What I’m Lovin’ this week!

Friday- we made it! I had a long week..lots of work and games and squeezing in as much training as I could because tomorrow is RACE DAY! AH so excited.

Here’s what I’ve been lovin’ through this crazy, exhausting week!

1. Nails



Sparkly French gel nails! I’d been dying to get my nails done since it had been forever. My favorite choice right there!

2. My Fall Outfit


I bought maroon/burgundy pants over the summer at the Tommy Hilfiger outlet and have been dying to wear them but they have felt too “fall like” so I hadn’t had a change to wear them til this week! I love fall of course πŸ™‚

3. Spin class


I FINALLY got a chance to try Spin class at my gym! The times of classes never worked out with my schedule until this week- and it light that I needed to train for my race and get some miles on these legs I took it and it was AWESOME! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to make it part of my routine especially when FH season is over.

4. Oiselle Clothes!

My Oiselle kit came in the mail this week! Can’t wait to rock it!

5. Dottie’s House Duathlon

The race is a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 5k run– all on flat land! Today after work I’ll be headed with my parents to meet up with Drew at a hotel in the good old Jersey shore to stay the night before the race! It’s a good 4 hour drive unfortunately and we can’t leave til aroun 5:30-6 so not ideal traveling that long right before the race-but you gotta do what you gotta do! We should hopefully have great weather during the day, although it will definitely be chilly at the start! I haven’t done a race since April so I’m really dying to compete again. This is a also “Du-anniversary” for myself, because it’s the very first duathlon I did about a year ago! Back to where it all started for me. Also funny because it’s the first duathlon I watched of Drew’s 2 years ago when we first started dating. This race kind of has a sentimental meaning to me πŸ™‚


My main goal is to beat my time from last year! 1:20 or bust! I think it’s possible because I spent a lot of time on the bike over the summer that I hadn’t done the year before since I was very new to road biking. Although my training time has been limited I think I’ve kept my legs going enough that they should be okay..right!? haha, but really I think I finally know how to pace myself and how to push through the tough second run coming off the bike. Last year I just wanted to finish and had no idea of my pacing. I’m already off to a better start, no?

  • What are you loving this week?


Weekend Recap

Helloooo! I hope you’re all well! I, as much as I love fall…when the season changes like this my sinuses and allergies go haywire. so that’s me now. I wouldn’t say “I’m sick” butttt I don’t feel great.

Anyways…as I said yesterday Drew and I got to spend some time together this weekend. YAY!

I wasn’t the only one excited Drew came to visit!


I caught this moment in the act. Izzy especially loves if you give her space to cuddle next to you!

Saturday we did a brick workout to help prepare us for the race on Saturday! We all have been crazy busy and training for all us hasn’t been top priority (with both our new jobs and routines) we decided to squeeze it all together πŸ™‚



Obviously preparing and very serious. Also I look very tall. I am not.

We did about 10 miles followed by a mile run. We threw some kettle bell squats and swings in there and called it a night. Hey- that’s obviously how we enjoy on Saturdays- we are so cool. πŸ™‚ I felt good during the training…I was pushing it cause I was obviously behind and trying to catch Drew the entire time. (Kinda competitive, what can I say). I feel like my training throughout the summer will keep me in the race even if my recent training hasn’t been as serious. I definitely wasn’t on the bike as much last year and I held my own! I am just hoping to beat my time from last year.


Sunday I had field hockey all day so Drew came along to watch and support moi of course! Somehow on the way home we decided pizza was needed and found a place called Iggies in Baltimore for some great pizza. Very organic and natural- I’ll take it.


Their pizza names were ones we couldn’t really say but very different than the usual so it was pretty cool. We asked for pepperoni and the girl told us it wasn’t exactly pepperoni but better..she was right! No clue what it was called however…


So if you are ever in Baltimore- Iggies is a great place to go!

  • What did you do this weekend?

I love Fall

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a stellar weekend. I DID! Drew ended up having his work cancelled Saturday SOOO he got to come up to my house and spend the weekend with me! YAY πŸ™‚ reunited! We finally got to spend some quality time together..and I even had a buddy for a bike ride!

The temperatures this weekend surely made me welcome the new season!

Helloooooo Fall!!

As much as your have heard Β me ramble on about why I love summer, I actually wanted to to share with you why FALL is my actual favorite time of year.

Field hockey-Β Fall sport. You all know I love field hockey and my favorite sport is played in the fall. The fall always meant it would be a fresh new season! So happy to be playing in a fall league as well!

