5am alarm- you don’t scare me!

Okay.. maybe a little.Β 

But honestly for the first time- It wasn’t that bad.

(Please remind me of this when in the depths of winter and I never want to leave my bed. ever.)

So it was a successful first day at the gym in the am. oh and how i THOUGHT I could get there at 5:45- no we (my parents and I…so cute…love living at home haha…) must LEAVE the house at 5:20. oh. so the alarm is set at good old 5:03 and 5:08…(cause I don’t like to wake up on zero’s or fives), which was a little daunting to say the least.

Although I think being sort of anxious for the day made me wake up quite easily..I already laid out my clothes so I was ready and didn’t have to put too much thought into it. Although at 5:30 at the gym no one will care if you match at the gym…right?

All laid out and ready to go…

Once I got moving out the door I was fine. At the gym I was pretty excited that barely anyone was in it..that means no fighting the macho men to use the lifting equipment. That makes me very happy!

I did a Biceps and back workout from Live Fit week 4 and then got on the elliptical for 10 mins and stairmill for about 5…I would have liked to get more cardio in, but I took a little longer lifting than I thought.

What was seriously awesome about exercising in the AM is the fact that by the time I got home from the gym, I realize that if I stayed in bed I wouldn’t even be up by this time..i actually had time to take a shower, read some blogs that I’ve been neglecting and missed, and get ready for the day. Oh and I actually had time to drink my coffee at home and NOT in a travel mug.

Sayonara travel mug! Wait, JK..I still need you at times.

All the extra time in the morning was quite enjoyable! I love to drink coffee and eat breakfast and watch the news in the morning. When I don’t I feel like I have not idea what’s going on in the world.

The downfall of early morning workouts, you ask?

I basically hit a crash mode sometime between 4-5pm during Field Hockey practice. Hard. I hope this is something that will adjust as I get used to it- but man was it bad then..ugh.

We will see how it all goes again today πŸ™‚

  • Have you ever transferred into morning workouts?
  • Do you hit a “crash wall” during the day like me?

19 thoughts on “5am alarm- you don’t scare me!

  1. I am in love w my morning workouts!! I get up at 4:45 and squeeze them in. My whole day is so much better bc of it! Spa love to you and keep up the awesome work!!!

  2. Good on you for getting up that early! I definitely hit wall when I do it – I think the tick is a combination of getting used to it + working out your nutrition and snack schedule (you might need an extra snack in the afternoon and some caffeine).

  3. So glad your morning workout transition is going pretty smoothly for the most part. Once your body gets used to them, you won’t crash so easily around 4ish. Just make sure to eat a bit more throughout the afternoon πŸ™‚

  4. I give you SO much credit, I just can’t bring myself to get up for early morning workouts. Ugh, I’m just not a morning person haha. I never set my alarm on 0s or 5s either, I always have totally random times set like yours!

  5. It was so hard for me to get into the morning workout habit too – I still rely on my boyfriend waking me up with ‘you SAID you were going to the gym’.

    I get up real fast after that! Morning workouts for me are also an hour and a half later than yours..

  6. Morning workout buddy, despite being miles away. I loved that you were on twitter, it got me more motivated to get out the door faster. I always plan ahead so i don’t feel rushed in the am. But like you, 930 pm I am ready for bed.

    • thanks! yes getting used to this has been semi difficult because i am totally like you and enjoy my night runs and bikes…but now that it gets dark earlier it makes sense for me to do it then…in time hopefully i’ll be ready πŸ™‚

  7. Oh my goodness — I DONT WAKE UP ON ZEROS OR FIVES EITHER!!! Everyone else thinks its weird, and I’ve never met anyone else who does it.

    Also, early mornings get easier once they are a routine. But it is very easy to fall out of said routine, especially when sleep beckons. That sense of accomplishment happens every time, so enjoy it! Congrats on your morning workout.

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