What I’m Lovin’ this week!

Friday- we made it! I had a long week..lots of work and games and squeezing in as much training as I could because tomorrow is RACE DAY! AH so excited.

Here’s what I’ve been lovin’ through this crazy, exhausting week!

1. Nails



Sparkly French gel nails! I’d been dying to get my nails done since it had been forever. My favorite choice right there!

2. My Fall Outfit


I bought maroon/burgundy pants over the summer at the Tommy Hilfiger outlet and have been dying to wear them but they have felt too “fall like” so I hadn’t had a change to wear them til this week! I love fall of course 🙂

3. Spin class


I FINALLY got a chance to try Spin class at my gym! The times of classes never worked out with my schedule until this week- and it light that I needed to train for my race and get some miles on these legs I took it and it was AWESOME! 🙂 I can’t wait to make it part of my routine especially when FH season is over.

4. Oiselle Clothes!

My Oiselle kit came in the mail this week! Can’t wait to rock it!

5. Dottie’s House Duathlon

The race is a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 5k run– all on flat land! Today after work I’ll be headed with my parents to meet up with Drew at a hotel in the good old Jersey shore to stay the night before the race! It’s a good 4 hour drive unfortunately and we can’t leave til aroun 5:30-6 so not ideal traveling that long right before the race-but you gotta do what you gotta do! We should hopefully have great weather during the day, although it will definitely be chilly at the start! I haven’t done a race since April so I’m really dying to compete again. This is a also “Du-anniversary” for myself, because it’s the very first duathlon I did about a year ago! Back to where it all started for me. Also funny because it’s the first duathlon I watched of Drew’s 2 years ago when we first started dating. This race kind of has a sentimental meaning to me 🙂


My main goal is to beat my time from last year! 1:20 or bust! I think it’s possible because I spent a lot of time on the bike over the summer that I hadn’t done the year before since I was very new to road biking. Although my training time has been limited I think I’ve kept my legs going enough that they should be okay..right!? haha, but really I think I finally know how to pace myself and how to push through the tough second run coming off the bike. Last year I just wanted to finish and had no idea of my pacing. I’m already off to a better start, no?

  • What are you loving this week?



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