Football- staying with the sports theme. Football is in the fall! Nothing I love more on a Sunday is watching my Steelers play!

Izzy on her Steelers blanket..she loves them too!

Perfect Running/Biking weather-Β As much as I love hot weather (which I do), I do prefer exercising and not feeling like I’m going to suffocate outside. Having the cooler temps is quite pleasant- especially for a run or bike in the evening.

My Birthday is in the FallΒ (October 19th) to be exact…it’s coming up soooo- don’t forget πŸ˜‰ Kidding- but really as a kid I always looked forward to the fall because it’s my birthday season (yes…you read that right SEASON! I’m not narcissistic I swear….) Bonus: it’s also mine and Drew’s anniversary! The day after my birthday ha..good timing. (more presentsss??? one can hope.) πŸ˜‰

Candy Corn-

Might have ate this til I was sick to my stomach on Saturday. oops. oh and especially love the pumpkins and the chocolate covered ones.

Hot Coffee-Β I love hot coffee in the morning and it finally doesn’t make me sweat to death on the way to work! WIN!

Leaves changing-Β Watching the leaves begin to change to oranges and reds and yellows is my favorite. At this time of the year I miss being in the mountains (in college) because there they’re already changing!

  • Do you love fall as much as me? What is your favorite thing?

I’ll be back tomorrow to recap my weekend and talk about my upcoming duathlon on Saturday! Wait.. I didn’t tell you about it? Yah i’m RACING on Saturday. With no formal training this time. Should be interesting πŸ™‚

The Little Things


It’s been a longggg week of school this week. No clue why. But I just wanted to pause to remember the little things that have been so good this week.

1. Oiselle Team Member..WOO! (Obviously my #1)

2. Dove Chocolate

3. I only work 9-12 on Sunday. My first Friday night off and no longer a 14 hour work day for me in at least 3 weeks. PS What do I do on a night off?

4. The fact that I have a duathlon next Saturday! WHAT!? It kind of snuck up on me, but I”m so excited to race again! It’s been 5 months since my last aka TOO LONG. But anyways next weekend I’ll be visiting Seaside Heights, NJ. The land of Snooki and juice heads.

5. I haven’t seen Drew in six weeks, but I will be seeing him next week for the race too! FINALLY. I miss this guy! ONE MORE WEEK!


What are the little things making you smile this week?


Getting my wings on!

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday…I hope all of your weeks didn’t start out like mine yesterday… work was full tons of tears, whining, and oh throw up. Ohhh, Kindergarten.

I kid. It really wasn’t that bad. But there really was throw up. Anyways…moving on.

Last week I got some of the most exciting news of like, ever.

Ok, so THE BIG NEWS IS: The fantastically amazing, and wonderful women of Oiselle accepted me to be apart of their team!!!! I literally jumped out of my seat and let out a good old teenage girl squeal! πŸ™‚

I first heard of Oiselle from another blog RAVING about their Roga Shorts that DO NOT ride up. Say WHAT!? They had me at not riding up. If you are anything like me and have some thighs on you- you know how stinkin’ hard it is to find a good pair of shorts that don’t ride up and give you the dreaded “chub rub.” NOT cool. So basically if they said that these shorts were magic I had to go check them out. Naturally.

So I went online, checked out the shorts. Decided they looked awesome; ordered them; they showed up on my doorstep; I put them on and knew they were pure magic! It’s true what they say..they do not ride up! Bing, bang, boom. SOLD. Winners!!!

The lovely Roga’s themselves.

Oiselle (the word for Bird in French) is run by a wonderful, lovely, group of women who design clothes based on REAL WOMEN. No shrink it and pink it method of designing here folks. They themselves, know what we want in good running apparel. Please read more about them here.Β 

Upon looking more into their website, I saw that Oiselle selected women to help represent their company, and I thought why WOULDN’T I want to share with others my love for this company. One that genuinely interacts with their audience, and cares about what they want to see in their apparel. They want to see others love the run and have built a strong community out of it. Love it! I applied in June, and sadly was very nicely turned down then, but urged to apply later in August and well, here I am today. Patience pays off!

So anyways, I’m just excited. Beyond excited. Can’t wait to get racing for this amazing team and community and maybe this will be the swift kick in the butt I need to get more work in on my running.

I will be honest- I wasn’t sure if I should apply..I mean I’m not a superior runner or anything, but then I figure hey, WHY NOT!? And look what happens! Sometimes you will surprise yourself- With that I encourage you to spread your wings- fly high and try something new. JUST GOT FOR IT!

Peace. Love. OiselleΒ πŸ™‚