Hurricane Day 2

I can say that no damage has been done here at my home, and I’m am safe and well. I am very thankful to be able to say that because I know many can’t. Drew actually is very close to the coast of Ocean City, MD and thankfully he is okay too…not that I didn’t worry about him much of the day after seeing pictures of the coast! The eye of the storm was over my town last night and the wind and rain kept me up some but you can tell everything has died down a lot by now. We are now dealing with rainy/wintry mixes and the temperatures have dropped by 10-12 degrees. From what they are saying things should be moving out later today and into tomorrow. That being said I wish all the best to those affected on the coast. Scary and crazy!

Todays weather map

Anyways- yesterday I literally did nothing but bake, eat, read blogs/reasearch (aka google) cycling and running training, foam roll, and online shop (meaning I put a lot of things in my Shopping cart and I never check out as it begs me too…cruel.)

My body was begging me for a full rest day because I was hurting from the trainer and 3 hours of field hockey the day before. My back was incredibly tight and my glutes and hamstrings didn’t want to do anything. I’m so glad I did because today I feel 100% better and am ready to get a good (indoor) workout in. I’m hoping to do some riding on the trainer.

Speaking of riding a bike… yesterday I downloaded some race pics from this fall of Drew and I! There were many but I tried to pick out the ones where I looked least in pain…(this was the dreaded side stitch race..bleh).

So enjoy!


Stud!! (he also looks so official in his team Tri Kit!)

Gotta love Race Pics! 🙂

  • Do you get/like your race pictures? ( I always feel like theres very few good ones)
  • How are you after Sandy today?

Hurricane day!

Well everyone I hope you all had a good weekend. My weekend got extended a little bit and because of Hurrican Sandy I will be at home today and most likely tomorrow considering things are supposed to get worse tonight and into Tuesday. At one point a town 30 minutes from me was supposed to get a direct hit and was even a trending topic on Twitter. Twitter makes everything serious. YIKES!


I’m at that little green dot…And that’s what we are dealing with this morning. The wind should be picking up by tonight…

So anyways, this weekend- I was supposed to run a 5k. It was nice because it was set up right in my town and easy to get to so I went and…..Cancelled. So great to get that notice before hand…but ohhhh well. I was excited to race so it was disappointing but what can you do? With all this I ended up losing motivation to run and decided to get on the trainer and watch Netflix instead- good choice I might say. (Side note: if you have Netflix start watching all the seasons of the TV show Rules of Engagement– it’s hilarious!)

Then I decided shopping was a good idea ..and then an even better idea was buying new shoes 🙂 PRETTY new shoes!

Brooks Pureflows! They had me at their color and then putting them on was even better. I feel like they are molded right to my foot! Can’t wait to take them for a spin. (OH, running guru, Alex– whatcha think!?) I definitely wish that the weather wouldn’t be so terrible because I would have loved to take them out for a nice run! (And no…not running in the rain… 🙂 )

Today is a much needed rest day– I spent 45 minutes on the indoor trainer Saturday and then an ab workout and played hockey for 3 hours Sunday (my team had NO subs either- ugh) and today my body hurts soooo very much. I may be popping in my Beach Babe DVD for the stretching session!

The rest of my hurricane day will be spent making pancakes…



Literally the best I’ve ever made. Adapted from Hollie’s recipe… ( I only added a packet of stevia and some agave for my sweetner part). Oh and I added a bunch of cinnamon because I LOVE it. Cocoa would also be an awesome add-in.


Eating apple crisp…


And preparing for possible power outage! Yikes- candles ready!

  • Are you affected by the hurricane today?
  • How was your weekend?

Friday Things

Hi everyone! This post will be short and sweet mostly because I’m exhausted… The earliest I’ve been home this week has been 8:30 and the latest 9:30. Sorry for the lack of posts but you know- life happens! Also the kids at school have had trick-or-treating and parades all week and you can imagine how wild 5-8 year olds get after that. Seriously, it’s been crazy! So. Much. Candy!

Workouts this week:
I have another 5k this Saturday right in my hometown which I’m pretty excited about. Since I’ve been out so late I’ve been working out at night after my shifts instead of waking up early. I’ve done a lot more running and even some intervals/hill training on the treadmill! (which almost NEVER happens!) I hope to get a better time this week 🙂 My other workouts have included…. TRAINER RIDES!!! That’s right- my very own indoor trainer!!

My bike is all set up in my basement …literally right in front of the TV so now in the dead of the bitterly cold PA winter I can still be on my bike! I’m so excited. The trainer was acually my birthday present from Drew! (I hinted about it for like 4 months 😉 ) This trainer is super nice and he got it from if interested. Drew said it is nicer than the one he has AND it was cheaper because Nashbar has amazing deal! Somehow I feel like I may want to hide it from him 🙂

The best way to enjoy (well..kinda) staying on the trainer is to watch some DVR..

Obsessed with Country Music! 


Breakfast Best

Joining the blogging trend, these pumpkin bagels are the BEST!


