I love Fall

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a stellar weekend. I DID! Drew ended up having his work cancelled Saturday SOOO he got to come up to my house and spend the weekend with me! YAY πŸ™‚ reunited! We finally got to spend some quality time together..and I even had a buddy for a bike ride!

The temperatures this weekend surely made me welcome the new season!

Helloooooo Fall!!

As much as your have heard Β me ramble on about why I love summer, I actually wanted to to share with you why FALL is my actual favorite time of year.

Field hockey-Β Fall sport. You all know I love field hockey and my favorite sport is played in the fall. The fall always meant it would be a fresh new season! So happy to be playing in a fall league as well!

Football- staying with the sports theme. Football is in the fall! Nothing I love more on a Sunday is watching my Steelers play!

Izzy on her Steelers blanket..she loves them too!

Perfect Running/Biking weather-Β As much as I love hot weather (which I do), I do prefer exercising and not feeling like I’m going to suffocate outside. Having the cooler temps is quite pleasant- especially for a run or bike in the evening.

My Birthday is in the FallΒ (October 19th) to be exact…it’s coming up soooo- don’t forget πŸ˜‰ Kidding- but really as a kid I always looked forward to the fall because it’s my birthday season (yes…you read that right SEASON! I’m not narcissistic I swear….) Bonus: it’s also mine and Drew’s anniversary! The day after my birthday ha..good timing. (more presentsss??? one can hope.) πŸ˜‰

Candy Corn-

Might have ate this til I was sick to my stomach on Saturday. oops. oh and especially love the pumpkins and the chocolate covered ones.

Hot Coffee-Β I love hot coffee in the morning and it finally doesn’t make me sweat to death on the way to work! WIN!

Leaves changing-Β Watching the leaves begin to change to oranges and reds and yellows is my favorite. At this time of the year I miss being in the mountains (in college) because there they’re already changing!

  • Do you love fall as much as me? What is your favorite thing?

I’ll be back tomorrow to recap my weekend and talk about my upcoming duathlon on Saturday! Wait.. I didn’t tell you about it? Yah i’m RACING on Saturday. With no formal training this time. Should be interesting πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “I love Fall

  1. I sure do love fall!! I want to try that Kcup flavor! It looks awesome!! I have many favorite things about falls. Mostly the cool weather and pumpkins and fall activities like hay rides and corn mazes etc. Loove it all! Spa love!

  2. It is actually spring here, but I do like fall too. I love the beautiful crisp (not freezing) weather! But I hate winter so I always kinda get a bit down about it coming in the fall. Summer is my all time favourite.

  3. I totally agree with you. I love fall too. I have enjoyed my runs more and more now that the fall air is here. Uummm I am going to have to try the Mocha Coconut. I love single cup servings. So convenient. I’m an unconventional trainer. I don’t train like “they” suggest.

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