The Start of Something New

Friday again! Wow, I feel like every time I turn around it’s Friday. Crazy how fast time goes…and now summer is over…

Why do I say that you ask?

CAUSE I’m going back to school! BUT not as a student! and not exactly as a teacher either….

I got a new job as a teacher’s aide in an elementary school! 8:15-3:15 M-F! YUP. I’ll be tying lots of little people’s shoes and wiping noses….drying tears. The experience I have had as Child Care Staff for the YMCA for a year is going to come in handy for sure.

Aide? No, not exactly what I want to be doing but it’s a start, and I’ll take it. I have training that starts Monday…and then I’m all set to start the school year on Tuesday! It will be here before I know it for sure. My job will mostly be working one on one with students on their homework..bus duty, lunch duty. I’m not sure of everything yet!

Needless to say I”m excited. I haven’t been liking my two part time jobs for a while..and while I’ll probably stay at them a couple times a week- it won’t be nearly as much. Thank god. Plus I’ll also be coaching my awesome team, which happens to be in the same school district near the school I’ll be at. Perfecto. πŸ™‚

What else does this mean you ask? I’m going to have to become a 5:45 am gym goer….yep. I’ll be sweating it out early… simply because of my job and coaching..if I don’t do it that early in the morning IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.Β 

Days where my team just has practice would make my day from about 8-6 with travel time added in. (days with games especially away ones will be more like 8-8…boo) By the time I get home I will plop down on the couch and eat Dove chocolate..i just will, because I’m going to be drained at that point, and that means exercise won’t happen.

So basically in the coming weeks I’m going to turn into a caffeine guzzling, super energized morning person.

But I’m looking forward to it. (Kinda) There is a 6am spin class that I want to take at my gym and maybe this will give me that time to take it. During the week I won’t have much time to be on the bike (why I need a trainer…) so this might be a way I can get some miles on the legs.

This also means tons of food prep on Sundays and packing a lot of meals and snacks to get me through the days. A trip to Costco is definitely in order… I vow to try and make new and exciting meals because I cannot eat turkey sandwiches everyday of my life. Or a salad for that matter, I Like them..but i cannot do them every other day…If anyone has idea for meals to take with them…please send them along!

Here’s to new beginnings!

  • What’s new with you? Have a great weekend!

17 thoughts on “The Start of Something New

  1. congrats on your new job, the kids will love you.
    I’m debating doing early morning workouts because I catch my bus at 6:20 am so by the time I get home I am so beat and a workout does not happen:/ Proof was this week:( I killed it today at the gym though so I feel better!

  2. How fun!! I’m an elementary music teacher, and I absolutely LOVE teaching little ones! They are so much fun and always keep you on your toes. You will never have a boring day in elementary ed! Good luck! πŸ™‚

  3. best of luck with the new adventure!! you will love it! im a full time nanny 7am-5pm M-F and i absolutely love it! i am also one of those crazy 5am gym goers, and totally learned to fall in love with it! it really starts your day off on the right foot! have a super weekend! SPALove

  4. To your New Beginning. I’m a pre-k3 teacher, so I will also be tying tiny shoes. I am sure you will adjust just fine. I am lucky enough to have an hour lunch. So if I don’t get up early enough I can go for a two-four mile run then and do a little strength for bed. Sweat Pretty Girl!

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