Treat This Week

It’s been unbelievably warm this week. Like almost 80 degrees! Iced dunkin donut coffee was necessary!


  • What are some of your favorite things this week?
  • Would you use an indoor trainer?

Birthday Weekend & Blue/Gray 5k Recap

Hello everyone! Hope your Monday starts off on the right foot!

I had a fantastic birthday weekend with Drew and my family. 🙂

Friday first started off with a sparkly Birthday Manicure with my friend Laura!

It was then spent enjoying copious amounts of chips and salsa from Chili’s..oh and little margarita in there as well!

Dessert was a big ol’ cup of Fro Yo. Birthday cake and coconut were fittingly my choices of yogurt topped with strawberries and heath bar! My favorite.

The rest of the night was relaxing at home- exciting I know, but after a super long week that’s all I needed.

Saturday, Drew and I ran around shopping at Target and Ross. Just might have blew all my birthday money at Target…going in “just to look” is just not an option…oops. I did end up with cute and totally necessary things, okay?…don’t judge me. 😉

That evening we went to the Hershey Outlets for some more shopping with my parents and then out to eat at the Gingerbread Man for Wings and Beer…my kind of night.

Over the week I had seen that there was a 5k happening in Gettysburg…10 mins down the road…I’ve really been getting into racing and if I can do it every weekend- I will! Anytime I don’t have to travel far I’m all for it. On Sunday morning I woke up and my mom went to the race with me (while Drew stayed warm and toasty in bed….. have I mentioned before how he hates to run? He does.) The weather was absolutely perfect race weather. As much as I love hot weather, we all know that 40-50 degree weather with a slight chill but sun is perfect! It just happened to be 48 degrees at the start. Not too cold at all.

I love that Oiselle Team makes it super easy for me to get dressed on race day! 🙂 With my Lesley Knickers on too!

The 5k followed the start of The Blue/Gray Half Marathon. Now obvioulsy with the history of Gettysburg, the race decide to divide up runners from the North and South (Confederate and Union Soldiers, hence Blue & Gray-haha!) and has them “compete” against each other. I think that this is a fun little theme to the race. There were a TON of people doing it for a small local race. It was fun seeing the people getting ready for the half and getting to watch them start also!

We started shortly after. I had no idea of the course or anything I was in store for. Now as famous as Gettysburg is, this race was actually on the opposite side of all the battlefields. The first mile was fast, flat, and between a lot of cornfields. I was careful to not try and start out too fast because I was trying to prevent any side stitch problem. I fortunately found a girl who had a pace that I liked and tried to stay with her for the first mile. I stayed with her for about half a mile until I realized that I felt really great and decided to pick it up some more. I’m glad the first mile was marked on the ground. I finished one mile in 8:30. I was really happy seeing that number! Pretty much right where I wanted to be to keep pace for the rest of the race.

I’m guessing- because nothing else was marked- that by about a mile and half we made a turn and all I saw ahead of me was a half a mile of a BIG, steady incline. You know when you are can just see people going up, and up, and up, and you are all the way at the bottom and all you can think is ohhhhhhh, crap? Yah… It was like that. That incline was not fun at all and my calves were killing me but I made it. I kept repeating to myself “You’re okay, you’re okay.” and finally trucked it up that hill. After this I made a turn down some nice flat, windy roads, one with a little downhill to which I was extremely thankful for! I had no idea what mileage I was at this point but I knew the end was near. I made one turn and got back to where we started our loop when I looked up and realized that the finish line was up another long slope. CRAP. I knew it wasn’t far but it felt like forever. Getting close I felt someone on my heels and this girl about my age caught me…now me and my competitiveness kicked in and I sprinted my heart out to beat her. (I did…thanks girl for the push!) It was the final motivation I needed!

up the hill! in pain, from that face…

Final Time: 27:43-31/101 runners

Am I really happy with this time- yes, kind of. I want it to be better than this of course, and for the amount of time I’ve been running (lately…pretty much none…) this is about where I should be. Those are my normal paces and to get any better I need to run more- I definitely know this. My coaching season has just ended this past week so I will finally have some time after work to hopefully run more! So on that note-

Who wants to be my running buddy? 🙂 Really, I know I would run more if I had a friend to do it with. Please be my friend.

And now I’ll be foam rolling my calves forever. Stupid hills.

  • How was your weekend?


The big day is here!

I am officially 24 at 8:14am today. Weird. 24??! Really? Every year goes faster and faster!

I’m lucky enough to get to spend my day with friends, family, and even more lucky to see Drew this weekend. Very excited for some fun! I plan to eat my weight in chips and salso and fro yo 🙂

This year I will try my best to:

Relax and enjoy, worrying about the little things in life doesn’t do any good!

-Remember that an extra slice of cake (or 2) won’t hurt anyone 🙂

-Be the best version of myself I can be…because of course- I am the only one of me!

Here’s to 24!

Fro-yo in hand OF COURSE!

Also my winner of my fun stuff giveaway isssss…

Jessie!!!! From Jessie Loves to Run

Have a wonderful day everyone!

  • What do you remind yourself of on your birthday?