My First Foodie Penpal Reveal!

Hellllooooo and happy Friday everyone 🙂 After my first week back in elementary school I’m so ready for a break it’s not even funny. Thank you sweet baby j for a long weekend!.

I’m wiped out. Not sure how well I’m going to do keeping up with blogs and my own blogging so let me say I miss commenting and writing to all of your blogs and I hope that I can catch up soon this weekend. Once I get my routine down I’ll be golden!

So, I do love my job a lot still! The only downfall is that my feet are absolutely kiling me. Does anyone know of comfortable dress shoes? My health and PE self is dying to wear sneakers but that obviously isn’t going to happen….I stand for practically all of my day besides lunch so shoes are so crucial to me being comfortable. It’s been a fail all week. Ballet flats I used to love- you are not meant to be work more than 4 hours at a time.



So this month was the first time I signed up for a foodie pen pal from Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean. I’m so glad I signed up this time! It was a lot of fun getting a box of goodies in the mail!

Here is what the awesome Sonia from her blog The Mexigarian sent me! such great stuff!

As soon as I opened my box I smelled the rich aroma of delicious coffee beans! That scent alone makes my mouth water and those beans made some GREAT cups of coffee. I believe it was a sort of French roast…but very good coffee!

I love honey in my food if I need a sweetner..i haven’t had a chance to try this stuff yet but I”m sure it’s absolutely delish!


These were delish! My mom was also a big fan!





I had this for my breakfast one day when I was running late to work and it was absolutely perfect 🙂 The cherries added a sweet tart flavor that I love!


Haven’t had a chance for this yet but it’s chocolate and I”m sure it’s awesome.



These little bites were my FAVORITE thing in the package! delicious little energy protein bites that were almost like having a doughy, cookie but healthy! woo hoo!

I haven’t had a chance for these yet either..but I like pumpkin AND cheddar! we will see how it goes. Also Sonia told me these were her husbands contribution to the box! 🙂


Miso Soup I’m excited to try also!

Sonia was an amazing penpal to have this first month I got soooo many great treats! It’s fun to try new things!

  • I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Does anyone have any shoe suggestions for me?

7 thoughts on “My First Foodie Penpal Reveal!

  1. I bought a pair of TOMS two weeks ago for working with my preschoolers. So far they have worked great!! However, they may be too casual for your school… my place is laid back- you could check them out though; there is quite a variety of colors!

  2. I’m discovering your blog via Meg’s “High Five Friday” and I have to post a comment on that one !!! ^^Looooooooooove KINDER DELICE !! as I’m french, I’m used to see those cakes in my grocery store : it’ so good ! and the combo chocolate / coconut is perfect ! 😉

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