even set up his hose in the drive way so that it misted us as we ran by- so nice! (Did I mention this race started at noon and it was 78 degrees and very sunny out…no? well it was!) Really though- the race was awesome and was for such a great cause. The atmosphere was very friendly. We got some great food after and some drinks as well 🙂

It was so beautiful out that Drew and I got to spend a little time at the beach too! We explored Assateague Island which isn’t far from Drew’s house. This is the place where there are actually wild ponies on the side of the road in the low water at any given time. We saw two on our way out.

So HA stupid side cramp- you’ve been erased by time at the beach in OCTOBER!

We then spent the night doing outlet shopping and walking on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. And so photo booth fun 🙂

We are naturals at posing- obviously.  

  • How was your weekend? Anyone else race?

20 thoughts on “Weekend: Dewey Beach Goes Pink 5k

  1. Sorry you weren’t feeling great but congrats on finishing!! Way to go!! (do you think it might be a hydration issue? I tend to get side stitches/cramps when i dont drink enough water the week before…)

    So jealous you were at the beach!

    • it could be a hydration issue..the only reason Trainer Drew thinks perhaps not is because it happens SO early into it and the mileage isn’t that long. so we will see..i’m going to carry water with me everywhere this week so maybe I”ll prevent it that way too.

  2. Sorry to hear about those annoying side cramps girl. I hope it starts getting better for you.. especially before your dualathon!

    …but I’m so happy you were able to visit Drew!! I know how hard distance can be, and how seeing each for the first time after being apart for a little while is the greatest feeling ever! Glad the two of you had such a wonderful time together xo

  3. I hate side stitches!! I agree, hydrating may be key… and sometimes I can work them out by switching my breathing where I breath one deep breath in through my nose, out two counts through my mouth. Also focus on moving your arms, it’ll help! Sounds like a fun race, though!

  4. Oh, no! Pesky side stitches… I’ve never really heard a good explanation for them. Hope you can figure it out. Still sounds like a great way to spend the morning!

  5. You guys are such a sweet couple! Looks like a great weekend. Cramping can be caused by lack of potassium so trying eating some extra bananas or drinking some coconut water. Might help a little! 🙂

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