I’m a Big Girl Now

I know you just sang that title in your head 🙂

But really…first day on the job today…just lots of training (CPR and First aid…even though I already have them..and harassment and such but ya know..gotta be there).

Let’s up to the weekend though, shall we? Well it wasn’t anything too crazy and I actually worked half of it besides having a full day off Sunday..wahoo! What did I do on this day?


Yesterday I had my first game as a Green Dragon! The league has about 5 teams in it and we play at an amazing prep school in Baltimore, equipped with two turf fields that are super nice. This is about an hour-ish drive from my house and I went down with my friend Lauren who I played hockey with in my high school years!

It’s so nice to be playing my absolute favorite way to exercise..I literally LOVE competition..i love sports and that atmosphere…not in a crazy I MUST WIN OR DIE kind of way but I like being competitive.. (okay that MIGHT be a tad true in that Drew and I can’t play games even like words with friends because we both like to win haha..) But seriously this league is just for fun..guys play, people in their 50-60’s play..just a good time all around!

Of course playing for the first time since April means that my body is hurting all over soooo what do you do ?

Torture…and compression..yup..lots of compression. Seriously kicking myself for not having compression shorts cause thats the most of my body that’s hurting!

Oh, and of course you foam roll with a buddy watching you!

I honestly hope I’m able to walk tomorrow. That’s not a joke. Staying so low in field hockey puts quite the hurt on your butt and quads…just try to run in a squat position! I’m also starting to realize that you don’t quite recover like you did when you were in your teens haha. but really your does sooo not do that.

I also finished Week 2 of Live Fit trainer and have really been loving it. I feel like I’ve gained a lot of muscle already! I’m excited to get to week 3! Off to training for the day and then tomorrow is the acutal first day of school! AHH!

  • How was your weekend? Anything exciting or fun?
  • If you could do any sport as an adult summer league what would you play?

7 thoughts on “I’m a Big Girl Now

  1. I just think this is awesome that you get to post. I really admire you for taking that step. I bet your body is sore! I have been dying to do live fit but haven’t committed to it. I only want to do the fitness aspect but I just need to get my butt to the gym!

  2. I just started using compression sleeves for my shins and Aspaeris compression pivot shorts and they are the bomb.com. haha (Apparently I have teleported into the 90’s.) Anyway, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a basketball league, my friend and I have talked about it. We just need to find one around here!!

  3. Haha I totally sang it out loud! I hope you have a great first week on the job!! Awesome that you are back playing hockey! Such a great way to exercise- doing what you love!! If I had the time id join another soccer league.

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